Britain's Royal Families: The Complete Genealogy by Alison Weir

  2 Margaret; she married Thierry VIII, Count of Cleves.

  3 Isabella; a nun.

  4 Philippa; a nun.

  5 Guy(?).

  6 Philip (?).

  Margaret died in 1330.

  3 David

  He was born on 20 March, 1273. He died at the end of June, 1281, at Stirling Castle, and was buried in Dunfermline Abbey, Fife.

  Alexander III married secondly, on 1 November, 1285, at Jedburgh Abbey:

  Yolande or Joletta

  She was the daughter of Robert IV, Count of Dreux. After the death of Alexander III, she married secondly Arthur II de Montfort, Duke of Brittany (1262–1312), in May, 1294, and had issue:

  1 Joan (1294–1363); she married Robert, Lord of Cassel (d.1331).

  2 Beatrice (1295–1384); she married Guy, Lord of Laval (d.1347).

  3 John III, Duke of Brittany (d.1345); he married Joan of Flanders, and had issue.

  4 Alice (1297–1377); she married Bouchard VI, Count of Vendôme (d.1353).

  5 Blanche (b.1300; d. young).

  6 Mary (1302–1371); a nun.

  Yolande died in 1323. There was no issue of her marriage to Alexander III.


  He was killed on 16 or 19 March, 1286, when his horse plunged over a cliff between Burntisland and Kinghorn, Fife. He was buried in Dunfermline Abbey, Fife.

  He was succeeded by his granddaughter Margaret.

  Queen Margaret

  * * *

  FATHER: Eric II, King of Norway.

  MOTHER: Margaret, daughter of Alexander III.

  SIBLINGS: Queen Margaret did not have any siblings.


  Known as ‘the Maid of Norway’, she was born before 9 April, 1283, at Tönsberg, Norway. She succeeded her grandfather Alexander III, as Scotland’s first Queen Regnant on 19 March, 1286, but was never crowned.


  She died in May (?) or on c.26 September, 1290, on board a ship passing by the Orkneys, whilst on her way to Scotland. She was buried at Bergen, Norway.

  The death of the Maid of Norway left Scotland without a monarch, and at the mercy of Edward I of England. In 1290 began the First Interregnum, and the contest for the throne between the 13 Competitors. From these, Edward I, called upon to decide which had the most lawful claim to the crown, chose John Balliol as Scotland’s next king.


  The House of Balliol

  King John

  * * *

  FATHER: John

  He was the son of Hugh de Balliol of Barnard Castle. He married Devorguilla of Galloway in 1233. He died in 1268/9.

  MOTHER: Devorguilla

  She was the daughter of Alan, Lord of Galloway, by Margaret, daughter of David, Earl of Huntingdon, grandson of David I. She died on 28 January, 1290, and was buried in Sweetheart Abbey, Kirkland.


  1 Hugh

  He was born in c.1238 at Barnard Castle, and rose to the rank of knight. He married Agnes (d.1310), daughter of William de Valence, Earl of Pembroke. He died in 1271.

  2 Alan

  He was born at Barnard Castle. His dates are not recorded.

  3 Alexander

  He was born at Barnard Castle, and rose to the rank of knight. He married Eleanor of Geneva (d.c.1303), a kinswoman of Henry III, King of England. He died in 1278.

  4 Eleanor or Mary

  She married Sir John Comyn of Badenoch, and had issue, although no details are recorded.

  5 Cecilia

  She married John de Burgh (d.1280), and had issue:

  1 Devorguilla; she married Robert FitzWalter (d.1326), and had issue.

  2 Hawise; she married Robert de Grelley (d.1282), and had issue.

  3 Marjorie; a nun at Chicksands Priory.

  Cecilia died before 1273.

  6 Ada

  She married William de Lindsay of Lamberton (1250–killed 1283), and had issue:

  1 Christina; she married Enguerrand de Guisnes, Seigneur de Coucy.


  Known as ‘Toom Tabard’ (or ‘Turncoat’), he was born either in c.1240, or in 1249/50. He was created Baron of Bywell in Northumberland, but forfeited this honour in 1285. He was elected King of Scotland by Edward I of England on 17 November, 1292, thus bringing to an end the First Interregnum. He was crowned on 30 November, 1292, at Scone Abbey, Perthshire.

  King John married, before 7 February, 1281 (although no evidence exists as to where):


  She was the daughter of John de Warenne, 6th Earl of Surrey, by Alice, daughter of Hugh X de Lusignan, Count of La Marche, by Isabella of Angoulême, widow of John, King of England, and she was born in 1253. The date of her death is not known.

  Issue of marriage:

  1 King Edward ( see here).

  2 Henry

  He was killed on 16 December, 1332, at the Battle of Annan.

  3 Margaret

  She died unmarried.

  4 Anne (?)

  There is doubt that she ever existed. She is said to have married Brian FitzAlan of Bedale.


  He abdicated on 10/11 July, 1296, at Brechin. Scotland was left without a King, and thus began the Second Interregnum, which lasted until 1306, when Robert Bruce seized the throne in defiance of Edward I, who had tried during the years it stood vacant to take it himself, and make Scotland a fief of England.

  King John died between 4 March, 1313, and 4 January, 1314, either at Château Gaillard, Normandy, or at Bailleut-en-Gouffern, Normandy. He was probably buried in the Church of St Waast, Normandy.

  For further details of the House of Balliol, see here, after the House of Bruce.


  The House of Bruce

  Robert I

  * * *

  FATHER: Robert

  He was the son of Robert le Brus, Lord of Annandale (d.1295) (who was the son of Isabella ‘the Scot’ of Huntingdon, a great-granddaughter of David I), by Christina (d.c.1305), daughter of Sir William de Ireby, and he was born in July, 1243. He married Margaret, Countess of Carrick, in 1271 at Turnberry Castle, and became Earl of Carrick in right of his wife. He resigned this earldom in favour of his son Robert on 27 October, 1292. After Margaret died, he married secondly, after 1292, a lady called Eleanor, whose origins are unknown. (After his death, she married secondly Sir Richard le Waleys of Burgh Wallis, Yorks., (d. after 1336) between 2 December, 1304, and 8 February, 1306, and had issue, although no details are available. She died between 13 April and 8 September, 1331.) Robert le Brus succeeded his father as Lord of Annandale before 4 July, 1295, and died shortly before 4 April, 1304, either in England or in Palestine. He was buried in the Abbey of Holm Cultram.

  MOTHER: Margaret or Marjorie

  She was the daughter of Neil, 2nd Earl of Carrick, by Margaret, daughter of Walter, High Steward of Scotland. She succeeded her father to the earldom of Carrick, in 1256. She married firstly Adam de Kilconquhar, 3rd Earl of Carrick (d.1268), before 4 October, 1266. She died before 9 November, 1292.


  1 Isabella

  She was born in c.1275. She married Eric II, King of Norway (1268– 1300) (who had previously been married to Margaret, daughter of Alexander III, and by her had been the father of the Maid of Norway), before 25 September, 1293, and had issue:

  1 Ingibiorg (1297?–?); she married Waldemar, Duke of Finland (murdered 1318).

  Isabella died in 1358.

  2 Edward

  He was created Lord of Galloway before 16 March, 1309, and Earl of Carrick before 24 October, 1313. He became King of Ireland, and was crowned on 2 May, 1316. He was killed on 14 October, 1318, at the Battle of Dundall, Ireland.

  Edward had the following illegitimate issue (and also below):

  1 Thomas de Bruce.

  Edward is said to have married firstly (although no evidence exists as to where):


  She was the daughter of John of Strathbogie, Earl of Atholl, by
Margaret, daughter of Donald, 6th Earl of Mar. There is little sound evidence for her marriage to Edward, and it is thought likely that she was only his mistress. She died before 1 June, 1317. Issue of marriage or liaison:

  (i) Alexander de Bruce, Earl of Carrick (killed 1333); he married Eleanor, daughter of Sir Archibald Douglas.

  Edward married secondly, after 1 June, 1317 (date of dispensation) (although no evidence exists as to where):


  She was the daughter of William, 5th Earl of Ross. No further details of her are recorded.

  3 Neil

  He was executed in 1306 at Berwick by the English.

  4 Thomas

  He rose to the rank of knight, and was executed in 1307 at Carlisle Castle by the English.

  Thomas married (although no record exists of the date or the place):


  She was the daughter of Sir John Erskine. Her dates are not recorded.

  5 Alexander

  He was appointed Dean of Glasgow, and executed in 1307 at Carlisle Castle by the English.

  6 Mary

  She married firstly Sir Neil Campbell of Lochawe (d.c.1316), probably after Michaelmas, 1312, and had issue:

  1 John of Lochawe, Earl of Atholl (1313?–killed 1333); he married Joan, daughter of Sir John Menteith of Rusky and Knapdale.

  2 Dougal; he married and had issue.

  3 Duncan (?); he is said to have married and had issue, but the evidence for his existence is unsatisfactory.

  Mary married secondly Sir Alexander Fraser (killed 1332) in c.1316, and had issue:

  1 John of Touch Fraser (1317?–died in early manhood); he married an unknown lady and had issue.

  2 William, a knight (1318?–killed 1346); he married Margaret (d.1364), said to have been the daughter of Sir Andrew Moray of Bothwell, and had issue.

  Mary died before 22 September, 1323.

  7 Christina or Christian

  She married firstly Gartnait, Earl of Mar (d.1305), in c.1292, and had issue:

  1 Donald, 8th Earl of Mar (killed 1332); he married Isabella (d.1347), perhaps the daughter of Sir Alexander Stewart of Bonkyll, and had issue.

  2 Helen (d. after 1342); she married firstly Sir John Menteith, Lord of Arran, and had issue, and secondly Sir James Garioch (?).

  Christina married secondly Christopher Seton (executed 1306) in 1305/6. She married thirdly Sir Andrew Murray of Bothwell (1298–1338) after 12 October, 1325 (date of dispensation), and had issue:

  1 John, a knight (d.1352); he married Margaret Graham, Countess of Menteith ( see here, under Robert II).

  2 Thomas, a knight (d.1361); he married Joan, daughter of

  Maurice Moray, Earl of Strathearn.

  Christina died in 1356/7 ‘at a great age’.

  8 Margaret

  She married Sir William de Carlyle (d. by 1329), and had issue:

  1 William, a knight (d.1347).

  2 John (d.1347); married and had issue.

  9 Matilda

  She married Hugh, 6th Earl of Ross (killed 1333), in c.1308, and had issue:

  1 Matilda or Marjorie (d. after 1350); she married Malise, Earl of Strathearn and Caithness (d.1344/57).

  2 William, 7th Earl of Ross (d.1372); he married Mary, daughter of Angus Og, Lord of the Isles, and had issue.

  Matilda died between 1323 and 1329, and was buried at Fearn, Scotland.

  10 Son (name not known)

  He probably died young.


  Known as ‘the Bruce’, he was born on 11 July, 1274, probably at Writtle, near Chelmsford, Essex. He succeeded his father as Earl of Carrick on 27 October, 1292, and as Lord of Annandale either in 1295 (?) or in 1304. On 25 or 27 March, 1306, he assumed the Crown and Royal Dignity of Scotland, thus bringing to an end the Second Interregnum. This he did in defiance of Edward I of England, who had declared his English estates forfeit on 20 February, 1305/6. Robert I was crowned on 27 March, 1306, at Scone Abbey, Perthshire.

  Robert I married firstly, in c.1295 (although no evidence exists as to where):


  She was the daughter of Donald, 6th Earl of Mar, by his wife Helen, who was said to have been an illegitimate daughter of Llywelyn the Great, Prince of Wales. Isabella was dead by 1302.

  Issue of marriage:

  1 Marjorie

  She was born in c.1297. ( see here, under Robert II).

  Robert I married secondly, in c.1302 (although no evidence exists as to where):


  She was the daughter of Richard de Burgh, Earl of Ulster and Connaught, by Margaret, daughter of John de Burgh. She died on 26 October, 1327, at Cullen Castle, Banffshire, and was buried in Dunfermline Abbey, Fife.

  Issue of marriage:

  1 Margaret

  She married William, 5th Earl of Sutherland (d.1371), between 2 August and 28 September, 1345, and had issue:

  1 John, Master of Sutherland (1346?–1361).

  Margaret died between 30 March, 1346, and 9 November, 1347 in childbed.

  2 Matilda

  She married Thomas Isaac, and had issue:

  1 Joan; she married John, Lord of Lorne.

  2 Katherine.

  Matilda died on 20 July, 1353, at Aberdeen, and was buried in Dunfermline Abbey, Fife.

  3 David II ( see here).

  4 John

  He was born in October, 1327, and died young. He was buried in Restennet Priory, Forfarshire.

  Robert I also had the following illegitimate issue:

  1 Robert, Baron of Liddesdale (killed 1332).

  2 Neil or Nigel of Carrick, a knight (d.1346).

  3 Walter of Odistoun (?); probably spurious.

  4 Christina of Carrick.

  5 Margaret (d. after 1364); she married Robert Glen.

  6 Elizabeth; she married Sir Walter Oliphant of Aberdalgie (d. after 1378), and had issue.


  He died on 7 June, 1329, at Cardross Castle, Dumbartonshire, and was buried in Dunfermline Abbey, Fife.

  He was succeeded by his son David.

  David II

  * * *

  FATHER: Robert I ( see here).

  MOTHER: Elizabeth de Burgh ( see here, under Robert I).

  SIBLINGS: ( see here, under Robert I).


  He was born on 5 March, 1324, at Dunfermline Palace, Fife, and was created Earl of Carrick between 17 March and 17 July, 1328, thus establishing the tradition that the title of Earl of Carrick is always borne by the eldest son of the sovereign in Scotland. David succeeded his father as King of Scotland on 7 June, 1329, and was crowned on 24 November, 1331, at Scone Abbey, Perthshire. He was overthrown by Edward Balliol ( see here) in August, 1332, at the Battle of Dupplin Moor, near Perth, but restored to the throne the following December. He was again deposed by Edward Balliol in 1333, and finally restored in 1336.

  David II married firstly, on 17 July, 1328, at Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland:


  She was the daughter of Edward II, King of England, by Isabella of France, and she was born on 5 July, 1321, at the Tower of London. She was crowned Queen Consort on 24 November, 1331, at Scone Abbey, Perthshire, this being the first time that a Scottish Queen Consort was crowned. Joan died on 7 September, 1362, at Hertford Castle, and was buried in Greyfriars Church, Newgate, London. There was no issue of her marriage to David II.

  David II married secondly, in April or December, 1363 (or, less probably, 13 or c.20 February, 1364), either at Inchmurdach Manor, Fife, or at Inchmahome Priory, Perthshire:


  She was the daughter of Sir Malcolm Drummond by a daughter of Sir Patrick de Graham. She married firstly Sir John Logie, and had issue:

  1 John of Logie.

  David II divorced Margaret on c.20 March, 1370. She died soon after 31 January, 1375, perhaps at Avignon, France. There was no issue of the marriage.


  He died on 22 February, 1371, at Edinburgh Castle, and was burie
d in Holyrood Abbey, Edinburgh.

  He was succeeded by his nephew Robert Stewart.


  The House of Balliol

  King Edward

  * * *

  FATHER: King John ( see here).

  MOTHER: Isabella de Warenne ( see here, under King John)

  SIBLINGS: ( see here, under King John).

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