Broken Beautiful Hearts by Kami Garcia

  I pick up my backpack and rush toward the counter. In a graceful move, I bump into Marco’s leg and almost trip.

  “Sorry,” I mumble without turning around.

  At the counter, I hand Mrs. Lane my schedule and watch as she writes each word. Anything to avoid looking at him. Marco’s eyes burn into my back, and warmth spreads through my cheeks. Another minute and I’m out of here.

  Mrs. Lane hands me the blue slip, and I snatch it out of her hand.

  I’m halfway out the door when Marco calls after me. “See you around, Angel.”


  The Lovely Reckless

  The X-Files Origins: Agent of Chaos



  “Red Run”: A Short Story

  “Improbable Futures”: A Short Story


  Beautiful Creatures

  Beautiful Darkness

  Beautiful Chaos

  Beautiful Redemption

  Dangerous Creatures

  Dangerous Deception

  Dream Dark: A Beautiful Creatures Story

  Dangerous Dream: A Beautiful Creatures Story

  The Mortal Heart (Beautiful Creatures: The Untold Stories)

  The Seer’s Spread (Beautiful Creatures: The Untold Stories)

  Before the Claiming (Beautiful Creatures: The Untold Stories)

  A Gatlin Wedding (Beautiful Creatures: The Untold Stories)


  “Garcia has become synonymous with a certain breed of DRAMA-FILLED, COMPULSIVELY READABLE ROMANCE.”


  “Something wonderful happened to me as I read this—I fell in love. GENUINE, SHATTERING, deep, heart-pounding love. Thank you, Kami Garcia, for Peyton and Owen. WE NEED THEIR STORY.”

  —JENNIFER NIVEN, New York Times bestselling author of All the Bright Places and Holding Up the Universe

  “A slow burn that SQUEEZES YOUR HEART SO TIGHTLY you can’t breathe … until it explodes, and you’re left with a beautiful story that will draw you back again and again.”

  —ABBI GLINES, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Field Party series and the Rosemary Beach novels

  “Kami Garcia knows the ANATOMY OF THE TEENAGE HEART—what makes it race, what makes it break, and what makes it mend. Sexy, gritty, and romantic—Broken Beautiful Hearts is a MUST-READ for anyone whose heart has been broken and dared to love again.”

  —DANIELLE PAIGE, New York Times bestselling author of the Dorothy Must Die and Stealing Snow series

  “Kami Garcia knocks it out of the park with this COMPELLING, EMOTIONALLY GRIPPING STORY. A strong female lead, complex characters, and a tender melt-your-heart romance make Broken Beautiful Hearts one of my favorite reads of the year!”

  —ELLE KENNEDY, New York Times bestselling author of the Off-Campus series

  “A heartbreaking novel of shattered dreams, broken hearts, and finding new paths forward. Broken Beautiful Hearts is deliciously SEXY, DANGEROUS, and HEARTFELT. You’ll root for Peyton to open her heart, despite the risk, and try to get all the things she wants. Kami Garcia has weaved a story that LINGERS IN YOUR HEART long after it’s done.”

  —DHONIELLE CLAYTON, coauthor of the Tiny Pretty Things series and author of The Belles

  “Broken Beautiful Hearts is outstanding! Kami Garcia writes A LOVE STORY THAT WILL MELT YOUR HEART AND HAVE YOU BEGGING FOR MORE Peyton and Owen!”

  —KATIE McGARRY, critically acclaimed author of Pushing the Limits and Say You’ll Remember Me

  “Kami Garcia never fails to impress with her amazing characters and CAPTIVATING ROMANCE!”

  —CORA CARMACK, New York Times bestselling author of the Losing It series and Roar

  “With an absorbing storyline that feels both RAW AND REAL, and a compelling heroine with a backbone, Kami Garcia’s Broken Beautiful Hearts kept me riveted to the very end.”

  —K.A. TUCKER, USA Today bestselling author of the Ten Tiny Breaths series and Until It Fades

  About the Author

  Kami Garcia is a #1 New York Times bestselling and Bram Stoker–nominated author and the coauthor of the Beautiful Creatures and Dangerous Creatures novels. Her solo series, the Legion, includes the instant New York Times bestseller Unbreakable and its sequel, Unmarked. She is also the author of The X-Files Origins: Agent of Chaos and The Lovely Reckless.

  Kami was a teacher for seventeen years and coauthored her first novel on a dare from seven of her students. If she isn’t busy watching Supernatural, she can teach you how to escape from a pair of handcuffs or bake a Coca-Cola cake. Visit Kami at, or sign up for email updates here.

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  Title Page

  Copyright Notice



  Chapter 1: When the Stars Align

  Chapter 2: Perfect Day

  Chapter 3: Striker

  Chapter 4: Little Black Box

  Chapter 5: Shattered

  Chapter 6: Robo-Girl

  Chapter 7: Burning Bridges

  Chapter 8: Black Water

  Chapter 9: Friday Night Lights

  Chapter 10: Treading Water

  Chapter 11: Bitches and Barn Parties

  Chapter 12: Sky Full of Stars

  Chapter 13: Tennessee Dreaming

  Chapter 14: High School and Hardcore Crushes

  Chapter 15: Warriors

  Chapter 16: Sucker Punch

  Chapter 17: Against the Ropes

  Chapter 18: Nobody Left to Run with Anymore

  Chapter 19: A Girl Like You

  Chapter 20: Wishing, Wondering, and What Ifs

  Chapter 21: Breaking My Fall

  Chapter 22: Things We Can’t Forget

  Chapter 23: Killer Smiles and Almost Kisses

  Chapter 24: Powdered Cheese and Power Trips

  Chapter 25: Caught Up

  Chapter 26: Fight Club

  Chapter 27: Just Friends

  Chapter 28: Secrets

  Chapter 29: Lie to Me

  Chapter 30: Roadkill

  Chapter 31: Handsprings and Happiness

  Chapter 32: Urban Explorers

  Chapter 33: Quicksand

  Chapter 34: Battle Scars

  Chapter 35: Unraveling

  Chapter 36: A Tiny Crack

  Chapter 37: Heartache

  Chapter 38: The Machine

  Chapter 39: A Different Kind of Heartbreak

  Chapter 40: Broken and Battered

  Chapter 41: Street Fighter

  Chapter 42: Losing Faith

  Chapter 43: The Things I Carry

  Chapter 44: Happily Even After

  Author’s Note



  Excerpt: The Lovely Reckless

  Also by Kami Garcia

  Praise for Broken Beautiful Hearts

  About the Author


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  Kami Garcia, Broken Beautiful Hearts

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