Changing My Mind: Occasional Essays by Zadie Smith

  Brief Interviews with Hideous Men (Wallace)

  bad reviews of






  Brod, Max

  Brokeback Mountain (film)

  Brooke, Dorothea (char.)

  Brownell, John

  Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV show)

  Byron, George Gordon, Lord

  Camille (film)

  Capote, Truman

  Capote (film)

  “Cares of a Family Man, The” (Kafka)

  Carver, Raymond

  Casanova (film)

  Cash, Johnny

  Cassavetes, John

  Causabon (char.)

  Cherry Orchard, The (Chekhov)

  Chicago (film)

  Chomsky, Noam

  “Christabel” (Coleridge)

  Christie, Agatha

  Christopher Strong (film)

  “Church Not Made with Hands” (Wallace)

  Citizen Kane (film)

  Clooney, George

  Close Encounters of the Third Kind (film)

  “Coeur Simple, Un” (Flaubert)

  Colbert, Claudette

  Coleman, Ella

  Coleridge, Samuel Taylor

  Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (film)


  Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, A (film)

  Conneh, Abraham Paye

  constructive deconstruction

  Conversations with Kafka (Janouch)

  Coover, Robert

  Coupland, Douglas

  Craig, Daniel

  Crawford, Joan


  Critchley, Simon

  Crosby, Bing

  Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (film)

  Cukor, George

  Damon, Matt

  Dangerous Liaisons

  Date Movie (film)

  “Datum Centurio” (Wallace)

  Davis, Bette

  de Acosta, Mercedes

  “Dead Parrot” sketch

  “Death of the Author, The” (Barthes)

  “Death Is Not the End” (Wallace)

  “Death of Ivan Ilyich, The” (Tolstoy)

  de Chirico, Giorgio

  Defense Ministry, Liberian

  Deleuze, Gilles

  DeLillo, Don

  De Niro, Robert

  Denzil (uncle)

  “Depressed Person, The” (Wallace)

  Derrida, Jacques

  De Sica, Vittorio

  “Devil Is a Busy Man, The” (Wallace)

  DiCaprio, Leonardo

  Dickens, Charles

  Dickinson, Goldsworthy Lowes

  Didion, Joan

  Dietrich, Marlene

  “Dockery and Son” (Larkin)

  Doe, Samuel

  Do I Really Have to Communicate with You?

  Don Bosco Homes

  Doolittle, Eliza (char.)

  Dostoyevsky, Fyodor

  Dreams from My Father (Obama)

  Dust Tracks on a Road (Hurston)

  Dylan, Bob

  Easy Cliché and Tired Stereotype

  Edinburgh Festival Fringe

  Edward R. Murrow: An American Original (Persico)

  Eliot, George

  advice given by

  experience and

  journal of

  religious views of

  romantic failings of

  as writer of ideas

  Eliot, T. S.

  Eliser d’amore’ (opera)

  Ellis, Bret Easton

  Elphinstone, Major

  Emerson, George (char.)

  “Enactor” (char.)

  “End and the Beginning, The” (Szymborska)

  End of History and the Last Man, The (Fukuyuma)

  E. T. (film)

  Ethics (Spinoza)

  Evans, Marian. See Eliot, George

  Everything and More: A Compact History of Infinity (Wallace)

  Failure to Launch (film)

  Faith of My Fathers (McCain)

  Fawlty Towers (TV show)

  Fellini, Federico

  Finnegans Wake (Joyce)


  Fitzgerald, F. Scott

  Flaubert, Gustave

  Flesh and the Devil (film)

  Flomo, John

  “Forever Overhead” (Wallace)

  Forster, E. M.

  aesthetics of

  concept of audience of

  connection as theme of

  conversational tone in broadcasts of

  homosexuality of

  simplicity vs. complexity in

  social and political views of

  Foucault, Michel

  Frankl, Viktor

  Freud, Sigmund


  Friedberg, Jason

  Gaddis, William

  Gaghan, Stephen

  Gaping Flaws

  Garbo, Greta

  Gardner, Ava

  Garth, Mary (char.)

  Genet, Jean

  Get Rich or Die Tryin’ (film)

  Ghanam, Kamal E.

  Gift, The (Hyde)

  Gift, The (Nabokov)

  Gilbert, John

  Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von

  Good Night, and Good Luck (film)

  Goons, The

  Grable, Betty

  Grand Hotel (film)

  Granola Cruncher (char.)

  Grant, Cary

  Gravity’s Rainbow (Pynchon)

  Great Escape, The (film)

  Greenblatt, Stephen

  Greene, Graham

  Grizzly Man (film)

  Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (film)

  Gyllenhaal, Jake


  Hall, Maurice (char.)

  Hancock, Tony

  Hancock’s Half Hour

  Hannigan, Alyson

  Hard Times (Dickens)

  Hayworth, Rita

  Health Ministry, Liberian

  Heidegger, Martin

  Henry, Thierry

  Hepburn, Audrey

  Hepburn, Katharine

  Oscar nominations of

  Herriton, Philip (char.)

  Hickock, Dick

  Hicks, Amos (char.)

  Hidden (film)

  Higgins, Henry (char.)

  High Society (film)

  “High Windows” (Larkin)

  History of Western Philosophy (Russell)

  Hitchcock, Alfred

  Hoffman, Philip Seymour

  Hofmann, Michael

  Holdaway, Lysbeth


  Honeychurch, Lucy (char.)

  Howards End (Forster)

  How Not to Dress

  Huffman, Felicity

  “Human Personality” (Weil)

  Hurston, Zora Neal

  “I’m Walking Backwards for Christmas” (song)

  In Cold Blood (film)

  Infinite Jest (Wallace)

  International Necronautical Society (INS)

  Iraq War

  Isherwood, Christopher

  “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue” (song)

  “It’s Too Late” (song)

  Jack, Richard S.

  Jackson, Curtis “50 Cent,”

  Jackson, Jesse

  James, Henry

  Janáček, Leoö

  Jane Eyre (Brontë)

  Janie (char.)

  Jealousy (Robbe-Grillet)

  Jesenská, Milena


  Johnson-Sirleaf, Ellen

  “Joint Statement of Inauthenticity, The,”

  Jolie, Angelina

  Joyce, James

  “Judgment, The” (Kafka)

  Kael, Pauline

  Kafka, Franz

  as allegedly self-hating Jew

  Brod’s friendship with

  brothels visited by

  descriptions of

  diary of

  letters of

  organization of day of

  and request
for burning of work

  revision of ideas on

  time in

  unconventionality of

  on women

  at work

  Kant, Immanuel

  Keats, John

  Kelly, Grace

  Kennedy, Robert

  Kiedis, Anthony

  King, Carole

  King, Martin Luther

  “Kubla Khan” (Coleridge)

  Kundera, Milan

  Kushner, Tony

  Ladislaw (char.)

  Lakes, The

  Lancaster, Burt

  Larkin, Philip

  Lawrence. H.

  League of Nations

  Lean, David

  Lectures on Literature (Nabokov)

  Ledger, Heath

  Lee, Harper

  Lennon, John

  Lermontov, Mikhail

  Letter to My Father (Kafka)

  Lewes, George

  Li, Gong


  civil war in

  education in

  ex-combatants in

  independence declared by

  1980 coup in

  poverty in

  rubber workers in

  UN sex abuse scandal in

  Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary

  Liberia: The Heart of Darkness

  “Literary World, The” (Larkin)

  Little Women (film)

  Lloyd, David

  Locke, John


  Lolita (Nabokov)

  Lydgate, Dr. (char.)

  Lynch, David

  Macaulay, Rose

  Macaulay, Thomas

  McCain, John

  MacCarthy, Desmond

  McCarthy, Joseph

  McCarthy, Tom

  Macro Planners

  Magic Flute, The (Dickinson)

  Magnani, Anna

  Malinke tribes

  Mamba Point Hotel

  Mansfield, Katherine

  Mansfield Park (Austen)

  Man’s Search for Meaning (Frankl)

  Marshall, Rob

  Martin, Steve

  Matrix trilogy

  Maugham, Somerset

  Maurice (Forster)

  Mayer, Louis B.

  Melville, Herman

  Memoirs of a Geisha (film)

  Men in Space (McCarthy)


  Micro Managers

  Middlemarch (Eliot)

  authorial attention in

  subjectivity of

  Milton, John

  Miss Brooke (Eliot)

  Mittal Steel

  Monroe, Marilyn

  Monty Python’s Life of Brian (film)

  Morecambe and Wise

  Moss, Annie

  Motion, Andrew

  Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

  Munich (film)

  Murrow, Edward R.

  Nabokov, Vera

  Nabokov, Vladimir

  artistic style of

  authorial privilege and

  on Gregor Samsa

  on inspiration

  on knowledge of reality

  on subjectivity

  Naipaul. S.

  “Natural Woman” (song)

  Negative Capability


  Netherland (O’Neill)

  Neugroschel, Joachim

  Newbolt, Henry

  New Yorker

  New York Times Book Review


  Ninotchka (film)

  “No More Parades” (Amis)


  nouveau roman


  architecture of

  editing of

  first twenty pages of

  future of

  middle of

  proofs of

  scaffolding of

  Obama, Barack

  Oblivion (Wallace)

  obsessive perspective disorder (OPD)

  Ocean’s Eleven (film)

  Ocean’s Twelve (film)

  “Octet” (Wallace)

  Office, The (TV show)

  “Old Fools, The” (Larkin)

  On Beauty (Smith)

  One Day in September (film)

  “On His Deathbed, Holding Your Hand” (Wallace)



  Pale King, The (Wallace)

  Paltrow, Gwyneth

  Parker, Dorothy

  Pat and Mike (film)

  Paynesville School

  Perec, Georges

  Père Goriot (Balzac)

  Perkins, Maxwell

  Pervert’s Guide to Cinema (iek)

  Pessoa, Fernando António Nogueia

  Philadelphia Story, The (film)

  “Philosophical Investigations” (Wittgenstein)

  Phoenix, Joaquin

  Picasso, Pablo

  Pickering, Colonel (char.)

  Plath, Sylvia


  Pleasure of the Text, The (Barthes)

  Pnin (Nabokov)

  Pniniad (Diment)

  Pope, Alexander

  Portman, Natalie


  Pretty Woman (film)

  Pride and Prejudice (Austen)

  Princess Casamassima, The (James)

  Proof (film)

  Pygmalion (Shaw)

  Pynchon, Thomas

  Queen Christina (film)

  Queen Victoria (Strachey)

  Ramkissoon, Chuck

  readers, reading:

  as creative


  pleasures of

  Rear Window

  “Reenactor” (char.)

  Remainder (McCarthy)

  self-ridiculing humor of

  space in

  “Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner, The” (Coleridge)

  Robbe-Grillet, Alain

  Romance & Cigarettes (film)

  Room with a View, A (Forster)

  Roth, Philip

  Rush, Geoffrey

  Sade, Marquis de

  Saga of Gosta Berling, The (film)

  Samsa, Gregor (char.)

  Samways, Phil

  Sartre, Jean-Paul

  Saving Private Ryan (film)

  Scaife, Bert

  Scudder, Alex (char.)

  See It Now (TV show)

  “Self’s the Man” (Larkin)

  Selznick, David O.

  Sentimental Education, A (Flaubert)

  Seraph on the Suwanee (Hurston)

  Shakespeare, William

  Shaw, George Bernard

  Shopgirl (film)

  Sierra Leone

  “Signifying Nothing” (Wallace)

  “Silly Novels by Lady Novelists” (Eliot)

  Smith, Ben

  comedy act of

  Smith, Harvey

  ashes of

  background of

  comedy enjoyed by

  death of

  fatalism and pessimism of

  in World War II,

  Smith, Luke

  Smith, Perry


  Spielberg, Steven

  Spinoza, Baruch

  Starks, Joe (char.)

  Stewart, Jimmy

  Stiller, Mauritz

  Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot (film)

  Strong Opinions (Nabokov)

  Suddenly, Last Summer (film)

  “Suicide as a Sort of Present” (Wallace)

  Sunday Telegraph

  Sylvia Scarlett (film)

  Syriana (film)

  S/Z (Barthes)

  Szymborska, Wislawa

  Tapestry (album)

  Taylor, Charles


  codes in

  indeterminacy of



  Thalberg, Irving

  Their Eyes Were Watching God (Hurston)

  Theron, Charlize

  “Think” (Wallace)

  Thirlwell, Adam

  Tolbert, William


  “Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus” (Wittgenstein)

  Tracy, Spencer

  Traffic (film)

  Transamerica (film)

  Treadwell, Timothy

  Tremendous World I Have Inside My Head, The: Franz Kafka: A Biographical Essay (Begley)

  Trial, The (Kafka)

  “Triple Dream, The” (Lermontov)

  “Tri-Stan: I Sold Sissee Nar to Ecko” (Wallace)

  True Whig Party

  Tsotsi (film)

  Tubman, William

  Turturro, John

  Two-Faced Woman (film)

  Two Ronnies

  Unity Temple

  Valentino, Rudolph

  Valéry, Paul

  Vallon, Annette

  van den Broek, Hans (char.)

  van den Broek, Rachel (char.)

  Van Eyck, Hubert

  vdokhnovenie (recapture)

  V for Vendetta (film)

  Vincy, Fred (char.)

  Vincy, Rosamund (char.)


  Visconti, Luchino

  Vitti, Monica

  vorstog (initial rapture)

  Vyas, Nazrul Ram (char.)

  Wade, Aubrey

  Walker, Alice

  Walk the Line (film)

  Wallace, David Foster

  commencement speech of

  difficulties of

  insistence on awareness in work of

  Larkin’s poetry and

  linguistic specialization in work of

  MacArthur won by

  parables of

  “self” in work of

  Wasteland, The (Eliot)

  Watanabe, Ken

  “Water” (Larkin)

  Waugh, Evelyn

  Weil, Simone

  Wells, H. G.

  Werfel, Franz

  West Point

  “What I Believe” (broadcast)

  Where Angels Fear to Tread (Forster)

  White Teeth (Smith)

  Wide Sargasso Sea (Rhys)

  Wilcox, Henry (char.)

  Wilkerson, Mr.


  Wilton, Penelope

  Witherspoon, Reese

  Wittgenstein, Ludwig

  Wodehouse, P. G.

  Women and Children Development Association of Liberia (WOCDAL)

  Women Love Diamonds (film)

  Woods, Vergible “Tea Cake” (char.)

  Woolf, Virginia

  Wordsworth, William

  World Is Not Enough, The (film)

  World War II

  World Wildlife Fund

  Wrapped in Rainbows: The Life of Zora Neale Hurston (Boyd)

  Wright, Frank Lloyd

  writers, writing:

  inspiration of

  pleasures of

  Wyllie, David

  Yates, Richard

  Yeats, William Butler

  Yeoh, Michelle

  “Yet Another Example of the Porousness of Certain Borders (XI)” (Wallace)

  “You’ve Got a Friend” (song)

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