Club Shadowlands by Cherise Sinclair

  When his eyes left hers, she felt anxiety bubble up. She yanked against the straps, realizing her vulnerability. God, what had she done? She was naked, and he was… She didn’t even know him. “No. I don’t like this. Let me go.”

  “Jessica, look at me.” He cupped her cheek in one big hand, forcing her to meet his dark gaze. His level, straight gaze. “Trust me to take care of you, kitten. Can you do that?”

  Her panic receded a little, even more when he brushed a tender kiss across her lips, nuzzled her temple. She’d never met anyone who affected her like this. She did trust him, far more than made sense. She sighed her acceptance, stopped fighting the ties, although her body stayed rigid.

  As she lay there, hands tied over her head, he stood and stripped, not hurriedly, just as efficiently as he did everything, it seemed. Oh, he was as gorgeous without clothing as she’d imagined, his skin darkly tanned, tight over the muscles beneath. Her eyes dropped lower, and she flushed. His erection was huge, thick and hard and jutting toward her, both a threat and a promise.

  Following her gaze, he glanced down. “As you can see, I’m looking forward to burying myself in your slick pussy, feeling you all around me.”

  Her core clutched at his words, as if it had a mind of its own, heating and moistening for his invasion.

  After covering himself with a condom, he joined her on the bed. Leaning on one elbow, he caressed her cheek and teased her lips in a soft kiss that quickly turned hot. His tongue took possession, smoothly plunging in and out of her mouth.

  And she felt the heat returning as he toyed with her mouth, as his fingers traced up and down her neck, stroking across the tops of her breasts.

  Then his hand moved down. “You are like a Christmas present”—his voice was smooth and dark—“gifting me with such tempting pleasures. Your breasts are lovely.” He lifted each one, evidently savoring the weight in his hand, running his fingers on the underside, circling each breast until the nipples contracted into hard buds, aching to be touched.

  She arched, trying to get closer, and he chuckled.

  His fingers closed on her right breast, running over the tiny areola pebbles until they tightened even further. When he drew her nipple into his mouth, his hot, wet tongue drew shudders from her as it circled the peak. His teeth closed and nipped. She gasped. The feeling was just short of pain, sending pleasure jolting down through her like an electric line to her core.

  She tried to bring her hands down, wanting to touch him, but the restraints held her tightly. She realized again that she couldn’t move; she couldn’t stop him from taking anything he wanted. Her breath hitched even as her excitement rose another level.

  He moved to the other breast while his fingers kept playing with the first. He took her into his mouth, sucking hard until the nipple stood erect and a dusky red.

  “Very pretty,” he murmured in approval, and slid down. His mouth pressed against her stomach, nibbling and kissing until she squirmed under his touch, her heart pounding faster with every inch.

  He knelt between her legs now, looking at her…her pussy. She flushed. Why hadn’t he darkened the room? Sex was one thing; being looked at was another. That area should be private.

  Tilting his head, he ran his finger down her stomach to the top of her cleft, and she caught her breath and yanked at her bonds. He eyed her, pushed her leg out a little. Feeling exposed and vulnerable before his gaze, she resisted, unable to help herself.

  “I don’t think you’re going to obey me easily,” he mused. “You’re too shy.”

  She had a feeling she knew what was coming. Now he’d restrain her legs. She’d heard about being spread-eagled, legs tied toward the corners. Her breath sped up even as she tried to tell herself it would be fun. At least she knew what was coming.

  His eyes crinkled as he smiled at her. “Perhaps not the spread-eagle, then.”

  Reaching under the mattress, he pulled out a wide strap that was attached to the side of the bed. After wrapping the soft velvet-covered fabric just above her knee, he bent her leg up toward her chest, then out, and pulled the rope tight.

  “Hey.” Her eyes widened even as he did the same to her other leg and this time she tried to resist, but he was finished before she recovered from the shock. Rather than her legs being straight, he’d pulled her knees up toward her stomach, and outward, tipping her pussy up in the air.

  “Now you are open to me,” he said, gazing straight into her eyes. “Open for whatever my mouth or cock wants from you.” Excruciatingly slowly, he slid his finger down between her folds, taking her wetness and spreading it. “This pretty little pussy is mine to use.”

  Staring at him, she shivered as her mind went blank. She was bound and more helpless than she could ever have imagined. Her legs jerked uselessly, unable to close, to move. Her usual worries about what to touch, how to move… All decisions had been taken away from her; he made them all. And arousal settled like a warm hand over her whole lower half, and dampness trickled between her legs, revealing her desire to his knowing gaze.

  His warm hands ran up and down her legs, massaging the undersides of her restrained thighs. When he stroked the tender crease between her leg and pubis, she shivered. Her core coiled tighter. Leaning forward, he nibbled on her stomach, his breath warm against her skin.

  When his fingers barely caressed her clitoris, need exploded within her. She quivered, her entire core burning almost painfully.

  “Please,” she whispered, not really sure what she wanted.

  He raised his head, frowning. “Who?”

  “S-sir, please.” She needed more, needed something so badly she ached, her insides throbbing, wanting.

  “Ah, I like please.” His big hands curled around her thighs, holding her as tightly as the straps, and his head dipped. His tongue licked into her, and she cried out in surprise, the slick curl of him too quickly gone. But then his tongue found her clit, moving over and around in teasing little flicks, so that her breath almost stopped with each tiny touch. She needed to arch her hips, to press against him, and she couldn’t move. She was open and immobile to his touch.

  Suddenly he slid a finger between her swollen folds, and into her.

  “Ah, ah!” Her tissues were so sensitive, he felt huge inside her. Hot. Her legs shook, straining against the straps.

  In, out, one finger, then two, and then his mouth settled on her clit. His tongue stroked, soft then hard, never the same, until every nerve in her body was waiting for the next slide of his finger, the next touch of his tongue. She panted in little hard breaths.

  And then, his mouth closed over her clit, and he sucked hard even as he plunged his fingers in and out of her. She screamed as electric spasms shot through her with the brilliance of fireworks. Her insides convulsed around his invading fingers, her hips jerking uncontrollably.

  She could still hear her wails echoing in the room when she opened her eyes and realized he’d moved up to lie beside her. His gaze was steady on her face.

  “Oh…” she whispered, astonished with herself at her response. Nothing had ever felt like that before, as different from her little pleasant orgasms as an afternoon shower was to a tropical storm.

  Her hands were still restrained, and she wanted to move, touch him. She pulled at the wrist straps. “Let me go,” she demanded.

  He gave her a slow smile. “Soon, little one. But I find I like your hips in this position.” He moved on top of her and reached down to touch her pussy. She trembled as his skillful fingers teased her clit, her labia. “You’re so very open.”

  He ran his cock up and down her wetness, setting off little spasms inside her. Staring into her eyes, he thrust slowly, firmly into her, hard and hot and thick, filling her completely. More than completely, deeper than was comfortable in this strange position. She struggled for breath, trying to escape, to move away.

  Chapter Seven

  Zachary’s balls thudded against the little sub’s buttocks, a tiny enjoyable jolt, as he sheathed himself t
o the hilt. She was slick and hot and tight around him. From her body and mind, he could sense her discomfort at his size, and he stopped to give her time to adjust. Her full breasts brushed against his chest, and he leaned down to nibble on one. He doubted he’d ever get his fill of her breasts.

  Her pussy contracted around him as he sucked on one succulent nipple then the other, playing with each until he could feel her body responding, wanting more.

  He gave her more. Her hips were tilted forward, and he adjusted his movements so each stroke, each exquisite slide into her body, brushed against her clit. Within a minute, she was trembling under him; another minute and she moaned, low and deep, her green eyes blind with passion.

  She had so much passion that she’d kept hidden away, and the pleasure of bringing it forth was heady. Ah, but she had more to give. He continued pumping, hard and controlled. With one hand, he released her arms from the bonds. Satisfaction filled him when she grabbed him like a drowning swimmer.

  She slid her hands over his back, then her fingers dug into his biceps as he increased the pace and force of his thrusts.

  Her breathing was fast and shallow, broken with tiny whimpers, the pleasing sounds of submission. She was very close. He reached down and slid a finger up and over her clit.

  Her scream filled the room as her snug pussy spasmed around him.

  He let himself go and each intensely satisfying jerk from his cock set her off again and again. Finally spent, he laid his forehead against hers, a little shocked at how overpowering his release had been.

  After sucking in a deep breath, he pushed himself up. She didn’t move. Her heart was pounding so hard that her breasts shook with each beat. He released her knees, chuckled as her legs slid down, the muscles gone limp.

  Rolling to the side, he stayed inside her, savoring the small twitches of her pussy around him. He snuggled her closer, soft and fragrant in his arms. Affection and something more filled him. He couldn’t think of when he’d enjoyed sex more or when he’d been so attracted to a woman.

  When her breathing slowed, when he could feel her emotions begin to swirl around in her mind, he asked softly, “What did you think of being tied, being opened for my pleasure?”

  Her shock at his question, that he would speak of such things, made him hide his grin in her hair. That innocence was such a contrast to her sharp mind, just as her modesty hid the fiery passion beneath. The mixture enchanted him.

  “I…hmmm. It’s very unusual.”

  “When was the last time you came screaming?” he whispered.

  Jessica gulped. His hand had been stroking her breast gently, like he enjoyed the feel of her skin, and she’d felt well cherished until he asked those questions. Did he actually expect her emotions to be as open to him as her body had just been? She buried her face against his chest rather than answer.

  He pinched her nipple, a tiny pain, and her breath caught.

  “Answer me, Jessica.” His voice had chilled, and when she peeked up, his brows were together.

  “Never, okay?” she muttered, annoyed with him in return. Her orgasms were her business, not his.

  “When we come together like this, you will have no secrets from me,” he said, not releasing his gaze. “You will not hide your body or your mind.”

  She shivered, feeling more exposed than when her butt had been in the air for all to see. His hand ran down her cheek, her neck. “You found being tied down a little scary, a lot exciting, yes?”

  Eyes averted, she nodded. Why did he ask if he knew the answers?

  He watched her for a moment, silently, long enough that she began to worry. Was he planning something else? What else could he do? She shivered as her mind conjured up horrifying…lewd…tantalizing images.

  “And now you’re beginning to wonder what else can happen in this room. In this house.” His eyes held a wicked light. His mouth curved in satisfaction as her muscles tightened in apprehension and hunger.

  “First, let me clean up a little,” he said, and disappeared into the bathroom.

  Chilled without him, she sat up, wrapping her arms around herself. Her body was well satisfied, but her emotions… She felt very confused. She had gotten what she wanted, right?

  But was her response because of him and how good he was in bed? Or because she’d been tied up? How could she come to terms with her own behavior? That she’d actually let him bind her, and that she’d loved it?

  Really, she should go home now, she thought miserably even as she longed to curl back into his arms.

  When he came out, he shook his head. “Little sub, you’re thinking and worrying again. Time to put you to work.”

  Work? Scrub the bathroom or—


  She blinked, saw the beginning of a frown on his face, and scrambled off the bed. Even as she dropped to her knees, her mind protested. She was a smart woman, a businesswoman. Surely this wasn’t a position she should be in.

  Her body didn’t agree. She could feel her heart speeding up, her skin becoming more sensitive. Every little fiber on the plush shag rug seemed to caress her legs.

  “Very nice.” He stood in front of her, stroked her hair. “Take me in your mouth and suck me.”

  Her mouth dropped open. “But—”

  “What do you say?”

  He was only half-erect. “Um. Yes, Sir.”

  He set one finger under her chin, lifted her face. “Have you not done this before, kitten?”

  “Twice. I wasn’t very good at it,” she admitted glumly. Her last boyfriend had been scathing in his comments over her performance with oral sex. Heck, at any type of sex.

  Master Z’s eyes crinkled. “Why don’t you take that warm, soft mouth and put it around my cock. You start, and I’ll instruct you as needed.”

  He liked her mouth. That was enough encouragement for her to grasp him in her fingers. His cock was soft; the head was velvety smooth as she closed her lips around it.

  To her delight, he hummed in appreciation. Gently, she moved her mouth over his shaft, feeling him stiffen, elongate. The loose skin tightened around the hardness beneath, and she took her mouth away to stare. Earlier, she’d felt like he’d entered her with something huge; he had.

  Chuckling, he stroked her hair again. “Continue, kitten.”

  At least she’d pleased him enough to get him hard. That was something, right? She slid her lips up and down, wetting him with her mouth.

  “Use your tongue,” he murmured. “Pretend it’s my tongue on your clit. The only difference is in size.”

  Oooh, she remembered how his mouth had felt on her, how his ravening tongue had licked over her, around… The memory made her wet, made her clit throb. With growing understanding, she tongued the underside of his cock, toyed with the thick veins, then swirled around the head. Taking him fully into her mouth again, she sucked lightly the way he’d sucked on her clit.

  His hand tightened in her hair. “Ahhh, that’s perfect, Jessica. Now use your hands too.”

  Hands? Holding his dick with one hand, she pulled her head back and glanced up at him. He moved his legs apart, and his balls swayed, attracting her attention. She’d always wanted to touch a man there, to see what they felt like. With her free hand, she slipped her palm under one, lifting, letting her fingers caress it. So heavy and soft. But she could tell somehow, that although he enjoyed this, she wasn’t driving him crazy like he’d done to her.

  She really wanted to get him off.

  Returning her attention to his cock, she licked her way back up, then grasped him with both hands at the thick base. She squeezed gently and muscles tightened in his legs. Yes! She took him in her mouth again, sliding him in and out, sliding her hands up and down in counterpoint. He grew harder, thicker, and her satisfaction was heady, almost as heady as the need growing between her legs, the desire to have him inside her there.

  Her eager mouth was going to be the death of him. Hot and moist. Her awkward movements only made it worse, keeping his attentio
n fully on her and what she was doing. When the urge to pound into her grew overwhelming, he set his hands on her shoulders. “You are very good at this and only going to get better. But I’m not finished taking you yet. On the bed, pet.”

  She gave him a final swipe with her tongue, glinted a happy smile up at him, and crawled onto the bed. Ah, the princess felt more in control now. He was delighted that her comfort level had increased.

  Still, taking her in a mundane fashion wouldn’t serve her well. She was a strong woman whose deepest responses apparently came when she was most vulnerable.

  The armoire yielded Velcro straps and rope and another condom. He covered himself quickly. As he walked back to the bed with the restraints, he saw trepidation grow in her eyes. He could feel the hint of uncertainty in her mind. She sat with her legs tightly closed; her quickening breath jostled her breasts.

  “Give me your wrists,” he murmured, and waited patiently through her hesitation. He treasured the way she set her wrists into his grasp. Her trust in him had grown. “Good girl.”

  After smoothing the Velcro bindings around her wrists, he clipped them together and then slid a rope through the links. Picking her up, he turned her and set her onto her hands and knees. “Don’t move, pet,” he cautioned, caressing her breast. Her heart thudded under his fingers, the speed increasing nicely.

  There was a fine line between fear that would excite and fear that would paralyze the senses. But he could feel her increasing arousal overcoming her apprehension.

  He paused for a moment to stroke her hair. It was long enough to wrap around his hand, bringing other diversions to mind. The silky strands were a mixture of gold colors, slipping over her fair skin as he pushed them over one bare shoulder. He nibbled her nape, pleased to see goose bumps appear on her arms. Her body was sensitized, waiting for anything he would do.

  After wrapping a wide strap around her right knee, he slipped her bound hands out from under her, leaving her balanced on one shoulder, her head turned to the side. Smiling, he tied her hands to the knee strap.

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