Dangerous Boys and Their Toy by Shayla Black

  all my fucking glory. Now what?”

  Brenna looked at Cam, then shot him a coy smile. “Now, it’s your turn. We’re putting ourselves in your hands.”

  Quickly, Thorn got the picture. This was some sort of trust thing. Cam had started the ball rolling, and Brenna had picked it up and ran. They’d broken him down to prove they’d be there for him. Fuck if it hadn’t worked too. He had no doubt either would be there if he needed them. Now they were showing they had trust in him by turning themselves over to him. Clever…

  Now, he wanted to show them exactly what he could do.

  “It isn’t a power game,” Cam warned.

  Thorn scowled. Duh! He wasn’t an idiot. “You want me to know the power exchange runs both ways.”

  “That’s part of it.”

  “You want me to know you’re both willing to be totally with me.”

  “You’re getting closer. But it’s also about the experience you’ll have when you’re not trying to protect yourself all the time.”

  “You think it will be better?”

  “Wasn’t it a few minutes ago?” Cam challenged. “Wasn’t the orgasm stronger because you just let go and gave into the pleasure and emotion?”

  Fucker had a point. He sighed. “Anything else?”

  Cam clapped him on the shoulder. “You make the calls. We trust you.”

  God, he couldn’t believe he was having this deep conversation with a naked man while stealing glances at a bare babe he couldn’t wait to touch. Too strange… But if the last twelve hours had taught him anything, it was to just go with the flow.

  Two days ago, if Thorn had heard those words from any sexual partner, that would have been an immediate green light to move in, mow down, and bolt. Now…he couldn’t do that. He was invested in them. He cared if they hurt, if they didn’t feel pleasure. The idea of a fuck and run disturbed him. Hell, if he pulled that crap here, what did he have to go back to or look forward to except more long nights with nameless whores? Or his own hand?

  Thorn glanced around the room and spotted Cam’s nightstand. He yanked it open and found exactly what he was looking for. He found square foil packets and tossed a handful in the middle of the bed.

  Walking to Brenna, he took handfuls of her damp tresses in his fists and locked her hazel gaze into his. “You sure about this? I can be a real son of a bitch.”

  “You can also be very intense and caring. You and Cam make me feel safe and adored, and those are things I’d been looking for my whole life.” She caressed his cheek. “I’m sure.”

  Couldn’t argue with logic. “Lie on the bed, back flat. Fit the edge of the mattress under the crook of your knees.”

  Brenna leapt to do his bidding and quickly positioned herself on the bed, looking up at him with unblinking trust.

  Totally amazing.

  Thorn swallowed then turned to Cam. This was more difficult. He’d pictured—hoped—that someday he’d find a woman to care about, so Brenna barging into his heart made it easier to accept. Cameron…

  “Man, I never saw this coming.”

  The detective shrugged. “Honestly, I didn’t either.”

  “Are we doing more together than just sharing her?”

  Thorn no more than said the words and Cam’s cock jerked and stood up straight.

  “I guess that gives me an answer,” Thorn said wryly.

  Cam grimaced then turned serious. “I think you know how I feel about it. But right now is all up to you.”

  “Whatever happens…happens?”

  Dark hair brushed Cam’s stout neck as he nodded.

  Holy shit. “So if I wanted to fuck you…?”

  “If that’s what you need to feel close to us, that’s the whole point.”

  No hesitation on Cam’s part, just a blunt answer. Truth was, Thorn didn’t really know what he needed. But he was going to start with what he was comfortable with and see where it headed.

  “Lie down next to Brenna, flat on your back, a little higher up on the bed.”

  Cam did exactly as he requested, and the sight of them there, naked and waiting just for him, made his dick stand up and want to tango again.

  “Scoot over a little bit.” Thorn patted Brenna’s hip, and she nudged, making room between her and Cam.

  Easing down on the bed between them, he turned to Brenna and laid his mouth over hers, gliding a hand over her breast and its stiff nipple. Easing his hand a bit lower, he realized that she was soaking wet.

  “Did sucking me off with Cam’s hand to help you turn you on?”

  “Yes,” she whimpered.

  “I love you wet, baby.”

  “It’s a constant state around you two.”

  Thorn smiled, feeling incredibly at ease, even when he turned this gaze to Cam. He was about to cross all kinds of personal lines here, and at the moment, he was nothing more than aroused and happy. Weird, but he wasn’t going to examine it now.

  He sat up between them, his left hand still toying with Brenna’s pussy, honing in on her clit. Cam was watching. Every move. Nothing got past the detective.

  But when Thorn reached out and grabbed Cam’s cock. His dark, muscled body tensed, bowed. He lifted his hips and grabbed handfuls of the blankets in his big fists.

  Sweet. He liked the power he had over them both, no denying that. But he also reveled in the fact he was giving them both pleasure. Now to turn up the heat.

  With one hand, he worked Brenna’s clit, the other stroked Cam’s cock. Their mewls and groans made his blood burn. Her breath hitched and her fair skin flushed pretty, telling him she was well on her way to orgasm. Cam’s whole body tightened, and in Thorn’s hand, the man’s dick swelled to beyond-impressive lengths. Staying focused wasn’t easy, and he had to. The more they responded, the more he wanted to give them.

  The more he refused to give up until he gave them the sort of pleasure they had given him.

  Thorn slung an arm around Brenna’s waist and pulled her closer. When she was nearly under him, he broke away from them long enough to don a condom. As soon as it was rolled on, he eased on top of her, latched onto her nipple and slid deep inside her. She took him in a single thrust.

  As he reached the hilt, she gasped and reached out for Cam beside her. She threaded her fingers through his, grabbing his hand for support.

  Thorn reinstated his grip on Cam’s cock and, elbow braced on the bed, he stroked Cam from root to tip. He repeated the process again and again and again, sinking into the heaven of Brenna’s body and letting the hot clasp of her pussy surround him, all while stroking Cam in a slow tease. Holding the other man in his hand was shockingly erotic. He could feel the blood pump through Cam’s cock, feel every twitch and jump and engorged vein under that satin skin.

  The detective’s lips parted and he groaned, pulsed under his fingers. Close, but not yet.

  Easing off Cam, he turned his focus for the moment to Brenna, pounding her with hard strokes, fitting one hand under her to tilt her hips up just right.

  “Get your hand on her clit.”

  Cam hurried to comply.

  Thorn fucked her—hard. Every thrust shook the bed but he kept her tight under him. He could feel Cam’s fingers now and again brushing the base of his cock as the detective worked over her slippery clit. Her skin turned damp, her breathing gasping and sporadic. She clutched at Thorn’s hair, and he sank down into the sensation of a little pain with a whole lot of pleasure. Her pussy was one sultry, juicy place to be as she tightened and tightened all around him.

  “Close,” Cam told him.

  “Oh yeah,” he could feel it.

  Her exhalations became farther apart and louder. Against Thorn’s chest, her nipples stabbed him. He clutched her, loving everything about the way she felt around him, the moonlight and floral smell of her, the way she clung to him as if nothing else mattered.

  And then she shattered, crying out so loud he wondered if Cam’s neighbors would call 911. Her body shook, shuddered. If she’d had an orga
sm problem previously—issue solved. Totally. The woman threw her body into pleasure now, and it showed. He grimaced, barely holding onto his own release. How easy it would be to just let go… But a glance at Cam reminded him that he wasn’t done yet.

  Soon, he slowed, pushing in as if gently easing through honey. Then back out in a wicked slow pace. A few minutes of that, and she went from sated to gasping at the friction-tingling sensation all over again. Thorn knew by the way she tensed, frowned, bit her lip and moaned.

  Withdrawing from her body, Thorn stood up and over them. “You really trust me?”

  Brenna didn’t even hesitate. “Yes.”

  Thorn turned his stare in Cam’s direction. “You?”

  “Yes. Like I said, this is your show.”

  With a long, low shudder of breath, Thorn tore off his condom and plunged back into Brenna. He gritted his teeth against the instant jolt of pleasure. Riding her bareback was stunning. He hadn’t done that to any female since he was a teenager, but holy fucking wow!

  He managed to croak out, “I’m clean.”

  “I’m not on the Pill,” she said, her voice shaking in subtle warning.

  He soothed a honey-brown curl away from her cheek. “I’ll be careful.”

  A stroke, another. Damn, it was like heaven. Someday, he’d love the chance to sink deep without a condom, know it was okay to bathe her womb with seed…and watch Cam do the same. He didn’t know where the hell this thought was going, but he knew that Brenna being pregnant by one of them would arouse him out of his fucking mind. Even the thought was putting him on edge.

  Carefully, he withdrew then turned to Cam. “You want a taste of her pussy?”

  He nodded.

  Thorn grabbed the base of his cock. “It’s right here.”

  Their eyes met, Cam’s dark gaze did not express revulsion or fear but arousal and reassurance. Are you sure? he asked silently.

  “Suck me,” he whispered.

  A corner of Cam’s mouth lifted. “This will be new for me, so if I’m not great at it, you’ll forgive me.”

  Thorn snorted. “You’ll get practice.”

  Cam didn’t refute him but instead sat up on the bed. Thorn stood over it, and Cam grabbed him by the hips. Thorn closed his eyes and lost himself in the electric anticipation.

  He didn’t have to wait long. Wet, hot, and with all the suction of a Hoover, Cam’s mouth dazzled. His tongue was in motion, on a mission, laving the head of Thorn’s cock, rubbing the sides, cradling his length. Without thought, Thorn sank his fingers into Cam’s hair, arched his back and began to fuck the man’s mouth. For a reported amateur, he gave some of the best head Thorn had ever had. Damn.

  Beside them, Brenna watched, wide-eyed.

  “This okay with you, baby?” Thorn managed to get out. Though if she wasn’t okay, he wasn’t sure he could stop at this point.

  “It’s amazing to watch.” Her voice trembled as her nipples went totally erect. “You look so…aroused. Both of you.”

  With a whole new and mind-boggling intensity, yes. Despite having two orgasms already today and a handful last night, his body was already racing for the finish line again, and the sight of Cam’s mouth stretched wide over his dick, the man’s strong fingers gouging into his hips, was bringing his need to the fore faster than warp speed.

  Fuck. This wasn’t about him. He needed to be focused on really being himself with them, on breaking down their barriers so they were totally themselves with him. He didn’t want to be the only one with a naked soul here. He also wanted to feel exactly who they were with all their defenses gone.

  Boy, wasn’t that new for him?

  Hugging Cam against him, Thorn leaned in and said, “You’re too fucking good at that. You’re about to undo me.”

  Then he eased away. Cam turned a smug grin up at him with a red, swollen mouth that Thorn found even more arousing. Hell, had he turned gay?

  One glance in Brenna’s direction, at her erect nipples and slick pussy she now idly touched, and he knew better. He’d kill to be inside her again. And he would—soon, but now…he had other business.

  Thorn leaned between them and reached to the center of the bed, then tossed the detective a condom.

  “Here. Get this on.”

  Cam blinked, staring at the little foil square. “Because?”

  “I’m in charge. Put it on and stand up.”

  With a groan and a very hard dick, Cam did as Thorn said. But his body language screamed for release, taut shoulders, dick hugging his flat belly looking angry and red as he covered it with the condom.

  Thorn reached over to Brenna, caressed her hair, then let his touch drift down her body, over her breasts, to her swollen pussy. “You ready for more, baby?”

  She whimpered when his fingers grazed her clit. “Please.”

  With a firm grip, he grabbed her hips and dragged them to the edge of the bed, her legs dangling over. Then he backed away.

  “I’m gloved up,” Cam announced, hands on his lean hips, cock standing straight up. “I assume I’m giving rather than receiving?”

  Like the whole thought of being penetrated didn’t faze Cam in the least. Thorn had to admit the guy impressed the hell out of him—and aroused him.

  “Yes…for now.” He stepped to the side, away from Brenna’s open body. “Fuck her.”

  Cam smiled his approval, approached Brenna and sank deep in one ruthless thrust. She gasped at the invasion and wrapped her pale, firm legs around his bronzed back. They looked hot together. Amazing. He’d love to just stand and watch them. Cam knew exactly how to please a woman, tilting her hips, fucking her with slow, relentless thrusts, murmuring his desire and pleasure in her ear. But he could also see that Brenna was special to Cam. The way he covered her body protectively, the rapturous look on his face, the adoring caresses, they all told Thorn that Brenna wasn’t just any woman to the detective. Which suited him. She wasn’t just any woman to Thorn, either.

  Not taking his eyes off the couple, he backed into the bedroom, grabbed a little bottle he’d seen earlier, then sauntered back in. Time to liven up this party. And if his hands shook and his belly flip-flopped…he’d survive. Somehow, this was right. His gut told him that.

  Donning another condom, he made use of the bottle but kept it gripped it in his hands. Then he approached the other two.

  Already, Brenna’s erratic breathing told him orgasm was near. And Cam… Every muscle of his wide back bunched with effort, every drive into her body ended with a tight clench of his ass, a groan torn from his chest. Sweat slicked his skin as he gripped her tighter, thrust deeper.

  Bending over Cam’s back, Thorn murmured in his ear, “Stop.”

  The man’s entire body tensed as he buried himself deep in Brenna’s body and held her in an unyielding grip. “Fuck!”

  “Soon,” Thorn promised with a chuckle. “Now it’s time for you to receive.”

  Cam stilled. “Seriously?”

  “While you keep giving it to Brenna. You got a problem with that?”

  The pause was long and chafed against Thorn. Coming to this decision hadn’t been easy for him, but his instinct told him that if he wanted to hold this together and have anything lasting with these two, he was going to have to open his boundaries. Cam had been pushing him since this started. Now he was going to back out?

  Cam turned and stared at him over his shoulder. Just a glance from those dark eyes, and Thorn saw the man’s mingled anticipation and fear. “Go easy on me. I’ve never…received.”

  So the guy in college had never penetrated Cam. Somehow, it seemed fitting to Thorn that he be Cam’s first. He cared about the guy…who was about to become way more than a friend. He adored
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