Dangerous Boys and Their Toy by Shayla Black

  wetter than before. Make her feel like she was the only woman in his world.

  With a last nip of his teeth on her lower lip, Thorn pulled back then slid his hand over her breast, breaking the suction of Cam’s mouth.

  Cam jerked his gaze up to his friend with a frown.

  “Were you going to leave any for me?” Thorn challenged.

  Chapter Five

  The words took a minute to sink in, it appeared. Cameron blinked then turned his gaze from Thorn, over to her. He was panting, his chest, smooth and built and bronze, heaved up and down quickly. A moment later, Brenna realized he wasn’t the only one breathing hard. And the longer he looked at her, the less she could seem to draw a decent breath.

  “Are you okay with this? I want you to be comfortable and happy—”

  “Try ecstatic. Please, kiss me,” she implored.

  Cameron didn’t have to be asked twice.

  As he lifted his head, angling his mouth closer to hers, Thorn began to descend. They met somewhere in the middle, and Cameron cautioned, “Gentle.”

  Thorn’s hand on her hip tightened. “Got it, Saint Cam.”

  Thunder crossed the detective’s face but Thorn had already blown the exchange off and headed south.

  A moment later, Thorn’s tongue curled around her nipple before he took the whole thing in his mouth, sucking as if he’d like to swallow it whole. He marked the other with his tongue a moment later, the sore one, with a gentle laving and a sweet suckle.

  Brenna filtered her fingers deeper into Thorn’s hair and moaned.

  Cameron cupped her cheek in his hand. “I don’t know why seeing his mouth at your breast is a turn-on, but…” He closed his eyes. “I don’t recall ever being this aroused.”

  “Me, either.”

  “You know we won’t leave you until you have what you need.”

  She nodded. Because she did know it. For whatever reason, they were devoted to this cause and devoted to her. Something heavy and magical was swirling between them. Always, she knew before the sex even started that the man holding her and praising her body would leave her at some point, sooner rather than later. Some sense, deep in her bones, told her these two would be with her for a good long while, if only in spirit.

  This wasn’t lasting. She lived in Texas. In fact, her plane ticket was scheduled to take her back home in another week. But this connection between the three of them felt weirdly deep.

  Brenna didn’t fight it.

  Drowning in the feel of Thorn worshipping her breasts and Cameron making love to her with his heady dark eyes, she whispered, “Kiss me.”

  Cam eagerly accepted her invitation.

  This kiss was like his first…and it wasn’t. No longer just a gentle caress of mouths, a soft melding of lips, now he added a sensual swipe of tongue that had her seeking him out, eagerly entwining with him then mewling for more.

  Sensations bombarded her, saturating her completely. God, she felt dizzy and heavy and so hot—and she loved it.

  Then Thorn caressed his way from her hip to her sex—and everything ramped up a notch. Unerringly, his fingers found her clit and toyed insistently with the little bundle. Arousal gripped tighter, choking whatever resistance she had left. He knew just how and where to touch her to completely devastate her senses.

  Thorn lifted his head with a gasp. “Lay her back, get her horizontal. I gotta get my mouth on this pussy again.”

  Cameron braced a hand between her shoulder blades while Thorn guided her back at the hips. Brenna uncurled her legs so she was no longer kneeling. When her back met the mattress, Thorn dived between her legs, spreading them wider, and latched onto her with a ravenous impatience that made her shiver.

  As she cried out, Brenna looked up at Cam with half-open lids. He loomed above her, caressed her cheek.

  “You’re flushed,” he murmured, his gaze straying south. “Is Thorn making you feel good?”

  Brenna couldn’t find her voice. She nodded then moaned again when Thorn thrust two fingers inside her.

  “You look so sexy,” he went on, those watchful eyes of his ping-ponging between her eyes and Thorn latched onto her sex.

  Cam’s hands were in motion too. His fingertips danced across her collarbone, a glide of palms over her shoulder, a brush of thumbs over her nipples.

  The stimulation was almost too much. Coupled with the eye candy overload of having them both in her bed, she almost couldn’t process it. But she wanted more.

  She reached up to Cam’s shoulder, easing her fingers under the collar of his unbuttoned shirt, and slipped it down. He shrugged it off that one arm. Before he could remove it from the other, Brenna had already caressed it off, leaving him bare from the waist up.

  “You sure?” he asked with a concerned frowned.

  “I am when you kiss me.”

  Thankfully, he took the hint and took her mouth a heartbeat later. Urgent, passionate, possessive, his kiss amazed her, added to the overall body tingle Thorn was sparking inside her. Brenna clutched Cameron’s bare shoulders and held him close. His hands continued to roam her face, her neck, her breasts. Soon, his mouth fell to her nipples to join in.

  Brenna stared at the white ceiling, for once not trying to second-guess or process what was happening. She was just feeling, and it wasn’t just the physical stuff. Oh, that was there, rising within her with all the subtlety of a jackhammer at 5 a.m. on a Sunday. But a lingering feeling that she was meant to be here with them gave her the courage to go on and believe that, this time, she wouldn’t fail.

  Sensations rose in waves. Heat rolled through her, making her feel weak and heavy and overloaded on pleasure. She clutched the sheets and realized that her whole body was shaking. Blood rushed between her legs. She could actually feel it, along with the growing pressure.

  Thorn lifted his mouth from her, replacing his tongue with fingers that seemed to know the perfect spot. “She’s getting close, man. Really close. I’m going to glove up.”

  Cameron gave him a distracted nod then wended his way down her body, brushing soft kisses across her belly, sweeping his palms over her hip, to her thigh. Planting his palm on the inside, he pushed her leg farther apart then repeated the process with the other. Brenna was tempted to tell him that she couldn’t do the splits and didn’t want to learn now…but then he placed soft kisses on her low abdomen and kept going down.

  Oh dear God.

  Cam’s first pass through her wet, sensitive sex was an electric shock that caused her to gasp. The next was a pleasure bomb that detonated right where she needed it most and forced her to whimper.

  She was so, so close now—closer to orgasm than she’d ever dreamed she could be.

  “Cameron…” His name on her lips was both a cry and a plea for help.

  He didn’t answer, except to caress her hip with that broad, bronzed palm.

  Brenna turned her head to find Thorn standing a few feet away, completely bare and stroking his erection. The sight made the pleasure pulse even deeper inside her. Wide shoulders tapered to narrow hips. A powerful chest matched the large cock he enveloped with his hand.

  “You two look so fucking hot. Cam going to make you come?”

  Brenna wanted to nod but was too tense. The sensations were right there, but something was still bound up inside her. She whimpered in answer.

  Thorn crossed the room to Cam and knelt beside her thigh. Cam lifted his head and turned to Thorn, his stare heavy. Brenna watched Cam breathe hard, just inches from Thorn. In the room’s muted lamp light, Cam’s lips were shiny with her juice. Thorn’s gaze dropped, and she bet he was noticing too.

  A moment later, Thorn blinked and dropped his gaze, breaking the moment. “She having trouble?”

  “She’s almost there,” Cam whispered. “A little more and…”

  With a nod, Thorn stood and rolled on the condom. Then he climbed up on the bed on her right, then turned her on her left shoulder, facing Cam, who was climbing up on the bed, facing her.

sp; Thorn lifted her top leg and eased it over his own. Brenna watched down her body as, dick in hand, Thorn fitted himself against her entrance.

  “Talk to her, man,” Thorn choked.

  Cam nodded, his stare glued to the sight of Thorn’s erection prodding her flesh.

  And Thorn pushed up. Hard. To the hilt in one thrust.

  A surprised cry slipped from Brenna. She felt beyond packed full. Her body stretched to accommodate him, but she felt his possession acutely, almost more than physically. It was like Thorn was in every corner of her, he was so deep.

  “It’s okay,” Cam soothed, cradling her breast, thumbing her nipple. “We’re going to make it good.”

  He put the exclamation point on his promise with a kiss that sent a hot shock through her body, tangling with the devastation of Thorn’s intrusion. Gentle but insistent, full of reassurance—that’s how Cam’s kiss flowed through her.

  Then Thorn started to move. Pound was more accurate. Bam, bam, bam, he drove inside her with shattering force. The headboard slammed the wall with every thrust, reverberating around the room.

  Taking someone his size with such force after a long abstinence was nearly painful. She winced, and Cameron reached past her to grab Thorn’s hip.

  “Stop banging her like a goddamn drum. This is sex, not a heavy metal concert.”

  “Fuck you. I have no problems getting women off.”

  “You’re hurting Brenna.”

  Behind her, Thorn stilled. “That true?”

  “A little.”

  “Shit,” he muttered. “I’m sorry. Slower?”

  She nodded. “It’s just been a while.”

  Thorn stilled. “Define a while.”

  “Nearly a year.”

  “No wonder you’re having trouble, baby. Everything is rusty.”

  Cam rolled his eyes. “She’s not a car.”

  “Shut up and let me drive,” Thorn growled.

  Though he nodded, Cam kept his hand on Thorn’s hip, ready to act as a guide.

  But Thorn delivered, easing straight up inside her at a pace like warmed honey, slow and flowing and breath-stealing.

  Brenna grabbed the nearest anchor—Cameron. She clutched his shoulders and gasped. “Oh my… Yes.”

  “That’s good?” he whispered against her mouth.

  She nodded and whimpered. And when Thorn repeated the stroke, just as delicious and languorous as the first, Brenna lost her ability to form coherent words.

  A third time had her digging her fingers into Cam’s shoulders and mewling.

  Then Cameron really joined in, capturing her mouth against his and sinking deep. He reached down and found her clit, toying lightly. God, she didn’t know how much she could take. She had to explode. The pace of his oral invasion matched Thorn’s sexual one, and the combination went straight to her libido.

  She could smell them both, Thorn’s sweat-damp body put off this musky scent that, as he pressed inside her again and draped his arm around her to fondle her breast—that unique tang on his skin was man and aggression and sex, wrapped in tempting spice. But in front of her, slowly enveloping her, was Cameron’s complex scent. Powerful male for sure, rain-tinged, earthy. She smelled his want. Between the two of them, they produced an amazing olfactory high.

  She shook with the intensity of her desire and kissed Cameron madly, so on the edge that coherent thought was completely beyond her—and she loved it.

  As seconds slid into minutes, she stayed at the feverish point just shy of climax.

  “Jesus, she’s like a fist on my cock, man. She’s tightening more with each second.” He looked at Cameron then closed his eyes. “I don’t know how much longer I can hold on.”

  With a nod, Cameron turned his attention to her. “Brenna, you know we want you. I know you feel the pleasure.”

  “I do,” she whispered, then wailed, “It’s right there! And I just can’t…”

  She started to cry, hot tears gouging her eyes.

  “Can’t what?” Cam brushed gentle kisses on her face.

  Even Thorn dropped a tender brush of lips on her shoulder, skated a few across her neck. For the first time tonight, she felt truly cared about. Brenna had no doubt that was taking her farther down the road to orgasm than she’d been. Yes, it was taking her a while to arrive…and there was a good chance she’d never actually get there.

  Maybe she was always going to have this block until she was convinced that her partner was with her to stay. Maybe she didn’t need to talk to Curtis to understand that fear of ultimately being left just really kept her from sharing that most intimate part of herself.

  She opened her mouth, wondered if she should call this whole orgasms-for-information deal off. It wasn’t fair to them. They’d tried everything to help her. She’d offer up blowjobs, tell them what little she knew about Curtis then flee this place and return to Texas.

  Before she could, Thorn murmured, “Baby, you want us to fill you up, front and back?”

  It took Brenna a moment to realize what he meant. When his words finally unpuzzled themselves in her head, a hot spike of desire hit her right between the legs. Double penetration. One in her pussy, the other in her ass.

  She didn’t, for one moment, think it would make any difference in her orgasm quotient, but it was one helluva a fantasy. Brenna didn’t delude herself, she was bad at sex. The whole orgasm thing always threw a dark cloud over her relationships. She ought to go home, adopt ten cats and settle in for spinsterhood. Before she did, however, she was going to take Thorn up on his offer and live out a dream.

  After all, this chance was wasn’t likely to come her way again.

  “Please,” she whimpered. “Now. Right now.”

  Thorn grabbed her chin and turned her head, tearing her away from Cam’s kiss and covered her mouth with his own. He tasted like he fucked—aggressive, sure of himself, as if he loved it.

  He lifted his head long moments later, and Brenna marveled that she could want two totally different men so much. They both made her body feel such arousal. Both were amazing in their own right—she could say that after sleeping with a string of losers in her younger days. These guys…they were damn good.

  Thorn pillaged, making a commanding sweep through her mouth that matched the invasion of her body. The sensations excited her as much as they established Thorn’s dominance. Her body hummed, her skin felt tight, and Cam continued to fondle her clit while he fixed his burning gaze on her.

  Finally Thorn lifted his head and stared at Cam across the scant inches separating them all. Heavy breathing reigned.

  “I gotta taste her pussy once more,” Thorn groaned. “I can smell it, and she’s driving me crazy.”

  Cameron lifted his fingers from her clit and extended them to Thorn’s mouth.

  Thorn reared back. “I’m not sucking your fingers.”

  “You are if you want a taste of her now. I’ve been waiting to be inside her, and I’m not in the mood to delay it so you can steal a little cream again.”

  Between them, Brenna watched the exchange like a tennis match, back and forth. Thorn scowled, clearly pissed. But Cameron’s fingers were right there, dripping with her juice. They snagged Thorn’s gaze, distracted him from his anger. He flipped his gaze up to Cameron, and a long, silent moment ensued. Brenna was dying to know what they were thinking. There was something in the air she didn’t understand…

  “Never mind,” Cameron said. “I’ll taste her for myself.”

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