Earth Bound by Christine Feehan

  Lexi clutched the sheets, her head thrashing wildly on the pillow while Gavriil played her body like a beautiful instrument. Each move he made sent tremors of sheer pleasure racing through every cell in her body. It was impossible to think straight. Each time he plunged into her, he sent a dozen lightning bolts streaking through her, turning her body into an electrical storm.

  She expected to see sparks flying all around them. She loved the way he looked with the firelight playing over him. His muscles so clearly defined. His face intense, focused, and utterly sensual. He looked like an ancient warrior come to claim her for his own, determined to share her skin, her body, her heart and mind. That only added to the intensity of her pleasure.

  He looped her legs over his shoulders, one arm sliding around her to drag her even closer, and he began to move fast, pummeling into her, a golden jackhammer, going deep and hard so that she felt him driving into her womb. Every intense thrust sent those streaks of lightning sizzling and burning throughout her body, driving her higher, the tension coiling tighter.

  Give yourself to me.

  She couldn't stop it, that deadly climb, higher, always higher. Everything inside of her wound into a tight coil, the tension ratcheting up notch after notch. She could barely draw a breath. Barely think straight. She wanted. She needed. But she didn't know what. There was only Gavriil and the intensity of their bodies coming together.

  A fireball roared through her, setting every nerve ending bursting into flames. She couldn't stop moving, desperate for . . . something.

  Let go, Lexi. Just let go. I'm here, angel moy. With you. In you. Trust me. You have to give yourself to me entirely. I need your trust.

  She was afraid. Her body really wasn't her own, but his. He surged into her again and again, and the fire roared, scorching hot, until the streaks of lightning threatened to destroy her. She couldn't catch her breath, couldn't think. There was no stopping the sensations swamping her, threatening to overtake her. There was only . . . Gavriil.

  His voice gave her the courage to let the sensations take her over. She felt his hands tighten on her. His shaft swelled even more, stretching her impossibly. The friction grew hotter, the pleasure wilder. Her terrified gaze found his dark blue eyes. There was strength there. Love. Tenderness. The emotions were wrapped up in his hunger and desire for her.

  Come to me, dusha moya, all the way.

  His voice caressed her mind so lovingly it brought tears to her eyes. She took a deep breath and let go. The ripples began somewhere deep inside of her body and spread like a tsunami, hard and fast until the sensation was a torrent ripping through her in gigantic swells, down to her thighs, up to her belly and breasts, wave after wave. Her body clamped down like a vise around his, grasping and dragging at his shaft, squeezing and milking, taking him with her.

  Thunder roared in her ears. Her blood pumped hot and crazy through her body. Flames licked at her skin. The tsunami seemed endless, wave after wave rocking her, until she heard her own scream, a cry of pure shock and absolute freedom. Gavriil's hoarse cry joined hers.

  Lexi watched his face the entire time, wanting--no--needing to know he felt what she was feeling. He had given her a gift beyond all price. Freedom. She had believed herself frigid, ugly, inferior. All of those things. He made her feel beautiful and passionate and equal to him--a partner loved and cherished.

  "Are you crying, solnyshko moya? There will be no tears. This was too beautiful for tears."

  Very slowly Gavriil turned his head and kissed the inside of her legs before placing them gently on the mattress on either side of his body. Every movement sent strong aftershocks rippling through her and around him.

  Lexi's hands curled in his hair. Her heart beat hard and fast beneath his own. Tears trickled down her face. He touched one with the pad of his finger, very gently and then leaned forward to sip at more.

  "That's making love, Lexi. That's me showing you what you mean to me. That's the way love should be between a man and a woman."

  "It's beautiful."

  "It's supposed to be beautiful. And earthy. And gritty. And natural. You're beautiful to me, and I'll never be able to have enough of you."

  "You're beautiful, Gavriil. Everything about you." She touched his face with trembling fingers. "You have no idea what you've given me."

  He was still as hard as a rock. He'd waited a lifetime for her. There was no quick fix for a lifetime of being a mechanical robot. Not human. Without emotion or hope. He stared down into her face. Could any woman be more beautiful? He doubted it. Her hair spilled around her, dark and gleaming red in the firelight, like the finest of wines. Her face was flushed, her mouth swollen from his kisses. Her eyes were shocked and dazed, her gaze moving over his face with an expression he never dreamt he'd see on a woman's face.

  To cover the sudden surge of emotion, he leaned down and drew her right breast into his mouth. She was still sensitive and her body shuddered around his, little aftershocks going off so that her sheath rippled around him, gripping tightly. If anything, his cock grew harder and thicker.

  "It's impossible to do this again, isn't it? I thought . . ." She trailed off when he moved, a slow, leisurely thrust into her.

  He licked at her nipple and then lifted his head, wanting her to understand there was no going back for either of them. "I'll never grow tired of kissing you or holding you or sharing your body with you. Being inside you is my secret haven, a place that can wipe out every bad thing I've ever seen or done."

  "I don't think I still have a sane thought in my head," she admitted.

  The firelight played over her face. He nuzzled at her breast. "I want to make love to you in every way possible, to give you so much pleasure, Lexi."

  "If you give me much more, I might just die. As it was, I was a little afraid we'd go too far."

  "There's no such thing as too far or too much. I can always get us back." He kissed her throat and moved his mouth to the side of her neck, just above where her shoulder was. He needed to leave another mark on her. Her breasts had several and there were two on the inside of her thighs, but one more was needed.

  "What are you doing?" she asked suspiciously.

  "Making certain Benito and Lucia have something to talk about later." He grinned at her, he couldn't help it, not with joy bursting through him. He'd never been so happy or so sated in his life. Sated, but so ready to repeat the experience as soon as possible--as soon as Lexi could without becoming sore. He could stay hard for hours, something he would be forever grateful for.

  Holding her tightly, he rolled over, staying inside her, bringing her up on top of him. She gasped, looking more shocked than ever. His hands urged her into a sitting position. His cock stretched her sheath as she drew up her legs, straddling him. The firelight caressed her skin with a soft glow. Her hair tumbled wildly in all directions, falling around her like so much dark silk.

  His hands reached up to cup her breasts in his palms. "Look at you, woman. Could you be any more beautiful?"

  "You keep saying that."

  "Because it's the truth." And it was important to him that she believe him. That she saw herself the way he saw her.

  She glanced down at her body--at her breasts resting in his hands. His thumbs had gone straight to her nipples, massaging small caresses back and forth over them. Her eyes widened when she saw the strawberries all over the soft mounds, and a slow blush stole up her body.

  "I can't help it if your skin marks easily." He lifted his head to her breasts, using his hands to push them together so he could bury his face in the soft cushion. "Or that you're so beautiful. I can only reap the benefits."

  A flick of his tongue brought a fresh flood of hot honey coiling around his cock. Her body tightened around his, a delicious feeling that spread through him like thick molasses. "I get totally lost in your body, solnyshko moya. I know I could spend hours worshiping you."

  He lay back, his grip dropping to her hips. "Ride me, Lexi. Like this."

  His hands gu
ided her, lifting her and bringing her back down. His shaft swelled, grew harder as the friction increased. "That's it, solnyshko moya, get that rhythm."

  "You really like this, don't you?" There was a smile in her voice. "I might be able to get good at this."

  She raised her body slowly, dragging tight muscles over his shaft. Very slowly she sank back down, those same muscles squeezing and gripping hard so that the breath slammed out of his lungs. Through narrowed eyes he watched her take control, her body undulating over his, moving up and down in a slow burn. She seemed lost in the movements, her breasts swaying, her hand stroking his abdomen, just above where their bodies met.

  She'd never touched his cock. Not once. He hadn't felt her fingers, or the heat she could give him with her palm and he was ultra aware of her hand so close to his shaft. If she never got that far, he would be okay with it, she was driving him crazy with her body, with that slow, easy ride.

  He clenched his teeth against the urge to take control, to increase the speed and friction. Lexi took her time, her head thrown back, intense concentration on her face. He bunched his hands in her hair, dragging it to his face, deliberately tugging on it so that she opened her eyes and looked at him.

  Still holding her silky hair in his hands, he pressed his palms to her breasts. "Pick up the pace, woman."

  She smiled. Slowly. Teasing. Her green eyes lit up like two sparkling jewels. "Are you going to pretend you don't like this? Because you seem to be stretching me beyond what I thought possible." She lifted her body, her tight muscles sliding over his shaft. She hesitated a heartbeat, just long enough for his cock to jerk. Smiling, she rode him down with equal slowness. "Are you sure? Absolutely certain of what you want?"

  He never thought to have a woman of his own, let alone one like Lexi. She seemed delighted having control. Deliberately provocative, tormenting him on purpose with her playfulness. She was fun. She made him laugh. Loving her was the easiest thing he'd ever done in his life, and at the same time, it terrified him.

  He couldn't ever lose her. Not ever. The danger was he would hold on too tightly. Lexi needed breathing room. "Solnyshko moya, you are going to drive me insane."

  "Isn't that the point?" She laughed softly and unexpectedly leaned forward, her hands framing his face, her mouth finding his.

  Her kiss turned his heart over. Her sheath clamped down around him, scorching hot, a silken fist gripping him tightly. He lost himself there in her mouth, in her body, his hands coming up to her soft hips. He took control. Of her body. Of her mouth. Thrusting deep with his tongue, with his cock. Love spilled over, until his throat and eyes burned with it, until his body exploded into a million fragments along with hers, soaring, freefalling, coming to rest with her safe in his arms.

  He held her tightly, burying his face in her hair, his body shuddering with pleasure, with need, feeling as though he might be in a dream.

  "Thank you for finding me," Lexi whispered against his shoulder, her voice muffled, but her lips brushing small kisses over his skin--his scars--as she spoke.

  "Thank you for saving me," he whispered back. He held her for a long time, his body locked inside of hers.

  A small aftershock rippled around him, and he moved gently inside of her.

  Lexi laughed softly. "Seriously, Gavriil. You're going to kill us both. I can't move. I don't think I'm going to be able to walk."

  Very reluctantly he pulled out of her and gently set her to one side, on her stomach beside him. "Are you certain, because I'm sure I could go again." He said it more to hear her laughter than seriously. He was going to have to run a hot bath for her to soak away any soreness.

  "It's time for me to supplement Lyutyj's feeding. If we keep his strength up, he'll be able to compete for Kiss's milk. Since you have so much energy, you're the one who is going to have to go into the kitchen and get it."

  He rolled over and pressed a kiss into the small of her back. "If I leave you and go make his bottle, are you going to be waiting for me? I don't want you disappearing on me."

  "I can't move, how can I disappear?" She gave him a half-hearted shove. "I could crawl out the window maybe, but it would be too much trouble."

  His smile faded. "Lexi." He pushed back the wild fall of hair so he could see her face. "You aren't going to panic because we made love, are you?"

  "I don't feel like panicking, Gavriil," she replied seriously. "But that doesn't mean I won't."

  "If I reach for you in the middle of the night, will that make you panic?" He watched her closely, needing to know that she would welcome him--that she trusted him with her body and her heart.

  "I can't say," she said, as truthfully as possible. "I don't honestly know what brings on a panic attack, but right now, all I can say is that I love the way you touch me. I love the things you do to me." She started to say something and then stopped herself, biting her lip and turning her head away from him.

  Deliberately, Gavriil leaned down and bit her shapely butt.

  "Ow." She turned back toward him, glaring. "What was that for?"

  "Not talking. Not telling me something important to you. Spill it woman, even if it embarrasses you."

  She moistened her lips. "Do you have to be so good at reading me?"

  "Yes, because you aren't used to sharing what you're feeling. I'm not either. We both have to work on it." He ran his hand over her bottom, his fingers finding one of the many scars and tracing it gently. He couldn't help himself, he leaned down and pressed kisses along the shiny path.

  "Don't you dare bite me again," she cautioned, tensing. "I'll shove you right off this bed."

  He laughed. "You could try, angel moy, but you're very little and I'm very big, in case you haven't noticed the difference in our sizes." His hand massaged her bottom with slow, sensuous circles. "Talk to me."

  She sighed. "I suppose I knew all along you wouldn't get sidetracked. I can only feel what I'm feeling. My body, I mean. I can't tell what you're feeling. When you . . ." She trailed off, blushing.

  "What?" He raised an eyebrow. "I did a lot of things to you. Things I plan to do as often as possible. You'll have to be specific."

  "You're making this difficult deliberately," she accused.

  "I'm trying to show you there's no need to be embarrassed about anything between us. We belong to each other. What we do, what we share, is between us."

  She rolled her eyes, and he splayed his fingers over her bottom, over her deliciously beautiful firm muscles.

  "I'm growing very fond of your butt." He bent his head and licked along one of the scars. His teeth nipped, and she gave a startled yelp. "Well talk to me. Distract me, because I'm already getting as hard as a rock again."

  Her gaze strayed to the growing cock in his lap. He circled it loosely with his hand. "Looking at you does this to me. Thinking about you does this. Watching you sleep. Hearing you laugh." He grinned at her, unrepentant. "Just about anything at all you do, let alone lying here naked with you."

  Lexi bit her lip. His slow massage on her bottom had already started a slow burn deep inside. She couldn't very well lie when he was so forthcoming.

  "What were you afraid to talk to me about?" He wasn't going to drop it. "I know it was important."

  "What if I can never put my mouth on you the way you did me?" She blurted it out, one of her worst fears.

  "Never is a long time, Lexi," he said gently.

  "I know. I know it is and you told me not to worry, but I know it's a big thing with men. All the women in the compound talked about it. Some of the older ones tried to help me, but it made me sick." She had to confess, bring it out into the open. "He was furious whenever I got sick and he . . ." She stopped herself.

  His heart contracted painfully for her. He didn't need to hear what the monster had done to her, he was looking at the evidence. "I told you it didn't matter to me."

  "I know what you said, Gavriil, but it matters to me. It matters that I can't give you--everything."

  He bent his head again,
this time to press kisses into the small of her back and then up her spine. "You have given me everything. Don't you know that yet? What we have is too good to ever consider throwing it away for such a ridiculous reason."

  Lexi remained silent, her large green eyes moving over his face.

  He sighed. "Do you remember when you asked me questions, right after we first met, and I told you not to ask me unless you wanted the truth?"

  She nodded, her expression very solemn.

  "I meant what I told you then. I'm not going to lie to you. Too many people have done that. I never will. Sometimes, solnyshko moya, you'll wish that I did. I'll tell you when something bothers me."

  Her long lashes fanned her cheeks. He went still. He knew she was going to give him something important. He could read her now, that small hesitation, the natural reluctance of sharing her past. She didn't want to open the doors on those memories, but they had shaped her life. Shaped who she was.

  "Caine really was a pedophile. You can see that I'm curvy. I started getting breasts and hips around the age of thirteen. He couldn't stand looking at me. He didn't want to even use me for sex after that. Just, you know, me having to do things to him."

  She bit her lower lip as if reluctant to continue. He rubbed her bottom again, a slow massage meant to soothe her. He wanted her used to his touch. Wanted her able to lie naked with him like this after they made love. He especially wanted her to share her past with him, to trust him that much. Gavriil remained silent, knowing she struggled to continue, but it had to be her choice.

  "He would have gotten rid of me--I know he thought about it a million times--but our farm was a gold mine for the Reverend's church. We practically supported every compound."

  "And of course, you were the one, even at such a young age, who made the plants grow for them." He pressed more kisses down her spine and stroked the dark mass of auburn hair spilling down her back.

  Lexi nodded. "He tried starving me, to keep me thin. He wouldn't allow me to eat more than one meal a day, but I worked with all the crops so it was easy enough to eat lettuce and tomatoes while I worked."

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