Fated Surrender by Alanea Alder

  “Priceless. Well played. What you got her will go nicely with the sky diving lessons I got her.” Liam laughed.

  “You two are bad,” Sebastian said, his mouth full of turkey. Connor remembered something he had been meaning to ask Liam.

  “Hey, Liam, when will Brendan be moving to the pride house?” Liam had approached him to do counseling for the youngster, considering what the little guy had been through.

  “They are waiting until the little tyke is out of school. I was suspicious at first, but my grandfather flew down there to make sure Brendan and his uncle are okay. Even my grandfather agreed that pulling Brendan out of school now wouldn’t be best for him, since things are just returning to normal for him. Next summer they are moving out here. I’d appreciate if you still talked to him though.”

  “Of course. Sounds like both he and his uncle have been through a lot.”

  Liam nodded.

  Madison walked back over and handed him his plate.

  “Thanks, honey.”

  “Liam, tell your grandfather to stop dodging my calls, they won’t be going away. Rebecca is right, we need to completely revamp our council laws,” Madison said before taking a large bite of turkey.

  Liam winced.

  “I’ll try.”

  “Good, because I don’t want to have to get ugly.” She smiled sweetly.

  “Down, hellcat.” Connor laughed. She poked him in the ribs.

  “When are you due, Sebastian?” Madison asked.

  “Christmas Eve. Kate’s due date is New Year’s Eve, and Rebecca is Christmas day. But Doc thinks that once one of us goes into labor, we’ll all go into labor due to our bond.” Sebastian rubbed his belly.

  “It will be exciting to have so many babies around.” Madison sighed.

  “Maybe you’ll be next,” Sebastian suggested. Connor began to choke on his pie. Madison smiled at him and winked.


  They ate two more plates over the next couple hours until Connor could barely move. Madison leaned over and whispered in his ear.

  “We could head home.” Connor stood and pulled his mate to her feet.

  “Is it my turn to surrender or yours?” Connor whispered the question, their lips touching. She shrugged.

  “Does it matter?” He shook his head.

  “Not anymore.”


  “I am so disappointed with that serial killer. He had such potential. But I suppose his mind was starting to go due to the drug.” The gentleman sighed and turned to the wolf shifter, kneeling in front of his desk to the left and to the clean-cut, suited man to the right.

  “Devon, so glad you could join us. I’m not sure if you have met Director Wendall. He will be helping to demonstrate what happens when you anger me. You see, I very specifically asked him to recruit Connor Arkadion to assist in tracking down that adorable serial killer. But he wanted glory more. Payne if you would please?”

  He watched as the Agency’s top man struggled as metal bands were clasped around each wrist, ankle, and neck.

  “I loved your collar so much I made a modified version. You’re simply going to love this old boy.” The gentleman picked up a square black box. Grinning like a little boy, he pressed the silver button.

  The Agency Director screamed and fell to the ground, writhing in agony. Blue bolts of electricity danced along his body. After a minute the smell of cooked flesh filled the room. The wolf Alpha began to dry heave.

  The gentlemen then picked up the small silver remote. He lightly tapped the small box that controlled the Alpha’s training collar.

  “I am expecting results this time, or I won’t be nearly so lenient with you. Oh, and take that sniveling lawyer with you, his cries of pain are grating on my nerves.” The gentleman waved his hand and the trembling Alpha was pulled from the room. He wrinkled his nose at the charred mess on his floor. Fun, but messy.

  His puppy had this last chance or he was turning him over to the dungeon master for fun. Permanently. He laughed to himself. Who was he kidding? He was going to do that anyway. Smiling, he sat down and began to plan his Christmas cards.





  Alanea loves reading almost as much as she loves writing and can be found at any given moment either in front of the computer lost in her own world or on the couch with her iPad reading some of her favorite authors. She believes that love truly conquers all and that everyone no matter what, deserves a chance at that love and a place they can call home.

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  Alanea Alder, Fated Surrender

  (Series: Kindred of Arkadia # 6)




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