Hunt Across Worlds by Sherwood Smith

  The kids then described being forced across country by Mr. Blick, all the way to California, where they escaped, and had to make their way back. They made up a great story about Mr. Blick being a mad scientist and wanting kids to experiment on—as long as they didn’t mention the word “magic” it seemed like adults would believe anything. Frederic’s mother kept saying “But wasn’t there another boy? A Danish boy?” but nobody paid any attention to her.

  So she took Frederic home. She was appalled to see him back all browned from the sun and in tough shape after all that traveling. She had to fatten up her starving boy... which meant she needed more money. She was in a good mood as she began dialing her lawyer.

  Frederic put up with that, and with the questions, because he had friends now. Life might have gone back to being stupid again, but he had friends to laugh over it with.

  Friends made all the difference.


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  Hunt Across Worlds

  CJ’s Sixth Notebook

  Sherwood Smith

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  Book View Café

  April 2011

  ISBN 978161138 052 1

  This book is a work of fiction. All characters, names, locations, and events portrayed in this book are fictional or used in an imaginary manner to entertain, and any resemblance to any real people, situations, or incidents is purely coincidental.

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  Sherwood Smith, Hunt Across Worlds



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