Master of the Mountain by Cherise Sinclair

  Had she been that obvious? Surely he didn't know why she'd been nervous.

  “We're going to have to deal with your self-image one of these days,” he murmured, shattering that hope. He unwrapped her arms from her waist and replaced them behind her neck. “You don't trust me enough for me to cuff your hands behind your back, sugar. But you are sorely tempting me. Leave your hands there. Are we clear?”

  Cuffs? Oh my God. “Clear. Yes.” But the thought of being restrained like that sent quivers into her stomach. Was it nerves or excitement? She couldn't tell.

  He smiled into her eyes. “Like that thought, do you?” Without a moment's hesitation, he yanked her jeans right off her. She felt exposed as he traced a finger over her breasts, down the pudgy stomach she tried to suck in. With the same finger, he hooked her panties and pulled them slowly off.

  Here she was, naked, and he still had his pants on. Why did that bother her so much right now? She'd had lovers before, but something about the way he treated her kept her off balance.


  He set his hand against her pussy, pressing lightly, as if he could feel the heavy throbbing. Leaning forward, his hand still between her legs, he kissed her lightly but pulled back when she tried to deepen it, giving her only what he wanted. With her hands behind her head, she couldn't pull him closer.

  “If you were mine, this would be shaved. Bare to the world.” Watching her face, he slid one finger through her wet folds, making her insides clench. “Bare to my touch.”

  Chapter Seven

  Logan rose to his feet. “There are a few basic rules that most Doms and subs follow.”

  Rebecca sat up and pulled a loose blanket from the back of the couch over her lap. Her lips formed the word Dom. That must be short for dominant and then sub for submissive. This was a whole new world, wasn't it?

  “While we are…we'll call it playing, you don't speak without permission. You will call me 'Sir,' and if given an order, your only response should be, 'yes, Sir.' You kneel on the floor unless given permission otherwise.” He paused and tilted his head.

  Rebecca frowned. This sounded an awful lot like slavery; she didn't like it at all. But her pussy had tightened, burning as his words continued. Still processing his words, she looked up. He'd crossed his arms, and his eyes almost froze her. “What?” she asked.

  His brows drew together, and he pointed to the rug at his feet.

  Oh spit. Don't talk. Say, yes, Sir. Kneel. Kneel. She slid off the couch onto her knees, put her hands in her lap, and tried to look properly repentant. Something inside her wanted to laugh.

  “Better.” Logan bent and with firm hands separated her knees to expose her crotch. “Some Doms want a sub's hands open like this”—he placed her hands on her thighs, palms up—“but I prefer your arms behind your back, fingers laced together.” He tilted his head and waited until she complied.

  At the feel of his hands on her legs, positioning her as if he had every right to do so, her laughter disappeared. Her body abruptly turned on as if he'd hit a light switch. One hundred watts' worth. With her hands behind her back, her chest arched forward, as if her breasts were—

  His eyes on her face, he knelt in front of her and cupped her breast, lifting it slightly. Heat seared through her in a massive wave.

  He smiled slowly. When his thumb circled the nipple, her insides turned to liquid. “Now your body is open and available for my use.” His voice rumbled in her ears. He touched each breast, fondling her nipples until they ached. Then his hand slid between her legs as if he had every right to just touch her…

  She felt his fingers stroke through her folds, one sliding inside her, and she inhaled sharply at the intimate touch. She lifted to escape the probing finger and received a stinging slap on her bare thigh. “Don't move, sub,” he snapped, mouth firm in displeasure.

  Something quivered inside her in pleasure and need.

  Removing his hand, he stood in one lithe movement. When she looked up, he shook his head. “Keep your eyes lowered. When in the slave position, you don't look up.”

  Her mouth dropped open. Slave?

  She heard him chuckle. “That's what the position is called. You're not a slave, little rebel; you're a sub. Usually slave means someone in a full-time submission and domination relationship; that's not something I do.”


  His callused hands closed on her bare shoulders, easing the rigid muscles. “Relax, Becca. This is an exploration, not a life sentence.” His hands were warm and knowledgeable, and her shoulders began to loosen. “And there's some exploration I have yet to do,” he whispered in her ear.

  From under her eyelashes, she watched as he walked over to a closet and took out a big bag and a black pillowlike thing the length of a couch cushion, only taller and wedge-shaped. He tossed the cushion on the floor in front of the fire, set the bag beside it, and crooked a finger at her.

  She rose, striving for grace, pulling in her stomach. With a smile, he grasped her upper arms, pulling her onto her toes in a show of strength that made her stomach quiver, yet his kiss was gentle. Almost tender.

  He scooped her into his arms and laid her on the wedge thing, only rather than using it as a back support, he put her head at the low end and her butt at the high one, her legs dangling off the edge. “Now, Becca, I'm going to buckle your legs down and give you a feel of restraints.”

  Her eyes widened. “But—”

  “Silence.” He grasped her ankle. “Only your legs. I'm leaving your hands and arms free.” He smiled slightly. “You don't know me well enough to trust me completely. And rightly so.” He pulled her leg out, down the side of the wedge, and wrapped a Velcro strap around her ankle, then did the other side. With her bottom on the tallest part of the wedge, and her legs parted widely, her pussy'd been put up for display.

  She tugged at her legs. When she couldn't move them, as she realized how open she was, a tremor ran up and down her body, then more, unstoppable and unending.

  “For this time here, little rebel, your body is mine to play with and to use.” His hands curled around her thighs, pushed them farther apart. “Do you remember your safe word, the word you use to stop everything?”


  His firm hands massaged her thighs, his touch moving ever closer to where her clit throbbed. Bending forward, he blew on it, the warm air shocking. “Very pretty pussy you have, Becca.” With a wicked smile, he ruffled her pubic hair and murmured, “A little red fox.”

  His thumbs spread her outer lips open, and cool air slithered against her inner labia, making her shiver. Gently, he massaged the outer lips before moving inward. “Nice and plump,” he murmured; then his fingers slid over her inner labia. “Pinkish red with a hint of purple.” As his fingers slid up and down over her drenched opening, her whole pussy started to burn with need. “A bit swollen, but you'll be a lot more swollen before I'm through.”

  His tongue followed his fingers. As he licked over her, the feeling was so intense, she squirmed uncontrollably. And then his thumbs pulled her more widely open as his tongue flickered up the swollen lips to…there.

  Her clit ached and throbbed as he teased around it, each slide of his tongue along the nub making the ache inside deepen. One side, then the other. He raised his head and looked at her, his face shadowy in the firelight. “I'm going to get you so swollen that you'll throb.” His fingers stroked through her folds. “Enough that your clit pokes out and hardens like a cock.”

  The sub's eyes widened, and her legs jerked. Did she want to run away or beg for more? Logan wondered. The intensity of her responses evidently scared her and delighted him. As a Dom, he wanted to take her further and further. As a man, he wanted to bury himself in her and pound her until they both came.

  A master's responsibility to his sub came first. They had more to explore together before he let his cock rule. With a gentle finger, he slid the tiny clitoral hood up, exposing the glistening pink pearl it concealed. He touched his tongue to it, j
ust the merest flicker, and felt her legs quivering. He worked his tongue over the fragile folds of the hood, up and over, then back down the other side.

  Her breathing increased. He glanced up to see her knuckles whiten. That iron control of hers would get a beating now.

  He inserted one finger into her, the hot, slick feeling incredibly tempting. He wanted to thrust himself in there so deeply, his balls would bounce on her ass. As he withdrew his finger, the walls of the vagina clenched around him, trying to hold him in.

  He slid back in and out, added another finger. A moan broke from her. “Logan…”

  He slapped her thigh as a stinging reminder. She jumped, and her soft mouth opened in surprise.

  “Don't forget, little rebel, or I'll have to really punish you.”

  He felt the clench of her vagina, confirming his earlier impressions. Punishment turned her on. How much remained to be seen. He looked forward to finding out with an anticipation he hadn't felt in years.

  As he slid his fingers in and out, the thigh brushing his cheek trembled uncontrollably. He pressed upward inside her until his fingertip found her G-spot, still rough and bumpy. His finger pulsed against it, and at the same time, he rubbed his tongue firmly against the side of her clit until it swelled, poking out from the hood.

  Her moan urged him on. He'd never found anything as satisfying as pushing a woman past inhibitions and into pure passionate response. And this little sub had inhibitions and passion in equal proportions. Now her hips strained upward toward his mouth, but the tight restraints kept her immobile. Her breathing changed as her excitement soared in a true submissive's response to being vulnerable. To being controlled.

  He eased his mouth back, rubbing his finger on her G-spot until it swelled and softened. Then he coordinated his attack to drive her further. G-spot and clit, finger and tongue, rousing the entire mass of nerves.

  Her breathing turned to hard panting. Her whole body shook as she approached her climax. Her vagina billowed out around his fingertip and clamped down on his knuckles. Almost there. This was a dance with two partners. He might be in control, but her responses dictated his next move. And fuck but he loved her responses.

  He slowed just to draw it out a bit and to enjoy the tiny whimpers mingling with her gasping breaths. Her vagina tightened further. Slowing even more, he held her at the brink as her body stiffened; even her breathing stilled.

  Tempted to deny her, he paused, but that wasn't the lesson for today. Besides, he wanted to hear her come again. He sucked her clit into his mouth and teased it in gentle, pulsing pulls.

  Her hips tilted up as her body arched, higher and higher, and then her vagina convulsed around his fingers in surging waves as she let out a long, satisfying wail. So satisfying he wanted to start over and do it all again.

  But his cock might explode.

  He released her clit reluctantly. She was incredibly sweet: heart, soul, and pussy. He couldn't believe she didn't have a husband and children running around her feet. Instead, she had him at her feet, and he enjoyed the hell out of it.

  When he looked up, her nipples had tightened into tight buds of pink. As the rippling in her vagina slowed, he pressed firmly against her G-spot and licked over her nub, sending her over again.

  And then again.

  When he stopped to kiss her inner thigh, he could feel the glaze of sweat on her skin. Pulling out of her, he pressed a kiss just above her mound, smiling at the quiver of her stomach muscles under his lips.

  “You're shaking, sugar.” But not with cold. “Hands laced behind your head for now, please.”

  Face still flushed, her nipples just beginning to relax, she frowned at him.

  God, she was cute. He frowned back and waited. Her arms lifted, reluctance in every tiny movement. And then her hands laced behind her head, arching her breasts up for his enjoyment and use.

  He gave her an approving smile and unzipped his jeans.

  As Logan stripped off his pants, Rebecca couldn't look away. The firelight flickered over his big-boned body, shadowing, then highlighting the contoured muscles. From a nest of dark hair, his erection stood out proudly, longer than she was used to and much thicker, not a slender sapling but a solid oak. His balls swayed slightly between his legs when he sheathed himself in a condom. Muscles flexed in his thighs as he knelt between her legs.

  He lifted her heavy breasts with his hands. His fingers stroked the tender undersides, and a smile appeared on his face. He teased her nipples until they rose up, hard and pointed. “Does anyone ever get tired of playing with these?” he murmured.

  His lips closed on a sensitive peak, and lightning raced through her body. He rolled the nub between his tongue and the roof of his mouth.

  Her breath rasped at the slight pain. When he sucked forcefully, it sent a pulse of need straight to her core. Her hips moved, and her sex began to ache with the pressure.

  He propped himself up on one forearm. “Time for one more toy. You may choose from a gag, wrist cuffs, or breast clamps.”

  She shook her head, not daring to speak.

  “Oh yes.” He ran his finger across her lips. “You're not here very long, sugar. Might as well give you a good grounding in the lifestyle. Choose.”

  She swallowed. She absolutely didn't want her hands restrained. To be gagged? No. “Clamps,” she whispered.

  “Good choice.” He snagged his bag and pulled it closer, then removed a small box, taking out what looked like miniature clothespins. He held one up. Black rubber coated the ends. A tiny screw poked out of the hinge. “Since you're new, I'll forgo jewelry or weights. This time.”

  He leaned forward and sucked on one breast until the nipple jutted up. Then he attached the clamp, turning the screw until the clothespin pinched her nipple unbearably. She gritted her teeth, but he decreased the tension, leaving only an intense ache that somehow increased the throbbing in her pussy. He did the other one, and she stifled a whine.

  Pain, and yet an unbearable arousal like she'd never felt before. God, she needed him inside her.

  His hair, thick and tousled, fell over his forehead, touched his nape. His shoulders gleamed in the firelight, and she wanted to touch him so badly, her arms quivered with it. He smiled slightly. Gripping her forearms, he leaned forward on her, his weight and strength pressing her deeper into the wedge.

  She couldn't move…anything. Her deep inhalation pressed her breasts against his chest, and the abrasion of his hair against her overly sensitive nipples made her hiss.

  “We were discussing dominance and submission.” His hands tightened on her arms, just to the edge of pain, and a thrill shook through her. “Your body is mine right now, under my control. Available for my pleasure.” Propping himself up with one hand, he stroked down her body with the other, then pressed his palm firmly against her pussy and her throbbing clit.

  She bit back a moan, unable to look away from his flinty eyes. “This is the most elementary of lessons, and the toughest one.” One finger pressed into her, illustrating what he meant. He could do anything he wanted, and she could only lie there and shake.

  He withdrew his finger. A second later, he slid the head of his cock through her wetness and then began to slowly push into her.

  She was too tight, and her vagina tried to resist his size as his cock pressed farther. She panted, caught between the excruciating pleasure and pain. Her fingernails bit into his biceps as she tried not to panic. His eyes fixed on hers, he inexorably filled her until she felt as if she'd burst. When he finally stopped, deep inside her, she couldn't move. Her insides quaked around him with the shock of his intrusion.

  She felt so vulnerable. So invaded, both by his cock and his intense eyes, which seemed to see right to her very heart.

  Propping himself up with a forearm, he cradled her head. “Easy, little one,” he murmured. “Take a breath.” His thumb caressed her cheekbone.

  His gentleness brought tears to her eyes, and she closed them so he wouldn't see.

He kissed her, his lips coaxing a response, velvety soft, until she opened and let him in farther. As his mouth moved warmly over hers, her body relaxed, bit by bit, the overwhelming fullness easing into pleasure.

  “There we go.” He nipped her lip; the tiny shock made her vagina clench. And that felt so good. His hand left her face to fondle her breast. When his finger rubbed over the nipple, jarring the clamp, pain then pleasure sizzled to the whole area he'd breached. “You feel so good, sweetheart, you're threatening my control.”

  His words helped. His callused hand grazed her breast, her side, her hip, nothing he hadn't done before, yet the act irrevocably changed by his presence within her and each sensation heightened to a consummate peak. “Look at me now,” he said in a deep voice.

  She lifted her heavy lids to meet his gaze. His face was shadowy in the firelight, his jaw tight. He moved within her, the feeling indescribable, shaking her foundations with intense pleasure. He eased out, and her insides drew together to fill the emptiness before he surged back in like the rush of the tide onto the beach, unstoppable. Her breath caught, and her grip tightened on him as if he could keep her from being swept away.

  Watching her closely, he increased his pace, and her body stretched to accommodate him until each thrust brought only pleasure and the slow buildup of need.

  He smiled, and the curve of his mouth changed his expression from dangerous to devastating. “Put your hands behind your head, sugar.”

  But… She blinked, realizing she'd grabbed him when he first entered her, and he hadn't made her stop.

  His eyes crinkled. “You looked like you needed something to hold on to. But put them back now.”

  She did, lacing her fingers together, the position making her intensely aware of her vulnerable state and how he held all the power.

  He rubbed his rough cheek against hers. “Next time your hands will be tied down,” he whispered in her ear. “And maybe I'll tie your legs even farther apart and tease you until you scream.”

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