Our Favorite Days by Chelsea M. Cameron

  Our Favorite Days

  My Favorite Mistake: Book 3

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  About The Author

  “I swear, if you grope me one more time, I’m going to break your fingers off, Mr. Zaccadelli,” I said as Hunter, yet again, grabbed my ass as he walked by me to re-shelve another book.

  He just gave me a wink.

  “I think I can deal with a few broken fingers if it means getting to be with you, Missy,” he said and against my will, my heart fluttered. I just couldn’t help it. My body was specifically designed to react to him and he was specially designed to cause that reaction.

  From the top of his buzzed head, to his tattoos, to his guitar-playing fingers and on down to the tips of his toes, I wanted him.

  My fiancée.

  It still felt bizarre to be thinking of him that way, even though he’d proposed several months ago. The ring winked up at me from its permanent place on my left ring finger. I was so entranced by it that I didn’t notice when he stepped close to me again. A finger tipped my chin up and I stared into his amazing blue eyes. He smiled and I melted to the floor.

  “Hey, Missy Girl.”

  “Hey,” I said in return. The nickname had driven me absolutely crazy when he’d first given it to me. Crazy, as in made my heart thump and my skin tingle every time I heard it.

  “What are you thinking about?” he asked, his brows drawing together. It was just the two of us up here in the closed stacks of the library, so we didn’t have to worry about anyone busting us for slacking during work, for which I was grateful. Although, Hunter had the habit of being inappropriate whether there were people around or not. It was just one of his charms.

  “You,” I admitted and his face split into a smile that made everything right.

  “Oh, yeah? Me, or certain parts of my anatomy and what I can do with them?” He wiggled his eyebrows and took another step so we were chest-to-chest. It wasn’t fair. It just wasn’t fair how much I reacted to him and he barely had to make an effort.

  “No,” I said, narrowing my eyes and turning away from him. Two could play this game. Slowly, I bent down to get a book off the bottom shelf and then arched my back as I came up. Looking over my shoulder, I was pleased with his reaction. It didn’t hurt that I had plenty going on back there for him to look at.

  “You are going to be in so much trouble when we get home,” he said, his voice low and thick with desire.

  “Oh, yeah?” I said, trying to be nonchalant and failing. “What kind of trouble?” He smirked and brushed one finger down my spine, making me shiver.

  “The best kind.”

  Yellowfield House was in chaos when we returned, but that was nothing new. The house Hunter had bought for us had three floors (not counting the basement) and seven residents and when we were all in residence, things got rowdy.

  Still, I wouldn’t have it any other way. When Hunter had first come to me with the idea of living together in a house, I thought he was joking. Or crazy. Or both. I was finally swayed by the fact we were sharing a room in the dorms already. Plus, our bed here was a lot bigger and we didn’t have to worry about thin walls when we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Which was most of the time.

  Darah was running referee as her boyfriend, and Hunter’s cousin, Mase, was arguing with Renee on whether you were supposed to put salt or oil in pasta water to make sure the noodles didn’t stick together. Paul, Renee’s boyfriend
, just sat back and watched, knowing it was best not to interfere. Renee could hold her own and then some.

  Laughter came from the living room where Jos, Renee’s sister, was attempting to imitate her boyfriend Dusty’s beatboxing skills with limited success. They’d only been dating for a short time, but anyone could see that they were good together. Good for each other. It made my heart swell to watch them. All our little ducks in a row.

  “Okay, okay, what is the deal?” Hunter said, wading into the fray in the kitchen.

  Renee and Mase started talking over each other and Hunter whistled to get them both to shut up.

  “Why don’t we do both? We have enough pots. Do one with oil, one with salt and then we’ll compare.” Renee and Mase glared at each other, but sighed.

  “Fine,” Renee said and Mase went to get another pot. Paul joined her at the sink, his hand on her lower back. Renee tended to have a temper, even though she looked like a sweet, petite blonde princess and Paul was the person who could always talk her down. Crazy how we all managed to find one another in this world.

  Seeing that the battle was over, Hunter tucked me under his arm and we went into the living room to crash on the ugliest recliner in the history of recliners. It was also the chair that we had first kissed on, so it had a soft spot in my heart. I’d only allowed him to bring it into the house for sentimental reasons.

  “Nice try, Red,” Dusty said as Jos made a stuttering noise that was probably supposed to sound like a drum beat. She rolled her eyes.

  “No, it wasn’t. But not everyone can be as talented with their mouth as you are.” He raised an eyebrow and leaned in for a kiss that quickly turned into something a little more adult.

  Hunter cleared his throat and they broke apart. Dusty’s hand was partially up Jos’s shirt and her fingers were hooked around his belt loops.

  “What? Like you’re one to talk?” Jos said, raising one eyebrow.

  She’d been on the offensive when she’d first moved in (I didn’t think it had anything to do with her red hair), but had slowly opened up to all of us. I really liked her and it was so good to see her happy and smiling now. Renee had been difficult about their relationship at first, but she was trying to do better. Trying. They were a work in progress. Just like the rest of us.

  “How was work?” she asked as she settled back and Dusty tucked some of her hair behind her ear.

  “Same old, same old,” I said, giving Hunter a glare. He just grinned and the look made me want to smack him and kiss him at the exact same time.

  “Oh hey,” I said, remembering something, “I found this new band last night and downloaded some of their music. I thought you might like it.” I got out my phone and tossed it to Jos, who fished a set of earbuds out of her pocket and plugged them into my phone. She handed one of the buds to Dusty and put one in her own ear. It was such a sweet gesture, it made me smile.

  I waited as she listened, a slow smile spreading on her face. Jos was such a music junkie, but she was also so particular that I never knew how she was going to react when I shared something with her. Dusty started tapping out the beat of the music, as if he couldn’t help it.

  “Dinnertime!” Renee called a few minutes later and we all crowded around the not-big-enough dining table. Nights like these, with all of us being here together were rare. I wanted to take a picture of it. The family I never thought I would have.

  “What are you smiling about?” Hunter said in my ear as Renee handed me my plate after filling it with spaghetti, sauce and a piece of garlic bread. I set my plate down and turned toward him.

  “Just… everything. If you would have told me when you walked through our door that someday I’d end up here, in a house with you and everyone else, I would have said you were crazy. I just… I never thought I would have this and sometimes it overwhelms me how lucky I am.” There was something lurking in his eyes when I finished what I was saying. He knew exactly what I meant.

  His own history was tragic, with a side of sweetness that came from his aunt, uncle and cousins who had taken him in. They were closer than close and I’d been absorbed into the Mason/Zaccadelli family from the first time I stepped into his aunt and uncle’s gi-huge-ic house.

  When he didn’t say anything, I leaned over and kissed the lucky number seven on his arm before brushing it with my fingers.

  We were both lucky in so many ways.

  Waking up next to Taylor in the morning blew my mind each and every day. I’d thought I would have gotten used to it by now, but nope. Still knocked me out every time I opened my eyes in the morning with her body all over mine. Like we couldn’t exist without each other.

  That was how it felt. Like I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think, couldn’t function without her. I’d always thought people who were in love might just be exaggerating, or making it out to be more than it was, but now I knew. This was real and she was everything.

  Her eyes would blink and then a slow smile would work its way across her face and I felt like my heart was going to punch its way out of my chest.

  “Hey, Missy Girl.” She pretended she hated the nickname, but I knew she loved it, which was why I kept using it.

  “Hi,” she said, slowly untangling her limbs from mine. After sleeping (actual sleep, not sex) with her, I never wanted to go back to being alone. Being without her was just… wrong.

  When I slept with Taylor in my bed, the nightmares didn’t come. Well, sometimes they did, but when they started to get bad, there were gentle hands to brush my tears away and sweet lips to make me forget.

  “Are you okay?” she said, her eyebrows drawing together in concern. Her speech was slurred a little by her retainer. I loved getting to see her like this. All rumpled and sleepy and mine.

  “Yes. Just thinking.”

  “That could be dangerous,” she said and I rolled my eyes at her as she crawled over me and stood up. I still slept naked and sometimes she did too, but this morning she wore a loose tank top and a tiny pair of shorts that made her ass look fantastic. I adored everything about her, but there were certain features that I adored more than others. Her ass was one.

  I reached out and pinched one cheek as she yelped and then slapped my hand away.

  “None of that, Mr. Zaccadelli. I have to get to class and so do you.” Normally I was the first one up and ready to go and she was the one I had to drag out of bed, but we’d gotten to sleep a little late today since we’d been smart with our schedules. It was my senior year and I was ready to be done with my undergrad, get my student teaching out of the way and finish my master’s in music so I could teach. If everything worked out, Taylor and I would graduate at the same time.

  “Let’s skip, Miss Caldwell,” I said, knowing she was going to turn me down. Just as she was about to reject my idea, Darah called up the stairs that breakfast was ready. Even though we all left at different times, there was always someone up first to whip up some pancakes and bacon for whomever wasn’t rushed enough to sit down and eat.

  “Come on, Fiancée,” Taylor said, holding her hands out to me. I took them and got up. Her eyes went immediately down my chest and focused on what I had going on south of the border.

  “You put that away,” she said, poking me in the chest with one finger.

  “Make me,” I said, crossing my arms and licking my lips. She was still staring at me down there and it was only making me harder and want her even more. If that was possible. Just as I was about to throw her back on the bed and ravish her, a fist slammed on our door.

  “Get your clothes on and get your horny asses downstairs,” Mase boomed. Taylor and I both rolled our eyes in unison. He was just grumpy because he’d had a fight with Darah last night and she was freezing him out. I had no doubt he would get his head out of his ass, show up outside one of her classes with flowers and a contrite expression and they’d be good by the time we sat down to dinner tonight. They were just like us.

  Even though the food was going to be cold by the time we made it downstair
s, we took a shower together (which ended in both of us getting off in record time). By the time we made it down to the first floor, Jos, Dusty, Mase and Paul were out the door and it was only Renee and Darah left, rushing around and muttering to themselves.

  I loaded up a plate for Taylor, sans bacon, and then one for myself before sitting down and patting my lap.

  “Ugh, you two are disgusting sometimes,” Renee said. Taylor stuck her hand out, as if she was going to shake Renee’s.

  “Hi, Pot, my name is Kettle, nice to meet you.” Renee just glared, which made her look like an angry Disney princess. Taylor laughed and Renee gave her the middle finger as she was running out the door. Darah was right behind her a few minutes later, quickly wrapping her dark hair up into a bun and waving goodbye.

  “Whoa,” Taylor said.

  “What?” I asked, tapping my fingers on her thigh. My little quirks never seemed to bother her.

  “The house is quiet.” I listened and it was. Our house was almost never quiet. It was eerie.

  “This feels wrong,” I said and she laughed.

  “Seriously. Someone should be yelling or playing music too loud. Or Skyrim or the guitar or something. We have loud friends,” she said, wrinkling her nose.

  “We do indeed.” I pushed some of her brown hair out of her face. She was wearing it down and straight today and I just wanted to wrap my fingers around it and pull her mouth to mine for a kiss.

  “Shit,” she said, looking down at her phone. “We have to go.” I grumbled as she got off my lap, rinsed our dishes and then threw them in the dishwasher. We bickered about whose car we would take as we headed out the door and she won because mine was on the fritz and I had been dragging my heels getting it fixed. I just had the feeling they were going to tell me it was a lost cause, and that would suck. I’d bought that car with my own money that I’d earned. It was one of the only things I owned that felt like it was truly mine, and not bought with my father’s blood-soaked oil executive money that I’d inherited.

  As we made the short drive to campus Taylor and I also argued about what song we’d listen to. She won that one as well.

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