Share Me by Olivia Cunning

  half naked in the presence of strangers. Except they didn’t feel like strangers. She felt as if she knew the entire band. And she definitely wanted to get to know them better. Especially the man directly in front of her and the one behind her, who made her feel like the giddiest piece of cheese to be melted between two hot pieces of toasted bread.

  “Lindsey?” Kellen’s voice brought her out of her fantasy.

  And he knew her name. Squeeee! “Um, yeah,” she said, hoping her voice didn’t belay her enthusiasm to get naked. “Do you have something I can change into?” Nothing, for example.

  Owen opened a door at the end of the corridor and entered a bedroom. Lindsey followed him without hesitation. When the door closed behind her, she didn’t need to turn around to know Kellen had entered the room too. She could feel his presence behind her.

  “You were following us, weren’t you?” Owen asked.

  Her face flamed. She supposed it was pretty obvious. “My friend Vanessa and I were at the benefit concert and we ended up behind your bus. When we saw you pull over we thought maybe we could meet you.” It wasn’t a lie.

  “And how did you imagine that meeting would go?” Kellen asked. Dear lord, the man had a delicious voice. He was nice to look at too, but the mere timber of his voice was enough to separate her from her panties. She just wanted to obey him, even though he hadn’t asked her to do anything.

  “Well I didn’t think I was going to get attacked with snowballs,” she said and laughed. Her laughter died when Kellen’s hard body brushed against her from behind. Her breath stalled in her throat and her eyelids fluttered closed. Her body naturally leaned against his. He was so solid. Hard. His skin cool. And she felt the huge ridge of his arousal against her ass. Oh dear God.

  “Kelly has a thing for your type,” Owen said.

  “Yes, I do,” Kellen’s warm breath stirred a few damp strands of hair against her ear and her knees went weak.

  One of Kellen’s strong hands splayed over her belly to keep her from sliding to the floor.

  “What do you want to do to her, Kelly?”

  “I want to tie her down and eat her pussy. After I’m finished and she doesn’t think it’s possible to come another time, I want to watch you fuck her, Owen, and prove her wrong.” His hand slid up her ribcage, stopping just short of cupping her breast. “Is that what you had in mind when you followed us up the mountain, Lindsey?”

  She tried to draw air, but she was so lightheaded, her brain wasn’t functioning correctly. Did he just say that? Or was she suffering from hypothermia in her car and hallucinating? That bulge against her ass felt real enough.

  Kellen nipped her ear and her entire body jerked. “Answer my question.”

  She opened her eyes. Owen was gnawing on his bottom lip awaiting her answer.

  “No,” she whispered, her voice trembling.

  Owen scrunched his face in disappointment and then glanced over her head to look at Kellen. Kellen took a step back and Lindsey reached behind her to tug him against her again.

  “That’s far more than I bargained for,” she said, “but I want you. Both of you. To do exactly that. And more.”

  “You’re sure?” Kellen said, his deep voice doing all sorts of tingly things to her spine.


  “Once I have you tied, you won’t be able to escape.”

  Her heart thundered in her chest. What would they do to her while she was utterly defenseless? She couldn’t wait to find out. “I understand.”

  “Kellen knows what he’s doing. He’ll stop if you’re in distress,” Owen said.

  “You’ll be at my mercy,” Kellen whispered. “I’ll be able to do whatever I want to do to you.”

  She groaned.

  “Does knowing that make you afraid?” Kellen asked. “Are you trembling because you’re scared that we’ll hurt you?”

  “No,” she whispered. “I’m trembling because I’m so turned on that I’m about to come.”

  Kellen’s cool hands slid under her sweater and lifted it to expose her belly. “Make her quiver, Owen.”

  Owen bent forward to kiss and suckle and nibble on her belly. Sparks of pleasure danced across her skin. She was instantly reduced to quivering. The man had an amazing mouth.

  Lindsey’s sweater passed over her head and then Kellen’s strong hands covered her breasts. She cursed her bra, wanting his cool palms against her bare nipples. They strained against the cups of her undergarment, seeking the pleasure offered by his hands.

  A knock sounded on the door. Lindsey’s entire body jerked.

  “Hey, Kellen,” a voice with a strong Texan accent said on the opposite side of the closed door.

  “We’ll take a rain check on that hot chocolate, Tex,” Kellen said.

  “That’s not the problem. This chick out here is trying to help Shade by untying him and I think she’s somehow managed to cut off the circulation to his dick and one of his spare legs.”

  Kellen released a heavy sigh and dropped his hands. Lindsey stifled a sob of protest as his warmth faded from her back. “I’ll be back in a minute,” he said. “Owen, I want her ready for me when I get back.”

  “She’ll be ready.”

  Lindsey wasn’t sure what either of them meant, but hoped making her ready involved more of Owen’s mouth on her skin.

  The door closed as Kellen left the room.

  Owen grinned at her and she couldn’t help but smile back. The man was cute and sexy and evoked a feeling of joy whenever she looked at him. She was pretty sure it wasn’t due to the Santa hat he still wore, but she was definitely feeling some Christmas cheer.

  “So what did Kellen mean about getting me ready?” Because she was already horny—her sex hot and swollen and seeping. She’d been horny since Owen had entered the stage back in the auditorium a few hours earlier. And as each member of Sole Regret had entered the stage on cue, the intensity of her desire had increased exponentially.

  “Once Kellen has a game plan, he doesn’t fuck around. He wants you naked, wet and limbered up.”

  Her jaw dropped and he laughed.

  “How flexible are you, Lindsey?” he asked.

  Kellen might be the one who seemed to be in control, but she was starting to believe that Owen was the truly wicked one.

  Chapter Six

  Kellen cringed when he saw what Shade’s little helper had done to the intricate weave of knots he and Owen had made to bind their band’s vocalist. It had been enough of a challenge to make the pattern work with the little lights getting in the way, but if a person didn’t know what they were doing when restraining or releasing a person, a lot of damage could be done to a person’s soft tissues. Luckily, Shade was more hard than soft, but there was no way Kellen would be able to undo this mess. The art of untying was almost as practiced as the precise sequence required to bind someone properly.

  “Did you make this mess?” Kellen asked the lovely black girl who was ringing her hands together and almost in tears.

  “Don’t take time to lay blame, just get me out of this,” Shade said.

  Kellen disconnected the plug from the wall. “Gabe, get me a knife. We’re going to have to cut him—”

  Before Kellen could finish the thought, the young woman launched herself across Shade’s lap and was practically hissing at Kellen to back off. He would have laughed at her attempts to protect such a big, muscular guy, if Shade wasn’t in danger of blood clots and tissue damage from lack of blood flow.

  “I’ll help him,” the woman insisted. “Don’t cut him.”

  “He’s not going to cut Shade,” Gabe said, with an exasperated shake of his head. “He’s going to cut the wires. Now get back, Kellen needs to see what he’s doing.”

  Gabe placed a knife in Kellen’s hand and as soon as Shade’s female savior moved out of the way, Kellen looked for the snag in Owen’s original design. He severed one cord near Shade’s left shoulder and another just beneath his sternum. The wires loosened and Shade took a reli
eved breath. Kellen handed the knife back to Gabe. “You could have cut him free.”

  “How was I supposed to know that?” Gabe said.

  “Aren’t you the brains of this operation?”

  “Not about stuff like that.”

  “Well, see if you can get his arms loose,” Kellen said to Gabe. He didn’t want to waste any more time out here with these guys when he had exactly what he wanted in the tour bus’s bedroom. And she was alone with his charmer of a best friend “Just start at the last knot and work your way backwards. Think of it as a puzzle.”

  “I’m not untying him,” Gabe said. “You untie him.”

  “I’ll do it,” Lindsey’s friend offered.

  “What’s your name?” Kellen asked her.


  “Vanessa, do you promise you’ll be patient and not jerk on the ropes as you untie them?”

  “I promise not to jerk any ropes,” she said, “but there is something in his pants I’d like to jerk.” She burst out laughing when Kellen’s eyes opened wide in astonishment.

  “I’ll leave you to that then,” Kellen said. “He has been really cranky. Maybe blowing his load in front of a crowd will cheer him up.”

  Vanessa’s jaw dropped. Kellen decided she wasn’t used to men countering her outlandish statements with outlandish statements of their own.

  Her dark-eyed gaze flittered to the bedroom door. “You be good to my Lindsey,” she said.

  “Oh, I’ll be good to her,” Kellen promised, “but don’t be alarmed when she screams.”

  Chapter Seven

  As soon as Kellen had left to save Shade from his rescuer, Owen shut the door and turned toward Lindsey. He knew Kellen could be a bit intimidating if one didn't know him. Owen was sort of glad he'd been drawn away for a moment so he could speak to Lindsey on a more personal level. He wanted her to be able to relax. Her elevated breathing rate led him to believe she was far more nervous than she was letting on. He knew from experience how exciting it could be to no-holds-barred fuck a stranger, but it could also be awkward and a little frightening. Especially in a situation where one woman mixed with two rowdy guys.

  "I don't want you to feel like you have to do anything you don't want to do," Owen said, scraping the Santa hat off his head and trying to smooth his hair into place. He’d forgotten he was still wearing the festive accessory. And there was nothing Santa-like about the gifts he was about to bestow on sweet Lindsey.

  "Are you kidding?" she said, with a laugh. "You have no ideas what sort of dirty thoughts I was having while watching you on stage."

  "Yeah, well, were just a bunch of regular guys, who happen to make music that a lot of people enjoy."

  "You're also all fuck-hot."

  Owen smiled. He never tired of the ego boosts. Sometimes he wondered how he'd ever lived without them before fame had knocked at his door. "You're fuck-hot too, Lindsey."

  She inched closer, until she was standing directly in front of him. Her succulent breasts were inches from brushing his chest. He was well aware that Kellen had instructed him to get her ready and was probably anticipating her to be naked and massaged into submission by the time he got back, but Owen needed a few minutes to get to know a girl before he stripped her of her clothes and got down to business. Just a minute. "So, Lindsey, what do you do for a living?"

  "Investment banker. Well I just started, actually. First job out of college. I kind of suck at it so far. I don’t have good instincts when it comes to picking stocks."

  “I figured with a body like that you’d be a model."

  She lifted an eyebrow at him. So she wasn’t buying his lines. Moving on to plan B. “Why did you follow the tour bus tonight?”

  "I have a fuck-it list. You've always been at the very top of it."

  "A fuck-it list?"

  "Yeah, my friend, Vanessa, and I made a list of the top three guys we'd most want to fuck. There’s you and Kellen, and some soccer player who I can’t recall the name of at the moment."

  "I'm ahead of Kelly on your list? I know how much he drives the girls wild."

  Her cheeks went pink. "He's close second. Almost a tie."

  "Well, just so you know what to expect, Kellen won't fuck you," Owen said.

  Lindsey's brows drew together. "Isn't that why he invited me here?"

  Owen shook his head. "No. I'm not saying he won't touch you, but when it comes to the actual act, he never goes that far.” Or he hadn’t since Sara had gone. All these girls who got Kelly’s blood pumping at first sight had Sara’s same blue-eyed, innocent look about them. Owen wondered if Kelly realized how transparent he was.

  Lindsey's jaw dropped. "He's a virgin?"

  Owen laughed. "Well, I wouldn't call him a virgin. He's very discriminate with where he puts his cock." He grinned at her. "But not his tongue."

  Lindsey shuddered.

  "I, on the other hand, will totally fuck you."

  "Thank God." She giggled. "So are we going to do this now or wait for Kellen?"

  "It's a long ritual for him, you know. I thought maybe you'd like to talk for a bit. He gets rather intense."

  "It's a ritual?" She glanced at the door. "Like, what do you mean? I’m not a virgin if he’s thinking I’d make a good sacrifice to the gods."

  Owen shook his head. "No, nothing like that. He thinks sex is some sort of spiritual connection with the earth. That the body is the gateway to a person's soul. That the right connection between two people during sex can become a religious experience. That's why he only goes so far. It’s far more personal for him than most guys.” Which was partially the truth and partially a way to protect his friend’s still wounded heart from questions Lindsey might ask. “Do you think it's weird?" Because if this woman was critical of Kelly in any way, Owen would show her to her snow-covered car in an instant.

  "Not weird," she said. "Interesting. So if a woman was to get him to fuck her..."

  "I think he'd love her forever." Owen chuckled. "Don't get your hopes up, doll. He’s not ready for love just yet. We will make you feel wonderful though."

  Lindsey placed her palms flat on his chest and looked up at him. "I'm ready for whatever you have in store for me."

  He circled her back with both arms and tugged her forward to hold her loosely against his chest. Her entire body was quaking. As he'd suspected, she was far more confident in words than in actions. Owen stroked her back gently and brushed gentle kisses against her hairline. When Kellen returned there would be no time for tenderness and while what he did with Kellen made his balls throb just thinking about it, he liked a little connection with his bed partners before he got naked. Lindsey rubbed her face against his neck, her lips finding the pulse point in his throat. She placed a wet, tugging kiss on that sensitive spot and the sensation shot straight to his balls. Okay, he admitted it. It really didn’t take much to seduce him.

  Lindsey’s soft breasts warmed against his chest.

  "Can I take your shirt off?" she asked. "I want to feel your bare skin against mine." She didn't take her eyes off his as she reached for the hem of his T-shirt. "Owen," she whispered. She removed his shirt and released an excited breath as her gaze roamed his inked chest and the barbells in each nipple. "Your body is even hotter than I imagined."

  Owen grinned. Unlike Kellen, he wore a shirt most of the time, but he worked out just as hard as his friend to keep his muscles tone and cut for the ladies.

  Lindsey plastered herself to his chest. The heat of her skin permeated his thoughts until all he could think about was warm, soft, female flesh and being buried balls-deep inside it. He flattened both palms over her back and tugged her against him so that her full breasts pressed into his chest. Kellen was going to flip out when he saw how endowed she was. He would have turned her body into a work of art no matter her shape or size, but they both liked the way ropes looked when they dug into a full pair of tits.

  What was taking Kellen so long anyway?

  Owen began to massage Lindsey's back, kne
ading her muscles until she melted like butter against him. "I think Kellen wants to help me with this part," Owen said.

  "With what part?" Lindsey lifted her head to look at him. She looked tranquil. She wouldn't be looking that way for much longer.

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