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  "Preparing your body."

  "Oh my body has been prepared since the moment you walked out on stage tonight, Owen."

  He chuckled low in his throat. "I honestly doubt that."

  The door handle turned and Owen took a step back, drawing Lindsey deeper into the room with him. Kellen smiled when he closed the door behind him.

  Chapter Eight

  Lindsey had surely died and gone to heaven. Not only was she half naked in the arms of one Owen Mitchell, Kellen Jamison had just entered the room and was looking at her as if she was his Thanksgiving feast. It was sweet of Owen to try to make her feel comfortable with whatever was about to happen between them, but he honestly didn't have to. She had been serious about him being at the top of her fuck-it list. And Kellen really had always been second, but now that they were all together in the bedroom of their tour bus, she realized how shortsighted she'd been. Both of them at once. That was the true pinnacle of sexual delight. Would she survive the mere thought of being with them both? Even if Kellen did have an unusual way of thinking about sex, she was more than willing to see what his ritual entailed.

  "I thought you'd be farther along by now," Kellen said. He moved to stand behind Lindsey. When the cool skin of his hard chest pressed against her bare back, she didn't bother stifling her moan of bliss. Sandwiched between the two hottest men she'd ever dared fantasize about, Lindsey was sure she really had died and gone to heaven.

  Kellen's hands moved between Lindsey's belly and Owen's. He stroked her skin with long, strong fingers. The same fingers he used to make six-strings sing made her skin tingle with excitement. Owen's hands slid over her back with equal care.

  Kellen's hands cupped her breasts and she shuddered. "Beautiful," he whispered. "I can't wait to create art with your body."

  "Hmm?" she murmured.

  Kellen and Owen moved away at the same instant and she had to take a step to keep from sliding to the floor.

  "Take your pants off for us, Lindsey," Kellen said.

  Without the slightest hesitation, she unfastened her jeans and slid them off. Struggling to remove her boots and socks while standing, she decided she must be quite a turn-off at the moment as she gracelessly got naked.

  "She has the perfect shape for this," Owen said.

  "I could tell from the start," Kellen said.

  She stood before them in her bra and panties and fought the urge to cover herself. They were both assessing her with keen scrutiny.

  "Diamond weave?" Owen asked Kellen.

  "Except for her breasts and her ass. We're going to cage them."

  "What are you talking about?" Lindsey asked.

  "You said you were okay with being tied," Kellen said. "You haven't changed your mind have you?"

  She glanced at Owen, who was smiling at her warmly, and then turned to look at Kellen, who was far more intense. He was almost animalistic in the way he looked at her. "No, I haven't changed my mind."

  "It won't hurt," Owen said.

  "I'm not afraid." A bit confused, yes. Hornier than a desert toad, yes. But not afraid. "Should I take off my underwear?" she asked. Though her thighs were quaking at the thought of being entirely naked, entirely exposed before two men she idolized, her voice was surprisingly steady.

  "Owen will take care of that for you," Kellen said. "Get the oil," he said to Owen.

  "Which one?"

  Kellen surprised her by surrounding her in and embrace, which was now quite warm. He inhaled deeply. "Honeysuckle," he said. "You smell amazing," he whispered to her as Owen started rattling around in a cabinet on the other side of the room. "I can't wait to taste your cum."

  Lindsey shuddered at the thought of this man with his head between her thighs. She wanted to fist his long, silky hair in both hands and rock her pussy against his face. And she wanted Owen to thrust into her mouth so she could suck him while Kellen ate her out. She wasn't sure if they were up for suggestions, so she just clung to the thought and Kellen's hard chest until Owen returned and unfastened her bra with a practiced flick.

  Lindsey moaned as Owen's hands reached around her and began to rub oil into the skin of her belly. He started the sensitive flesh just above the waistband of her panties and worked his way up, fingers rubbing in small circles, thumbs massaging more deeply into her flesh. An instant later Kellen dumped some of the sweet smelling oil on his hands and standing before her reached around her to rub the oil into the flesh of her lower back. They worked their way upward—both thorough, both meticulous, both gentle in their muscle-loosening technique. Owen took two more handfuls of oil and covered her breasts, massaging them in slow circles. She was tempted to lean back against his chest, but Kellen's hands were working her back just beneath her shoulder blades and she didn't want to interrupt the duel assault on her senses. She couldn't even open her eyes to look at the magnificent specimen of a man before her. She could only concentrate on the sensation of their hands turning her muscles into delighted pools of relaxation.

  "She has beautiful breasts," Owen whispered. His breath stirred her hair and though his body wasn't pressed against her back, she could feel the warmth of his skin behind her.

  "They are beautiful," Kellen said. "Every inch of her is beautiful."

  Lindsey wanted to deny it. She'd been carrying around a few extra pounds recently and felt decidedly plump most days.

  "The give of her flesh will look beautiful in your ropes," Owen said.

  So they had noticed she wasn't rail thin.

  "I'm getting hard just thinking about it."

  Owen's hands slipped under the curves of her breasts and lifted them. "We're going to have to devise a way to keep these pretty pink nipples hard."

  Something warm and wet slid over the surface of one straining tip of her breast. Lindsey's eyes flipped open and her mouth dropped open in wonder. She glanced down to find Kellen licking her nipple as if trying to capture the last bit of pudding at the bottom of a parfait glass.

  Owen caressed her breast.

  Kellen rubbed his lips over its tip.

  Oh God.

  She lifted her arms and threaded her fingers through Kellen’s shoulder length hair. It felt like silk against her fingers.

  He tilted his head so he could look up at her while his tongue laved her tender nipple. His eyes were so dark, they were almost black in this lighting. His stare drew her in until she couldn't tear her gaze away.

  "We definitely need to keep them hard," Kellen said. “So pretty when they’re hard.” He flicked her other nipple with his tongue and her entire body jerked. "We'll have to set up the rings."

  She had no idea what he meant, but rings, ropes, whatever. She wanted every experience these two could offer her body.

  Kellen gave her nipple a sharp nip with his teeth before kneeling before her on the floor. After collecting more oil from the bottle on the dresser, he began to massage it into her thighs. His forehead rested against her lower belly and he inhaled deeply through his nose. "God, baby, I can already smell your excitement." He nudged her thighs farther apart, hands working oil into the insides of her legs.

  “Do you want me?” Kellen asked.


  “And Owen?”

  “Yes. Both of you.”

  “Are you wet?”

  “Oh yes,” she whispered, her pussy quaking with excitement.

  “I bet you’re sweet,” he whispered. “Are you sweet, Lindsey? Have you ever tasted yourself?”

  "You can't taste her until she's ready," Owen interrupted.

  "That's why I asked you to prepare her for me, Owen," he said. "What were you doing while I was out untying Shade."


  Kellen snorted. "Figures."

  "I'm ready," Lindsey insisted. Staring down at the top of Kellen's head, his breath hot against her lower belly, his shoulders broad and bronzed and decorated with colorful tattoos that extended down both arms in beautiful sleeves, Lindsey was more than ready. Her juices had already saturated her pant
ies and were wetting her thighs.

  "Not even," Kellen said. "But we'll work quickly."

  Owen massaged oil into her neck and shoulders. She wasn't sure how she was still standing. He shifted her back to rest against him while he massaged her arms and as Kellen, who was kneeling at her feet, rubbed oil into her lower legs. He continued to inhale deeply and released hot gasping breaths that penetrated her panties. Lord, just that sensation was enough to send her spiraling into nirvana.

  "Maybe I should work the bottom half, bro. I think you're about to lose control."

  "Lindsey," Kellen said calmly. "Go lie on the bed."

  Owen released the hand he was massaging so thoroughly and stepped away. Lindsey didn't even consider questioning Kellen, much less disobeying.

  "Remove all the bedding except the fitted sheet," Kellen added. "Wait for us."

  She did what he instructed, tossing the powder blue covers on the floor. She spread out on the bed and watched Kellen and Owen explore a tall stack of drawers that were built into one wall. "Blue?" Kellen said as he pulled open a drawer. “Like her eyes?”

  Owen pushed the drawer shut. "It's Christmas Eve. Let's do something more festive tonight."

  "Red and green?"

  He nodded. "And gold."

  Kellen glanced over his shoulder at Lindsey. "She'll look spectacular in gold."

  She didn't know if she should thank them for the complement, since she wasn't sure why they were discussing colors. Kellen pulled out several lengths of green and red colored rope and dropped them on the mattress next to Lindsey.

  "This is your last opportunity to back out, Lindsey," Kellen said.

  Her heart skipped a beat. She glanced at Owen who was rolling his eyes at Kellen. She was pretty sure he mouthed, Mr. Drama. She remembered Owen telling her that Kellen would stop if she asked. He was just trying to add a certain edge to her experience.

  "I don't want to back out," she said. "I can't wait to find out what you're going to do to me."

  They got to work. They started by forming a mesh out of the red ropes, tying knots to form a circular pattern that very much reminded Lindsey of a dream catcher, with quarter-sized hole at the center. She had no idea what they planned to do with it until Kellen fit it over her left breast and carefully tightened it so that she’d never been more conscious of her own breast. Her skin was divided into diamond shaped sections by the ropes. Her nipple protruded through the hole in the center of the design. Owen lowered his head to flick his tongue over her nipple. It pebbled beneath his attention as pleasure radiated out in all directions. Kellen cinched the ropes tighter.

  Her breath exploded from her lungs as her breast experienced a million simultaneous sensations, centered on the tongue flicking against its tip.

  "Owen," she groaned.

  He lifted his head and grinned at her. "There's more."

  Soon Kellen had both of her breasts bound in the ropes and Owen had both of her nipples straining for attention.

  They paused to admire her body. "Lovely," Kellen said breathlessly. "Arms to sides. I don't want them to block my view of her gorgeous tits."

  Lindsey was eased into sitting position. Her arms were soon securely fastened from shoulder to elbow against her sides. The tension of the rope was all concentrated at the center of her lower back as another length of rope was stretched across her shoulders. They'd tied golden rings into the rope every few inches along both sides. She glanced up at the ceiling looking for hooks. “What are the rings for?”

  "We aren't going to use them to suspend you," Kellen said. "You'll see what they're for soon."

  They eased her onto her back again and even though her hands and legs were free, she wouldn't have been able to fight them off if she needed to. Something about being so utterly defenseless was exciting and terrifying at the same time. Her heart rate had doubled and she couldn’t seem to find enough air. She fought the sensation of suffocation as the room seemed to shrink and the ceiling closed in on her.

  "Are you okay?" Owen asked. He leaned into her line of sight and brushed her hair from her hot cheeks. The walls receded again as her attention diverted to Owen’s concerned eyes. "If you have a panic attack we can cut you free in an instant."

  "And mess up all the beautiful knots you've tied?" She smiled, forcing herself not to pant too excessively. She honestly didn't want them to stop. She liked the way the ropes pressed into her skin. They made her aware of her body. She loved it. Being confined was sort of a head trip, but she would endure.

  Kellen's hands on the top elastic of her panties caused her legs to reflexively close.

  "If you close your thighs to me, I'm going to spank you," Kellen said.

  She was tempted to push him and squeeze her thighs together so that he would spank her, but her thighs had other ideas and immediately went slack. He slowly tugged her panties down her thighs and tossed them aside. Kellen worked on her left leg, and Owen carefully mirrored Kellen’s collection of knots on her right. They bound her legs so that they were bent at the knee and hip—slightly more severe than fetal position. They worked hard to stretch her into a position she didn't know she was capable of attaining. They massaged her muscles and flexed and straightened her joints until it didn't pull painfully to have her legs bound with her heels against the backs of her thighs and her legs wide open. She did feel incredibly exposed as there was no way she could possibly close her legs even an inch.

  The pair of gorgeous men stepped away and she struggled to keep her trembling muscles from collapsing.

  "Let the ropes hold you, Lindsey," Kellen said gently. "Don't fight them."

  "Think of it like a hammock," Owen suggested.

  She didn't fight the ropes for long because she didn't have the strength to do so. As soon as she went slack, the ropes supported her weight entirely and she suddenly wished all those rings they had worked into their design would be used to suspend her. She also wished there was a mirror on the ceiling so she could see what she appeared from their vantage point. Lindsey had never felt more beautiful—as if her body was a cherished work of art. She wanted to be put on display. Her limbs felt wonderfully supported by the ropes as if they were holding her in a comforting embrace. In a cocoon of pleasure and pressure, her muscles had been stretched to their limits as if she were doing some rope-assisted yoga. There was only the slightest hint of ache in her muscles.

  "I feel..." She sucked a rapturous breath into her lungs. "Amazing."

  Kellen smiled. She wasn't sure if she'd seen him smile before. Owen constantly smiled, but Kellen seemed to reserve them for special occasions.

  “We’re going to turn you over. Owen won’t let you fall.” With her face in Owen’s lap, her knees in the mattress and her rear end pointing up to the ceiling, she was treated to the most sensual massage of her life. Kellen’s huge hands squeezed the globes of her ass until her back entrance was quivering and she was whimpering to be entered.

  “Oh,” she whispered desperately.

  “Try something from Gabe’s stash,” Owen said.

  She rubbed her face over his lap, wishing he’d removed his pants so she could take him into her mouth. She hadn’t known what to expect when tied, but being rendered helpless made her want to please this man. And that man. Both men. Yet she couldn’t. She just had to wait until they did with her as they wanted.

  Kellen moved from the bed.

  “Owen,” she whispered. “Let me suck your cock.”

  He stroked her hair. “I can’t let it out yet. I have a long while to wait before I get my turn.”

  “You don’t have to wait,” she assured him.

  Something cold and slippery popped into her ass. Her core clenched at the unexpected intrusion and she shuddered in ecstasy. “Oh!”

  She couldn’t see what Kellen was doing, but she felt the ropes slide and press against the skin of her rump. Whatever he’d put inside her ass was driving her crazy with need.

  “Are you almost finished?” she whispered. “I’m on

  “God, your ass looks amazing,” Owen said. He released his hold
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