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  on her upper body and she struggled not to tip to the side. He grabbed her ass in both hands and rubbed her cheeks together, making her acutely aware of all the ropes pressing into her skin and pulling at that amazing object in her ass. It only penetrated her an inch, but the shape of it aroused her like nothing in her experience. The way it teased her tight hole made her pussy spasm with unfulfilled need.

  "Now for Kelly's added touch," Owen whispered. He sounded oddly proud of his friend.

  They turned Lindsey onto her back again and Owen slid away since the ropes easily held her body in a stable position when she was face up. Kellen took a rope of gold satin and tied a knot in it. He then slid one end of the rope through the collection of rings that were projecting upward around the periphery of her torso. He centered the knot directly over her nipple and continued to thread the rope’s end through more loops. When the rope passed over her other nipple, he tied a second knot and continued threading rope through rings on the opposite side of her body. When he was finished, a bit of knotted rope rubbed against each nipple. It drove her nuts. He moved to kneel between her thighs and took one end of each rope in either hand and tugged them back and forth. The rope slid easily through the rings and rubbed those distracting knots against Lindsey’s straining nipples until her back arched involuntarily. She pulled against her bindings for a moment before going slack. The pleasure radiating out from her nipples coursed in all directions, following the paths of the ropes, blossoming between them. She was near orgasm already.

  "Do you like anal pleasure, Lindsey?" Kellen asked. “Would you like a little tug on that plug I put in your ass? It has a loop I can thread the rope through.”

  The only word that really registered was pleasure. And she wanted more of it. Her body begged for more. "Yes," she gasped.

  She couldn't see what the hell Kellen was doing between her thighs, but she felt a tug at her ass as he threaded a rope through something down there too. Her pussy was swollen and achy and dripping. Her clit was so excited it was driving her mad. The tug inside her ass had her shuddering in unfulfilled spasms. They waited until she'd settled again before tugging each end of the rope near her hips, which pulled the plug inside her puckered hole just enough to drive her insane. Her pussy clenched with a less than satisfying orgasm.

  "Oh please," she begged. She needed to come much harder than that to be satisfied.

  "Almost, Lindsey," Kellen promised gently. "You're almost ready."

  He carefully tied the free ends of the knotted ropes to each of her wrists, and then secured those at her hips as well.

  "You're in charge of pleasuring your nipples and ass," Kellen told her. He showed her that the slightest movement of her lower arms simultaneously rubbed the knotted ropes against her tender nipples and tugged at the plug inside her quivering hole. She couldn’t stimulate one without pleasing the other, and she was perfectly okay with pleasing herself.

  "Oh God," she gasped, getting the hang of the movement and moving her wrists in an alternating pattern to stimulate herself until another orgasm was teasing her pussy. Oh God, she was going to explode. She needed fucked and badly. "Please fuck me. Please. Please."

  "I think you've outdone yourself this time, Kelly," Owen said.

  They joined her on the bed. Owen at her head. Kellen down there. She lifted her head to look at Kelly. He was gazing down at her fully exposed pussy with hunger in his dark eyes. Oh God. She rubbed the knots against her nipples and tugged at her ass faster. She needed to come. Needed to come. Needed. Needed. Now. Oh. Could she come from this kind of stimulation? She was close. So close.

  "I'm going to kiss your mouth to try to keep you from getting too loud," Owen said. “Okay?”

  She nodded. Do whatever you want to me, she thought. Anything. Just do something. Owen leaned over her head to take her lips upside down in a long, leisurely kiss. He pulled away gently and whispered, "Kelly's going to make you come real soon. Don’t work so hard. Relax, honey."

  She watched Kellen tie his long hair back with a leather tie. He stretched out on his belly between her wide open thighs, and then Owen blocked her view by kissing her again. Lord the man had a strong and sensual mouth. She wouldn’t mind him taking all that hot, achy flesh between her thighs in a kiss like this.

  Warm breath stole across her swollen pussy. She shuddered and called out against Owen’s persistent lips. He kissed her more deeply, his tongue teasing hers. His fingers began to trace patterns on the bare flesh of her upper arms between the braids of rope.

  A warm, soft tongue traced the empty opening between her thighs and she almost shoot straight of the mattress.

  Owen trailed open mouthed kisses along her jaw. “Easy,” he whispered. “He’ll take your edge off soon.”

  She whimpered when Kellen began to slowly and methodically trace her entrance with gentle swirls of his tongue. Her hips buckled. She fought the ropes holding her legs open, wanting so badly to press her heels into Kellen’s back and writhe her sex against his face, but she was helpless to move.

  “I need fucked,” she said. “I need fucked.” She couldn’t believe the words were escaping her lips, nor how much she meant them.

  “Kelly, have mercy on her,” Owen said.

  Kellen’s little evil chuckle did nothing to ease her mind. His tongue brushed her clit and her entire body strained for release. She could feel his breath against her, but damned if he didn’t touch her to send her flying over the edge. He waited until her body relaxed before he tongued her clenching pussy—in and out—with a slow, maddening rhythm. It made her want to be filled with a big, thick cock, but kept orgasm just out of reach.

  Owen claimed her mouth again. “Concentrate on me,” he said against her mouth. “I’ll fuck you when he’s finished. It’s what you want isn’t it?”

  “Y-yes. Please. Owen, I need it.”

  “Shh, let him taste you. Do you feel good?”

  She nodded, feeling as if she might burst into tears. She did feel good. Every inch of her flesh was aware. It was overwhelming for her to be so aware of her body. Not just her sensitive lips, clinging desperately to Owen’s as he continued to kiss her. Not just her nipples and ass which she continued to stimulate intermittently with tugs of the silken ropes in each hand. Not just the maddening things Kellen was doing to her pussy. Every inch of her was either aware of the ropes or lack of ropes. The braided cords were exerting enough pressure that she couldn’t ignore them. The never went away.

  Kellen suckled her clit and she went taut, straining to come. God, she needed release, but he pulled away and waited until she went limp before lapping at her center again.

  Okay, she was going to die if she didn’t have an orgasm soon. But she didn’t die. Kellen just continued to pull her closer to the edge and she was sure she’d breech it the next time. He showed her just how wrong she was. Owen kissed her leisurely until she became so distraught that she couldn’t catch her breath. He lifted his head to glare at his friend.

  “For fuck’s sake, Kelly, give her one,” Owen said as he stroked her heated cheeks with cool fingertips. “Shit, dude, I think she’s having another panic attack.”

  She heard Kellen’s deep voice from down below. “I’ll let her fly if you’re willing to wait until I can bring her up again before you fuck her.”

  “I’ll wait. I’m fine.”

  Kellen’s mouth latched onto Lindsey’s clit and he sucked, working his tongue against the sensitive bud until she sobbed, expecting him to pull away at the last moment. But he didn’t. This time. This time, he let her shatter.

  Lindsey screamed as her body quaked with release. Her ass clenched at something small and solid; her pussy clenched at devastating emptiness. Oh how she wanted filled. Wanted it even more than the intense orgasm turning her into a writhing, bucking creature of instinct. Perhaps the build-up and withhold orgasm pattern Kellen had been using on her had been for the best. Even after the waves of release dissipated, her body continued to quake uncontrollably.
  “Don’t cry,” Owen whispered to her, kissing the dampness on her cheeks.

  She wasn’t sure why she was crying. It wasn’t sadness or fear or anger or frustration. It wasn’t even relief.

  “I’m sorry,” she sobbed brokenly. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

  “We can cut you loose if it’s too much,” he said, stroking her hair gently.

  “Please don’t. I want to continue. I’m just…”

  “Feeling things you never felt before,” Kellen said. “It’s okay. Sex is a deeply personal experience.” He grinned wickedly. “Even when it’s with a stranger it touches part of your spirit.”

  Kellen massaged the insteps of her feet while she pulled herself together. She gulped for air and reminded herself to relax into the ropes. Fighting them only served to exhaust her, but they did cut into her flesh in a most delicious manner if she pulled against them just right.

  Still above her head, Owen kept his face buried against her neck, holding her loosely just under her breasts.

  “Okay,” she said, when she returned to Earth. “I’m good now.”

  Kellen licked his lips. “I’m ready for more too. How are you, Owen?”

  He groaned into Lindsey’s neck. “Hard as a fucking rock.”

  “Hey, you said you were okay,” Kellen reminded him.

  “I was until she came. Her facial expression totally did me in.”

  Lindsey’s face flamed. Had she made a stupid O-face? In front of Owen Mitchell? How embarrassing.

  “Take her high again,” Owen murmured against her neck. “Just, please hurry this time.”

  Kellen released Lindsey’s feet and stretched out on his belly between her wide open thighs again. “You’re just going to have to suffer a while, buddy. This is the sweetest pussy I’ve ever tasted and I’m going to take my time making it cream for me again.”

  “If you don’t hurry,” Owen growled, “I’m going to kick your ass. I’ve waited long enough.”

  Kellen chuckled at his misery.

  “If you suck on my nipples, it will really get my juices flowing,” Lindsey whispered to Owen. She had no idea if it was true. She just really wanted that luscious mouth of his against her tender nipples. The knot on the rope just wasn’t cutting it any longer. Even though it flicked over them in a most distracting fashion, she was ready for a different sensation.

  Owen inched lower. As his chest came into view, she couldn’t help but pull against her bindings so she could kiss the hard-muscled flesh before her. He nudged the knotted rope out of his way with his nose and latched onto her nipple, sucking hard. She caught the glinting barbell in his nipple between her teeth and tugged. He groaned.

  “I shouldn’t have moved,” he said.

  The glorious motion of Kellen’s tongue against Lindsey’s flesh halted as he lifted his head. “That’s not part of our ritual, Owen.”

  “Your ritual,” Owen said. He sounded a tad testy.

  Lindsey tilted her head back and gazed longingly at the hard ridge in Owen’s jeans. She could almost feel him inside her, rubbing her inner walls. Stretching her. Filling her.

  She squirmed excitedly. Kellen latched onto her clit and sucked in rhythmic pulses. Was he intentionally matching the pull of Owen’s mouth on her nipple? The two were in perfect synchrony.

  Lindsey was building again. She gasped and shuddered, fighting release this time. Not wanting to come when she was empty inside.

  Kellen lifted his head. “She needs you to do your part now,” he said.

  Owen moved in a flash. He bounded off the bed, shucked his jeans and was tearing open a condom before Lindsey could comprehend what was happening. Something metallic glinted just beneath the rim of Owen’s swollen cockhead. He carefully unrolled the condom down his length and moved to the end of the bed behind Kellen.

  Lindsey lifted her head to try to track their motions, but it pulled a rope at her back uncomfortably so she closed her eyes and relished in the sensation pulled from her quivering flesh by Kellen’s skilled mouth. Without Owen to divide her attention, she was quickly overwhelmed with sensation, mewing in pleasure as another orgasm teased her with promise.

  “Yes,” she whispered. “I’m coming again. I’m…”

  Kellen moved aside and Owen took his place. He found her and slid deep with one hard thrust. Her eyes widened in surprise when she felt there was something inside her other than just flesh. Whatever that metallic bead near his cockhead had been felt amazing.

  “What is that?” she asked.

  “It’s pierced,” he said simply and then he slowly withdrew.

  His modification rubbed down her front inner wall. He found a particularly sensitive spot a few inches inside her and she gasped brokenly as the piercing rubbed against it. A devilish smile lit Owen’s devastatingly handsome face and he thrust quick and shallow, rubbing that little spot inside her until she thought she’d go mad. When the first throes of another orgasm gripped her, he thrust deep and held. She stared up at him unable to comprehend what he was doing. When her breathing stilled somewhat, he pulled back to that special spot again and took her with rapid shallow strokes. Rubbing. Rubbing. Rubbing against that perfect spot.

  “Oh God, that feels good.”

  Owen grinned at her and thrust deep again. She realized he was just as bad as his friend, Kellen. Teasing her within an inch of a mind-blowing orgasm, yet withholding it from her at the last instant. She didn’t know rather to curse them or sing their praises.

  The mattress beside her sagged as Kellen moved to kneel at her side. He was naked now, having shed his jeans. She watched him, in total awe of his masculine beauty. He seemed so at ease with his nudity. Even with his enormous, engorged cock fully exposed and standing proud and rigid before him. She’d never seen a man so perfectly put together. So silently powerful. So…

  She groaned as Owen shifted his hips and the metal ball on the underside of his cock stroked her rear wall as he thrust into her slow and deep.

  Lindsey cried out as an orgasm unfurled within her again. She hadn't thought she was capable of coming three times in one night, but dear Lord, she was coming and having Owen's thrusting cock inside her brought her the full satisfaction she craved at last.

  "She's getting off hard with you," Kellen said as if commenting on something far less amazing than the pulsing pleasure shattering Lindsey with bliss.

  "She's not screaming the way she did with you," Owen said, shifting his hips and grabbing the ropes at her shoulders so he could fuck her harder.

  Lindsey was too incoherent to scream. She could scarcely breathe. He had to stop. She couldn't take it. “Please, stop. No more. No.”

  "I think she's had enough," Kellen said, his fingers tracing the ropes that were digging into her upper arms. "Take it easy on her."

  "S-sorry," she whispered. She wanted Owen to finish. Wanted him to take his pleasure while buried deep inside her, but she had reached her limit.

  Owen slowed his thrusts and when she stopped shaking, he pulled free with a wet sound. As soon as he was free of her, she wanted him back. But he had already moved to kneel across from Kellen on her opposite side.

  Kneeling across from each other on opposite sides of Lindsey’s body, the pair of men stared straight ahead, locked in each other's gazes. Kellen's eyes were dark brown and intense, Owen's brilliant blue and glazed. She wasn't sure what they were doing, but it was as if she was no longer in the room, much less bound between them.

  Kellen's hand moved to encircle his cock. He stroked himself slowly from base to tip, working slick oil down his length. Owen stripped the condom off his cock and mimicked Kellen's motions on himself. His body tensed and his mouth fell open to emit gasps of pleasure. Lindsey watched them, partially puzzled, partially turned on by the perfect synchronicity they displayed as they stroked their cocks over her lower belly.

  Owen's eyes drifted closed after a moment. Kellen smiled that wicked little smile of his and reached forward to take Owen's cock i
n his hand. Lindsey's gaze darted from their faces, to the action below, back to their faces. Owen shuddered in pleasure and shifted his hand from his cock to Kellen's.

  They tugged at each other in unison. Eyes closed, Owen was twitching uncontrollably at Kellen's hand. Kellen watched him gauging his reaction. His hand moved faster. Faster. Skimming over Owen’s flesh with practiced eased.

  Owen fell forward and Kellen caught him against his shoulder still stroking him, his long strong fingers rubbing over the piercing in Owen's cock with each tug.

  Lindsey had never seen two guys stroke each other's cocks before. She wasn't sure why it had her so hot and bothered. She was lying to herself. Watching them got off on each other was the hottest fucking thing she’d ever seen in her life, even if she did feel like an intruder in her own threesome.

  "Kelly," Owen whispered. "Can I come? Let me come. Kelly?"

  "I'm not ready yet."

  Owen began to stroke Kellen more persistently, paying extra attention to the head of Kellen's cock.

  "I can't, oh God, I can't," Owen panted. “Please hurry.”

  Lindsey's eyes widened as Owen rubbed his open mouth across Kellen's shoulder, his eyes squeezed shut. She felt the first pulse of hot cum strike her belly. It wasn't Owen's, it was Kellen's.

  She couldn't see Kellen's expression, but she could see Owen's and as he let go, his face contorted in bliss, she was seriously cursing herself for encouraging him to stop fucking her because she was certainly in need of more now.

  Owen rubbed his open mouth over Kellen's shoulder in absolute rapture. He was the sexiest thing she’d ever witnessed in her life. After a moment, Owen lifted his head and gazed up at Kellen with questioning eyes. "Was that okay?" he asked.

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