Share Me by Olivia Cunning

  Kellen lifted both hands to cup Owen's face. "That was perfect. Thank you." He dropped a gentle kiss at the corner of Owen's mouth and again they stared at each other as if Lindsey had left the planet.

  "Let's bring her down slowly."

  Owen smiled and nodded.

  Was she supposed to believe they'd just jacked each other off all over her belly for her benefit?

  Kellen's strong fingers played over the flesh on one side of her body, while Owen worked the other. They started by massaging their combined fluids into her skin. She'd watched them, trembling, wondering what part she had really played in the act that was obviously something more between them and less about her. She wasn't sure how she felt about being included in something like this. Oh, sure, she'd had an amazing sexual experience, but if the two of them were attracted to each other, why bother bringing a woman into the mix at all?

  "I didn't realize you two were lovers when I agreed to this," Lindsey said as Kellen released one of her legs and slowly unwound the rope from around her thigh. He paused and looked at her as if she was a raving lunatic.

  "What do you mean?"

  "You and Owen. You obviously have a thing for each other."

  Both men laughed. "It's not like that," Owen said. "It's part of Kelly's ritual."

  It's Kellen's way of taking advantage of you, Lindsey thought. She winced as her left leg was slowly extended and Kellen's deft fingers began to massage its length. She hadn't realized that an uncomfortable ache had built in her hips until both legs were straightened and both men were kneading her muscles until she began to relax.

  "It's cool,” Lindsey said. “Watching you get each other off was hot and all. I just wasn't expecting it."

  Kellen didn't comment, but Owen seemed a bit disturbed. His handsome face twisted in confusion and he glanced up at Kellen. "When did we start touching each other in the ritual? We didn’t used to do that."

  Kellen grinned. "A few months ago. It feels better that way, doesn't it?"

  "Yeah, but she's right. It's kind of gay."

  Kellen laughed. "What are you talking about? We both know we're not sexually attracted to each other," Kellen said. When Owen was looking the other way he sneaked a glance at him as if he wondered if Owen was buying it.

  "You do know how to get me off hard," Owen said. "I completely forget where I am and lose track of what's going on. It's almost like really intense masturbation, since I have a cock in my hand. It's just not my own."

  Lindsey chuckled. The guy was so cute. No wonder Kellen manipulated him into being his unsuspecting toy.

  "I don't think I can find my connection without you anymore, Owen." Kellen stared at him reflectively and Owen grinned.

  "Don't worry," Owen said. "I'll help you out until you find your perfect woman."

  Kellen's smile was genuine this time. None of that usual wickedness in him backed it. "Thanks."

  "I'll be your perfect woman," Lindsey offered.

  "You were great Lindsey," Owen said, "but he has this crazy idea that he’ll know his soul mate the instant he meets her. Ridiculous idea, huh?"

  “Kind of romantic,” Lindsey said.

  "You're not supposed to share that with people, remember?" Kellen said.

  They were unwinding the ropes around her torso now. Every inch of her body was massaged as they released her bounds one at a time.

  Owen shrugged. "She's seen you stroke your best friend's cock until he came so hard he saw stars. I don't think much of what you share with her at this point is going to phase her."

  "You came that hard, did you?" Kellen said, his lips twisted in that wicked grin of his again.

  "Can't help it. You have strong hands."

  "Kellen came way harder than you did, Owen,” Lindsey said. “I think he bruised my belly with the force behind his load."

  Owen chuckled. "I did my best to help him get off."

  “We rushed it a bit,” Kellen commented. “You were over-excited.” He caressed Lindsey’s breasts gently as they were freed from their bounds. “Which got me overexcited. I’m not sure if she was completely satisfied.”

  She couldn’t lie, even if it did mean she might have more in store for her. “I was more than satisfied. And it feels absolutely amazing to be touched like this after having been confined,” she said quietly. She liked it almost as much as the mind blowing orgasm she was still relishing.

  “You’ll sleep very well,” Kellen promised.

  “I am sleepy now,” she admitted.

  She felt the weariness to her very bones.

  And despite her best intentions, her eyes drifted closed.

  Chapter Nine

  Kellen continued to unwind ropes and massage flesh long after Lindsey had fallen asleep. He could feel Owen’s troubled gaze on him, but he pretended he was still working through his ritual. When had it become a way to be closer to his best friend? And why were the best orgasms of his life always at Owen’s hand? He wasn’t attracted to Owen. He didn’t get aroused when he was around him or anything. It had to be a completely tactile response of his body. Nothing emotional behind it. Should he tell Owen that or just keep those thoughts to himself?

  “I want some hot chocolate,” Owen said. “Can you finish this on your own?”

  Kellen forced himself to look up at Owen. He hoped his smile didn’t appear as forced as it felt. “Yeah, I’m fine. Almost finished. Unless you want to retrieve her anal plug for me.”

  Owen grinned and Kellen took an unlabored breath. He hadn’t realized how constricted his chest had become until Owen’s easy smile had lifted some of the emotional burden.

  “Sounds like a job for Adam,” Owen said. “He’s the one who loves ass.”

  Kellen really didn’t want to make things weird between himself and Owen. So what if his orgasms were less intense when he finished himself at his own hand. Kellen had to stop encouraging Owen to touch him. Had to stop touching Owen in return. That’s all there was too it.

  “You can call Adam in here if you want,” Kellen said.

  Owen shook his head. “You aren’t attracted to me. Are you?”

  Leave it to Owen to throw it all out there in the open. Kellen shook his head. “No. I honestly never think of you in a sexual capacity.”

  Owen released a deep breath. “Thank God. I don’t think of you that way either. Why then… Why do we both get off so hard that way? I come so hard when you jerk me off.”

  “Strong hands?”

  “I guess,” Owen said and nodded. “The other guys don’t know about this, do they?”

  “Not unless you told them.”

  “I can keep a secret if you can.”

  “Yeah, but can she?”

  They both paused in their massage to gaze down at the sleeping girl. She looked so innocent in sleep. So exhausted. Kellen felt a renewed stirring in his groin. One he absolutely did not feel when he thought of Owen. It was a relief, yet he felt a little weird about it. Kellen would have probably felt less weird about getting off at his best friend’s hand if he were attracted to him. At least then it would make sense.

  He just couldn’t bring himself to let a woman get him off. Not yet. He should probably move on with his life. Find someone to love. Sara would have wanted that for him. She’d told him as much the last time they’d made love. The last time he’d made love, period.

  “You’re thinking about her again,” Owen said.

  Kellen swallowed the lump in his throat and returned his attention to massaging Lindsey’s hand. She sighed in her sleep and his heart warmed. He wished he could love someone like her. He wished he could love anyone. Six years was long enough to grieve for Sara. It was much longer than the time he’d had with her.

  “I think she’ll always be there,” Kellen said. “Sara.”

  “I’m pretty sure that’s why you can’t bring yourself to, you know.” Owen’s eyes flicked towards Lindsey’s shaven mound. “Dam the beaver with your stick.”

  Kellen’s brow crumpled. “Tha
t doesn’t even make sense, Owen. You don’t dam beavers.”

  Owen chuckled. “I do.”

  Kellen could still taste Lindsey’s sweet pussy and yeah, things were definitely stirring down below at the thought, but he didn’t want enter her shapely body. He didn’t want to be wrapped in her arms. He didn’t want to move inside her and stare down into her big blue eyes, because even though Lindsey resembled Sara, she wouldn’t be Sara. She could never be Sara. Sara was dead.

  “I’m all sorts of fucked up in the head,” Kellen murmured.

  “Hey, it’s alright. No one knows, but me,” Owen said.

  Kellen chuckled. “I guess that’s some consolation.”

  “Maybe if you tried again, you could do it this time. Instead of thinking of Sara while you bang the chick, you could think about my hand.” Owen lifted his eyebrows suggestively and wriggled his fingers at him. “I know how much it turns you on.”

  Kellen might have taken offense if he hadn’t known Owen was fucking with him. He laughed harder. “What? Are you tired of having to get me off, Owen?”

  “Not as long as you reciprocate.” Owen’s face split into a wide grin. “We are a couple of fucking perverts, aren’t we?”

  “Hey, whatever feels good and God knows I need the release.”

  “I’m really ready for some hot chocolate now. Do you want some?”

  Kellen shook his head. “I’ll be out later. I need a few minutes to get my head on straight.”

  Owen climbed from the bed and slipped into his jeans. “I’m going to hold you to that. No lying back here, holding some girl you don’t know, feeling all depressed and lonely.”

  Kellen chuckled. The man knew him too well. He didn’t know what he would do with himself without Owen in his life, reminding him to keep living. Or try to.

  Chapter Ten

  Owen left Kelly with Lindsey and entered the main corridor of the bus. Tex was near the driver’s seat, cussing at his cell phone for having no service. With a candy cane dangling from his mouth, Gabe was back to reading his physics book, his attention drifting intermittently to Shade-and-company in the chair beside him. Adam was picking at his guitar strings with a distant look on his face. Shade was still seated in the recliner with the red rope still binding his forearms together. The main difference between now and when Owen had last saw him was that Shade’s fly was wide open and his stiff cock was down the throat of Lindsey’s friend.

  When Owen closed the door behind himself, the girl looked up from her task and let Shade’s cock pop free from her lush lips. “Are you all done with the bed? I’m all sorts of horny right now. I don’t think this guy is ever gonna come.”

  “Not if you stop sucking it, I won’t,” Shade said.

  She glared up at him from her kneeling position on the floor. “If you don’t shut your mouth, I’m gonna knock your ass to the floor and sit on your face.”

  Owen laughed. He loved this chick’s attitude. He found several cups of cold cocoa on the counter and popped one in the microwave.

  “Is Lindsey okay?” the girl asked.

  “She’s resting. Kellen’s giving her a massage.”

  “She sure didn’t sound like she was getting no massage twenty minutes ago.”

  “That must have been when I was fucking her,” Owen said. “I think she liked my cock piercing. She has a really sensitive G-spot.” He grinned. The microwave beeped and he removed his cup. He grabbed a spoon out of the drawer and stirred the contents of his mug before taking a cautious sip of the scalding liquid.

  “Vanessa?” Shade murmured.

  Vanessa tore her interested gaze from Owen’s crotch and looked up at Shade.

  “Are you going to finish what you started or talk to Owen?”

  She pouted. “My jaw is tired.”

  “Then mount up and ride it.”

  She eyed Shade’s huge erection with concern. “You don’t expect me to take off my pants and do you out here in front of everyone, do you?”

  “You didn’t seem to have a problem with our presence when you were trying to suck him off,” Gabe said without looking up from his book.

  “If you untie me, I’ll help you out of those pants,” Shade said.

  “I like you tied,” Vanessa said. “That’s what got me so hot and bothered in the first place.”

  “Yeah, well it’s keeping me from yanking your pants down around your knees, shoving your face into the sofa and fucking you doggie style,” Shade said, his voice tense, almost agonized.

  Still sipping his hot chocolate, which was sweet and absolutely delicious, Owen sat on the sofa in question. “You can bury your face in my lap while he fucks you,” Owen said. “I won’t mind.” He patted his thigh with his free hand and took another sip of his cocoa. He was just trying to get a rise out of her. She didn’t disappoint him.

  “You want my face in your lap after you just did my best friend? Don’t even go there.” Her eyes flicked to his lap. “Is your cock really pierced?”

  Owen nodded and reached for the top button of his fly.

  “Don’t take it out and show her,” Gabe complained. “One cock out in the main cabin is more than enough.”

  “I’ll just put Shade’s away then,” Vanessa said. Owen saw the teasing grin on her face as she turned to try to force Shade’s rock hard cock back into his pants. Owen liked this girl. Anyone who messed with Shade was okay in his book. “Why won’t this thing go down?” she complained and licked it from base to tip. “Maybe if I suck your balls…” If her goal was to get Shade to groan and twitch and rock his hips in excitement, then sucking his balls had been the right solution.

  Kellen came out of the bedroom. Owen offered him a wave, but he didn’t notice because he was gaping at Shade and the woman with Shade’s balls between her lush lips.

  “Fuck, Shade. Don’t you have any shame?” Kellen said, raking a hand through his long, black hair, which now hung loose around his shoulders. He only tied it back when he was going down on a lady.

  “No,” Shade gasped. “No shame. But the bedroom’s free now, Vanessa. Since you seem to have at least a little shame.”

  “Just a little,” she said and laughed. She climbed to her feet and grabbed the rope between Shade’s wrists, hauling him to feet.

  His loosened pants got caught on his thighs as he shuffled down the corridor to bedroom. Well, the bedroom was mostly free. Lindsey was still in there. She might sleep through the commotion however.

  Kellen rolled his eyes as Shade passed him. “I thought Gabe was going to untie you.”

  “I wouldn’t let him,” Vanessa said. “I like Shade helpless.”

  “I’ll show you helpless in a minute,” Shade said in a low growl.

  “Yeah, you,” she said, “helpless and flat on your back while I take that huge cock for a ride. And you aren’t allowed to come until I say you can.”

  Owen laughed. Yep, he really liked that woman’s spunk. He wasn’t sure how Shade felt about it however. He was sort of a control freak.

  “Untie me,” Shade insisted again.

  She hauled him into the bedroom, slapped his ass, and then shut the door.

  Kellen took one of the spare cups of hot chocolate on the counter and carried it toward the lounge area.

  “You gonna heat that up?” Owen asked him.

  He shook his head and took a sip. “I like it cool.”

  “I swear,” Tex said, “you five are the only guys I know who can find willing pussy in a deserted mountain pass during a blizzard.” Tex sat on the arm of the sofa with his cellphone clutched in one hand. “Still no service. I hope the equipment truck didn’t start up the mountain pass after they finished loading it. I tried to call and warn them to stay in the valley.”

  “They’ll close the pass if the roads are treacherous,” Gabe said. “They crew is probably more worried about us.”

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