Share Me by Olivia Cunning

  “We’re fine,” Owen said. “We have hot chocolate, a fake tree and the sounds of Shade fucking in the bedroom. What more could we ask for on Christmas Eve?”

  “Presents?” Adam said, setting his guitar aside, and rubbing his face with both hands. It was always tense when Shade and Adam were in the same room, but now that Shade had sojourned to the bedroom, some of the strain had left Adam’s body.

  Owen wished the two of them would have it out once and for all. But not tonight. Tonight was for celebrating family and love. And he might be stuck in a mountain pass with his band instead of visiting his parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and dozens of cousins, but these guys were just as important to him as any blood relative.

  “Santa might leave some presents for you douchebags,” Owen said. Which reminded him that his Santa hat was trapped in the bedroom with Shade and the woman who was currently screaming, “tear that pussy up, tear it up, baby, tear it up,” and poor Lindsey. She couldn’t possibly still be sleeping through all that swearing Shade was doing.

  “There’ll be a world-wide coal shortage if Santa visits y’all,” Tex said and laughed like a demented Canadian goose until Owen shoved him off the arm of the sofa onto the floor.

  “I know for a fact that Santa won’t bring anyone coal,” Owen said. “But good little boys have to get to bed and fall asleep before midnight or Santa might bypass a certain stranded tour bus.”

  “Good little boys,” Tex said, rolling around on the floor laughing his ass off. Owen didn’t realize people actually did that.

  “Owen, did you get us presents?” Gabe asked. “We said we weren’t going to exchange gifts this year.”

  “I didn’t get you guys shit,” Owen said.

  “Good,” Adam said, “because we didn’t get you shit either.”

  “But I still believe in Santa,” Owen said. “Don’t you?”

  “I don’t know about Santa,” Kellen said, “but Shade sure is praising Jesus at the moment.”

  Chapter Eleven

  Lindsey’s eyes snapped open. Was there an earthquake? Why was the bed rocking so hard? And what were all of those rhythmic, wet noises coming from beside her? She turned her head and her breath immediately stalled in her throat. A pair of chocolate brown thighs belonging to her best friend straddled the hips of some pelvis she didn’t recognize. Vanessa was rising and falling over a thick, veined cock as if she were riding bareback broncos in a rodeo. Lindsey was completely engrossed with watching Vanessa’s flesh ebb and flow each time she took him deep inside and lifted her hips to slide up his shaft.

  “Did we wake you?” a deep voice said beside her.

  Shade? She lifted up onto one arm and looked down at his sardonic grin. She couldn’t see his eyes, because apparently he wore sunglasses even when he fucked. The Christmas lights were gone, but his arms were still bound before him with a red rope in a crisscrossing pattern from wrists to elbow. Lindsey immediately recognized Kellen’s handiwork and began to tremble at the memories of what glorious things he and Owen had done to her body earlier.

  “Sorry, girl,” Vanessa said. “I had to get a piece of this. Damn, this man is fine.”

  “I understand,” Lindsey said wearily and dropped back down on the mattress. Her body was so exhausted, so relaxed, so completely satisfied that she didn’t want to move and lose the feeling of tranquility that suffused every inch of her. Unfortunately, she couldn’t seem to stop watching Vanessa’s pussy working Shade’s cock, so the flesh between Lindsey’s thighs started to swell and pulsate with renewed need.

  “Your friend has a fantastic pussy,” Shade said conversationally.

  “Is that so?” Lindsey said.

  “Soft and lush. Like her sexy lips.”

  “You ever been with a black girl before?” Vanessa asked him.

  “A few,” he said. “I’ve found that fantastic pussy comes in all colors. Speaking of coming, can I come now?”

  “Not yet. I’m not finished.” For which Lindsey was oddly thankful. She was completely mesmerized by what was going on beside her.

  “You know what would be really hot,” Shade whispered into Lindsey’s ear.

  “Hmm?” she murmured lethargically.

  “If you moved up behind Vanessa, wrapped your arms around her and held her tits while she rides me.”

  Lindsey’s eyes travelled up Vanessa’s naked body to her breasts. Lindsey had seen Vanessa nude numerous times in the past, but she’d never thought of her friend’s body as erotic. Or arousing. She also never thought she’d be so easily swayed by a man to obey his suggestion.

  Vanessa glanced over her shoulder as Lindsey moved to kneel behind her. “Do you want a turn?” Vanessa asked.

  Lindsey shook her head and kissed the warm, smooth skin of Vanessa’s shoulder. Vanessa’s back brushed Lindsey’s suddenly hard nipples as she continued to rise and fall over Shade. With trembling hands, Lindsey cupped Vanessa’s breasts. They were smaller than her own, their pointed tips pressed into her palms as Vanessa’s back arched and her head dropped back on Lindsey’s shoulder.

  “Is this okay?” she whispered to Vanessa.

  “It’s okay,” Vanessa said.

  Lindsey massaged Vanessa’s perky breasts, fascinated by the way the soft globes of flesh moved in her hands, how easy it was to make Vanessa moan by stroking her large nipples, how erotic the contrast of their flesh tones looked as she gave pleasure to her friend. Lindsey shifted so that Vanessa’s soft ass rubbed against her shaven mound each time she rose and fell over Shade. This was definitely getting her hot and bothered again. Lindsey churned her hips to rub her mound more firmly over Vanessa and her hands began to wander—down Vanessa’s slightly rounded tummy, over her hips, her thighs. What am I doing? Was she really going to touch her best friend there?

  Vanessa began to move faster over Shade. Faster. Seeking her climax. Lindsey wanted to help her find it.

  Lindsey’s fingers slipped between Vanessa’s swollen folds. She found Vanessa’s clit with two fingertips and rubbed it fast and hard, the way she rubbed herself when she masturbated. Within seconds, Vanessa’s body went taut before her, and Vanessa shuddered hard as she screamed through her orgasm.

  “This is not okay,” Lindsey said and yanked her hand away.

  Vanessa grabbed her wrist and buried her hand between her thighs. “Yes, Lindsey. It’s okay. It’s perfect. Feel him inside me.”

  Lightheaded with shock, but for some reason unable to pull away, Lindsey held Vanessa’s mound cupped in her palm while Shade’s cock brushed rhythmically against her fingertips.

  “That was beautiful,” Shade said. “Can I come now?”

  Vanessa chuckled. “No, stud. Lindsey needs a turn.” She lifted her hips until Shade’s cock slipped from her body and then took Lindsey’s hand and placed it over the very slippery condom covering his shaft. “Have fun, girl. I need a nap.”

  Lindsey looked up at Shade, wishing she could see his eyes, wondering what he thought of her behavior. Was he as shocked by what she’d just done as she was?

  “If you untie me,” he said, “I’ll make this easy on you.”

  “What do you mean?” Lindsey asked.

  “You know you want to fuck, but you think you shouldn’t.”

  “And how will untying you change those feelings?”

  “You can blame your surrender on me, instead of taking what you want.”

  “I took what I wanted,” Vanessa said.

  “But she won’t,” Shade said. “Even though she does want it.”

  She did want it, but he was right. She’d already had sex with two strangers tonight. She sure wasn’t going to go at it with another one. Unless he… forced her to.

  “Are you going to force me?” she asked, her heart thudding with excitement.

  “Do you want me to force you?”

  “It’s not really force if she wants you to force her.” Vanessa rolled her eyes at him.

  “I wouldn’t really force her if sh
e didn’t want me to. That would be called rape, but it’s different if she wants to be held down and fucked while she struggles.”

  “I do,” Lindsey blurted.

  Her hands moved to the first knot binding his arms together—his strong, very muscular arms. She had a hard time untying the rope as she thought about those strong muscular arms holding her down while he fucked her. Her fingers weren’t trembling because she was afraid. They were trembling because she was excited.

  “Should I leave?” Vanessa said.

  “No, you’re going to watch and not interfere. But I would appreciate it if you got me a fresh condom out of the drawer over there.” Lindsey was floored by the gentle smile he offered Vanessa. Surely this big hunk of sardonic muscle didn’t have a gentle bone in his body. She was actually hoping that he didn’t. She especially hoped that the bone he was about to thrust into her throbbing cunt wasn’t the least bit gentle.

  Once his arms were free, he rubbed them for a moment and flexed his fingers. She watched the movement of his muscles contracting beneath his skin. He was so big. So powerful. So strong.

  “I think you’d better run,” he said in a deep voice.

  Her heart slammed into her ribcage as she leaped from the bed. He pursued her and quickly trapped her against the inside of the bedroom door. She grabbed the doorknob, but his fingers were like steel bands around her wrists and she couldn’t turn the knob.

  “Let me go,” she whispered, “Please.”

  “Do you know what I do to girls who make me want them as much as I want you?” He fisted a hand in her hair and tugged her head back. And it hurt. It hurt real good. She forced herself not to purr in surrender.

  “I don’t know,” she said. “Just don’t hurt me.” Much…

  Hand still clutching her hair, Shade jerked her back against his hard chest and grabbed her breast with his free hand. He pinched her nipple and she gasped in pain.

  “I’m not going to hurt you,” he said, his teeth scraping against the edge of her ear, “but I am going to fuck you. Spread your legs.”

  “No,” she said breathlessly. Her blood was jetting through her vessels. She was so amped up on adrenaline, she doubted she’d ever come down.

  “Spread your legs or I’ll spread them for you.”

  His cock prodded her in the lower back as he forced a knee between her legs from behind.

  “No,” she said. “I’ll never spread them willingly.”

  There was a knock at the door. “Are you really raping someone in there?” someone said on the other side of the thin piece of wood before Lindsey’s face. “Do I need to geld someone with a rusty knife?”

  “Go away, Gabe, you’re fucking up our scenario,” Shade growled at the door.

  “I’m not going away until I’m sure it is a scenario.”

  “It is,” Lindsey yelled, her face flaming with embarrassment. What must Kellen and Owen be thinking of her? When had she turned into a ho for real? And why wasn’t she thinking that the best way to prevent her further mortification was to stop this? She didn’t want to stop. Not at all. So what if this made her a ho ho ho. She was having a very merry Christmas Eve.

  “It totally is a scenario, drummer boy,” Vanessa yelled. “And damn, Shade,” she said, “watching this is totally turning me on again.”

  “If you’re sure,” Gabe said, still in the corridor outside.

  “We’re sure,” the three in the bedroom yelled in unison.

  “Then you kids have fun, but keep it down. We’re going to bed.” There was a short pause. “Alone un-fucking-fortunately. Let’s hope the generator holds out so we don’t all freeze to death.”

  “Way to spoil the mood,” Shade grumbled.

  Lindsey grabbed Shade’s wrist and yanked, trying to dislodge his fist from her hair. “I said let me go,” she said and ground her ass into his cock as she tried to twist out of his grasp.

  Shade groaned into her ear. “I am not going to last much longer,” he whispered. “Vanessa got me too worked up.”

  Lindsey bumped her heel into his shin and, caught off-guard, Shade actually loosened his grip. She managed one step, before his fist tightened in her hair again.

  “You’ll pay for that, darlin’,” he said.

  Oh yes, make me pay.

  In an instant he had her face down on the edge of bed, his big, strong hand pressing down in the center of her back so she couldn’t rise. And it wasn’t as if she wasn’t legitimately trying, but he so much stronger than her and no amount of trying to push upward with her spaghetti noodle arms could dislodge him. Breathing hard, she turned her head so she could draw air. As soon as she stopped struggling to rise, his free hand delved between her legs from behind, no doubt discovering how hot and wet she was down there.

  Shade removed his hand from her back and she launched forward, trying to scramble away. He grabbed her by the thighs, yanking them apart and pulling her towards him until she felt his cockhead against her opening. Her core clenched with the tease of an orgasm.

  “You want it, don’t you?”

  Yes, yes, I want it.

  “No,” she forced herself to say. She shook her head vigorously.

  “Then why are you so wet?”

  “I’m not,” she denied.

  He thrust into her, sliding to the hilt in one hard motion.

  She cried out. Lord, he was huge. She couldn’t help but rock back to meet his deep, punishing penetration stroke for stroke.

  “Do you like that?”

  “No,” she forced herself to say.

  “She does like it, doesn’t she, Vanessa?”

  “I think she does,” Vanessa said.

  “Do you know what else she likes?”

  “Your finger in her ass?”

  “I didn’t think of that,” he said. His firm grip released from one thigh and before she could use that advantage to pretend to fight him, his finger slipped in her ass and she exploded with a earth shattering orgasm. He didn’t give her time to recover. He spread her legs wider and fucked her harder.

  “Oh please,” she begged as rubbed her face over the bedclothes in blinding ecstasy.

  “What were you thinking Lindsey likes?” Vanessa asked.

  “I think she likes to eat pussy.”

  “I hope so. My fingers aren’t doing the trick over here.”

  Lindsey lifted her head and it took a moment for her eyes to focus on her friend, who was indeed trying to get off at her own hand.

  “You want to lick Vanessa’s cum, don’t you, Lindsey?”

  “N- no.” She swallowed hard. He wouldn’t make her, would he?

  “I saw how turned on you were when you made her come. She was turned on by you too, Lindsey. I doubt she’s ever come that hard before in her life. Her pussy gripped my cock so hard, I almost lost it. She came for you. You want to taste it.”

  “No, it don’t.” She honestly didn’t want to taste anyone’s cum, but would they believe her while she was playing this game of false denial with them?

  “Come here, Vanessa,” he demanded. “Let her taste you.”

  “Wait,” Lindsey whispered.

  Shade grabbed a fistful of Lindsey’s hair and lifted her face off the mattress so Vanessa could position herself in front of Lindsey with her legs spread wide. Lindsey had never been this up close and personal to a vagina since birth. Shade released Lindsey’s hair, but she didn’t lower her head to do what they wanted her to do. She closed her eyes concentrated on the feel of Shade’s powerful thrusts. Damn, the man was a good fuck.

  Lindsey could smell Vanessa’s excitement now and eventually had to admit it was enticing. Her mouth watered. She wanted to taste it. She did. But she’d never done anything like this before. She was afraid of where her own desire might take her.

  Vanessa placed a gentle hand on the back of her head. “It’s okay, Lindsey,” she whispered, stroking her hair tenderly while Shade continued to pound into her.

  “Are you sure, Nessi?” she asked.

>   “I’m sure, baby.”

  Lindsey lowered her head and drew her tongue oh-so-slowly over Vanessa’s quivering clit. Vanessa collapsed back onto the bed with a startled outrush of breath. Lindsey licked Vanessa’s inner folds, using the orgasmic, teasing technique Kellen had used on her earlier that night. Vanessa’s cum was sweet and tangy and Lindsey couldn’t get enough of it. She licked Vanessa’s opening until her
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