The Princes in the Tower by Alison Weir

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  Accord, Act of, 1460 17

  Albany, Duke of 53

  Alcock, John, Bishop of Worcester and Ely 40, 59, 75, 81, 88

  Ambien Hill, Leics 214-15

  Andre, Bernard 6-7, 28, 63, 158, 168, 223, 226, 231

  Anne de Beujeu, Regent of France 191. 199

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  Ashford, Kent 176

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  Ashmole, Elias 254

  Ashmole MS. 149

  Ayton, N. Yorkshire 157

  Bacon, Sir Francis 12-13, 23, 121, 170, 192, 222, 229, 232-3, 236, 239, 245

  Banastre, Gilbert 133

  Banastre, Ralph 188

  Barnard Castle, Yorks 51, 133, 140

  Barnet, Battle of, 1471 25, 30, 94

  Barnet, Herts 87

  Barrow, Thomas, Lord Chancellor 214

  Barton, Dr Saxon 197

  Basin, Thomas, Norman Chronicler 61

  Basle, Switzerland 7

  Basley, Mr 95

  Baynard's Castle, London 15, 25, 88, 97, 126, 128, 160

  Beauchamp, Anne, Countess of Warwick 33, 35-6, 150-1

  Beauchamp family 5, 35, 42

  Beaufort, Edmund, Duke of Somerset 30

  Beaufort family 15-16, 68, 154-5



  Beaufort, Joan, Countess of Westmorland 15

  Beaufort, Margaret, Countess of Richmond and Derby 62, 131, 137, 152-4, 172, 179-84. 189, 200, 213, 221, 229-30, 237

  Beaugency, France 2, 191

  Beaulieu Abbey, Hants 35

  Becket, St Thomas a 58

  Bedford, Dukes of (see John of Lancaster; Tudor, Jasper)

  Beja, Duke of 213

  Berkeley family 46

  Berkeley, Charles, later Earl of Nottingham 52, 135

  Bermondsey Abbey, Southwark 233-4

  Bernall, Richard 35

  Berwick-upon-Tweed 55

  Bianca of Savoy, Duchess of Milan 42

  Bibliotheque Municipale, Lille 3

  Bishopsgate, London 97

  Bishop's Palace, The, St Paul's Churchyard 88

  Black Book of the Household,
The 38, 89

  Black Friars Monastery, London 27

  Blanche Sanglier, herald 216

  Blaybourne, an archer 24

  Bodleian Library, Oxford 5-6

  Bodmin, Cornwall 187

  Bohun, Eleanor de, Duchess of Gloucester 67

  Bohun, Mary de, Countess of Derby 67

  Boleyn, Anne, Queen of England 250

  Bona of Savoy 19

  Borgia, Cesare 132

  Bosworth, Battle of, 1485 12, 166-7, 170, 177, 214-17, 220-1, 225, 227, 234, 243, 256

  Boteler (see Butler) Bourchier, Thomas, Cardinal Archbishop of Canterbury 64, 85-6, 88, 91, 96, 109-111, 137, 178

  Bow Bridge, Leics 217

  Brackenbury, Elizabeth 170

  Brackenbury, Sir Robert 6, 129-30, 141-2, 147-50, 156-61, 164, 170, 216, 225, 252

  Bradford, Professor E. W. 257

  Bradgate Manor, Leics 20

  Brampton, Sir Edward 239, 241

  de Braose family 15

  Bray, Sir Reginald 11, 179-80, 182, 220

  Brecknock Castle, Brecon 107, 151, 172, 179, 187

  Brecon, Wales 71-2, 148-9, 151

  Brereton, Humphrey 7, 213

  Brescia, Italy 5

  Bridgenorth, Salop 152

  Bridget of York (see Plantagenet, Bridget)

  British Library, London 5, 12, 86, 99, 126, 137, 205, 235

  Buck, Sir George 10, 12, 31, 118-19, 172, 205, 207-9, 224

  Buck, Sir George the Younger 12, 209

  Buck, John 12

  Burdett, Thomas 44-5

  de Burgh family 15

  Burgundy, Duke of (see Charles the Bold)

  Burleigh, Lord (see Cecil, William)

  Butler, Eleanor 118-20, 122, 124, 170, 224

  Butler family 133

  Butler, Ralph, Lord Sudeley 118

  Butler, Sir Thomas 118

  Caius, John, of Cambridge 8

  Calais, France 24, 54, 65-6, 128, 141, 160, 173, 243-5

  Cambrai, Bishop of 241

  Cambridge, Earl of (see Richard of Conisburgh)



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