The Tower Is Full of Ghosts Today by Alison Weir

  Jane felt tears of frustration welling. ‘But I know I have a vocation. I’ve just told Father James, and he did not try to put me off. He told me to talk to you, with his blessing. Mother, you know how I long to go to the good sisters and live in the peace of that beautiful priory. I do not want to marry.’

  ‘Dear child, there is often no peace to be had in a convent, and inner peace is obtained only at very great cost. It is a hard life, not an escape. You must understand this.’

  Jane sighed. ‘Why does everyone try to make it difficult for me?’

  Mother smiled. ‘If you truly have a vocation, God will wait for you. But you need to understand many things before you take that step, not least what you will be giving up. Child, do not look at me like that. All I ask is that you stay in the world and learn more of it before you decide to forsake it. If you still feel the same when you are eighteen, then I will speak to your father.’

  ‘Eighteen?’ Jane echoed. ‘That’s eight years away.’

  ‘Jane, listen.’ Mother’s voice was tender. ‘You will change in many ways over the coming years. At eighteen, you will be a different person, and much more mature. Bide your time in patience. Good things are worth waiting for.’


  ‘That’s my final word at this time. And don’t go running to Father. He and I are of one mind on this matter.’



  Alison Weir, The Tower Is Full of Ghosts Today



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