Mischief and the Masters by Cherise Sinclair

  As Alastair hit her harder with the crop, she winced.

  Max smiled slowly. “Let me help you with that pain, baby.” He bent.

  She gasped as his mouth closed around one nipple, engulfing it in heat. His hand captured her other breast, and he rolled the nipple between his fingers.

  As a dark hunger roused inside her, the stinging of the crop changed. More like the splashing of hot water, the not-quite-pain sensations streamed straight to her core. Her clit began to throb with a voracious need.

  “Better.” Max lifted his head and smiled down at her. Palm along her cheek, thumb under her chin, he held her head immobile as he forcefully took her mouth. His tongue invaded. Possessed. The smooth bar top seemed to drop out from under her.

  As Max moved back, Alastair slapped the crop on her mound right above her clit.

  The painful—wonderful—sensation shot through her. “Oooh!” Her hips bucked.

  With a deep chuckle, Alastair slid his finger over her clit and down inside her entrance, teasing her. Evilly.

  Her hips wiggled uncontrollably, unable to do anything else, needing his expert fingers on her clit. His mouth. Something… She made a frustrated sound.

  “No, darlin’.” Max murmured. “You’re not going to move. You’re going to take everything we give you—and you’re going to take a lot.”

  “Starting now.” Alastair’s finger circled her entrance as he glanced at Max. “She’s nice and wet. In a good place.”

  “All right then.” Max changed places with Alastair and pulled things she couldn’t quite see out of his bag. A bottle of something. A huge zip lock bag of…

  “Sir? What’s in there?”

  “Quarter-inch, stainless steel, sterilized”—Max smiled slowly—“chain.” He held up one end. She stared. Each heavy link was between one to two inches long.

  Oh no. No, no, no. Why had she wrapped that chain around Detective Dragon’s dick? Were they going to wrap all that chain around her? Or…whatever they’d planned, she didn’t want it. She shook her head. “Sir. No. Yellow.”

  “Sweetheart.” Standing at her shoulder, Alastair turned her head toward him. In his powerful, steady gaze was heat as well as… Affection? For her? His lips were warm against hers as he kissed her tenderly. His voice was deep and slow. And strong. When had she come to rely on his strength? “Although this session is to teach you some boundaries, it’s also about trust. You trust us, sweetheart, and we won’t break that trust.”

  Her heart couldn’t say no. Not to him. She bit her lip.

  “Zuri.” Max ran his hand over her inner thigh. The summer’s tan made his intense eyes even bluer. “We thought you’d enjoy this more than pain.”

  The dark beard shadow along his jaw resembled Alastair’s. Dangerous. All the same, they were being gentle with her. How many Doms would still be nice if she’d embarrassed them? She pulled in a breath. “You won’t hurt me?”

  “No, love. This won’t hurt.” Alastair stroked her cheek. “And we will stop if it gets too much. Do you trust us?”

  She swallowed and nodded.

  Max squirted the stuff from the bottle over the chain links, and the smell of coconut filled the air.

  Something clinked. Tensing, she tried to lift her head to see what he was doing.

  Alastair chuckled and pushed her head down. “Close your eyes, Uzuri.” His smooth baritone could not be disobeyed.

  With an unhappy whine, she shut her eyes and tried to relax.

  She felt fingers, very slick, rubbing oil along her entrance—and over her clit. Oooh, the sensation made her wiggle.

  Max’s laugh was low and dark. “Don’t worry, princess. You’re going to be coming your ears off in a few minutes.”

  She bit her lip against the wave of excitement—and anxiety. How could he make that sound almost…threatening?

  More clinking sounds. Max said, “This is called the chain trick. So you know, I checked the chain myself for any sharp places and sterilized it. Now, sometimes, the links pinch a bit going in.” She could hear the smile in his voice when he added, “Just squeak if that happens.”

  Going in? “You’re going to put that in me?” In her?

  Alastair took her hands, and she gripped him hard.

  Max glanced at her. “Hang on tight, baby. This is going to fill you as full as fisting would without having to get my hand through a narrow opening.” He pushed something cool and slick, thick and nubby, inside her.

  And he kept going.

  More and more chain settled inside her, and with each additional link, the mass grew heavier.

  Max stopped and then his mouth was on her clit, licking and teasing.

  Oh, oh, oh. The zinging pleasure made her core contract around…something hard. It weighed her insides down in a disconcertingly frightening, sensuous way.

  Max stopped, then something cool and bumpy and slick slid over her clit.

  Her eyes flew open, and she lifted her head.

  He was dragging the oil-covered links over her clit, up and down, teasing her with the slick, nubby metal.

  Each link set the nub to throbbing more. Unnerving heat grew in her center until she squirmed under the onslaught of sensation.

  “That’s right, baby.” With a laugh, Max started pushing more chain inside her.

  Still holding her fingers with one hand, Alastair moved his other hand to her breasts to play with her nipples, sending new zings straight to her throbbing clit.

  With every inserted link, Max’s fingers pushed into her vagina to rub upward against her G-spot. Over and over.

  Too many sensations came from inside her. Fullness. Stretching. And so heavy. Her center felt anchored to the bar top; her head felt as if she were floating. Her core ached with need, and still, her breathing slowed.

  Max paused. As his perceptive blue eyes assessed her, his concern was heartwarmingly obvious. When he glanced at his cousin, she realized Alastair was watching her as carefully. His fingers lay lightly over her carotid artery. Such a doctor.

  A bubbly giggle escaped her, and his eyes lightened to the green color she loved. “All right, love. You’re doing fine.” He nodded at Max.

  She felt Max’s fingers press another link inside her pussy. Another. He was going slower. Occasionally, a link pinched her labia with a hot rippling feeling that somehow simply added to the sensations.

  More and more.

  Her eyes had closed, she realized, and Alastair was licking her nipples, sucking each lightly. She felt incredibly filled and heavy as her entire lower half pulsed with hot pleasure.

  Max stopped. After a second, he nuzzled her inner thigh, his beard sensuously abrasive against the tender skin. “That’s a couple of feet. I’m not putting any more in. She’s all yours now, Doc.”

  The touches on her breasts stopped, leaving her feeling alone, then a loud humming sounded in the room. That sound. She’d heard it before.

  She managed to pry her eyes open.

  Max, not Alastair, now stood beside her. He smiled down and laid a warm reassuring hand below her breasts. “Ready, baby?”

  Her body seemed to be humming, shimmering with pleasure. “Huh?”

  Max nodded toward the end of the bar.

  Framed between her legs, Alastair held a Hitachi wand.

  Her eyes widened. “Oh, no. No, no—”

  “Oh, yeah,” Max murmured.

  Instead of putting the wand on her clit, Alastair pressed it to her pelvic bone—and the strong vibrations shook her until even the chain inside seemed to be vibrating. A relentless pulsing started deep in her core.

  Slowly, he moved it down to her clit—and turned it to high.

  “Oh my God!” At the excruciating pleasure, her entire body tightened—and exploded in a shocking storm of sensation. A maelstrom of pleasure crashed over her…and didn’t stop. The Hitachi stayed on her clit, sending her over again—and as her vagina rhythmically clenched around the heavy bulk of chain, everything inside her was stretching, pulsa
ting, spiraling up and out of control. Each spasm seized her and shook her. The pleasure was a hot wave of lava, burning through her, and she could feel her arms pulling against the restraints as the world dissolved around her.

  She was gasping for breath when Alastair finally lifted the wand. Her body went limp, despite the way her insides were still having tiny contractions. Oh, if this was punishment, she’d take it. “Omigod.” Her voice came out husky.

  “Fun, right, baby?” A dimple showed in Max’s cheek as he smiled at her. “Remember how we made you ask to get off when we played outside?”

  She giggled. “I didn’t have to beg you this time.”

  “No, you didn’t.” A wicked glint showed in his eyes. “Sorry, darlin’, but this time you’re going to have to beg to stop.”

  Before she could react, Alastair lowered the Hitachi to her clit again.

  THE LITTLE SUBBIE had bloody good endurance, Alastair thought a while later. Was that her fourth or fifth orgasm? Her body now gleamed with sweat, and her eyes were glazed.

  “Please,” she whispered. “No more. Please, please, please. Sirs, please.”

  Max grinned. “Look, she can ask for what she needs.”

  After setting the wand to one side, Alastair joined Max beside her.

  When Max glanced over in silent query, Alastair tilted his head to let him take point. Nodding agreement, Max returned his attention to Uzuri. “We want you on your hands and knees now.” He gave the little subbie his cop voice. “However, you’ll get one more bout with the wand so that you think twice before deliberately disobeying an order again. Right?”

  “Yes, Sir. I’m s-sorry I disobeyed.” She turned big brown eyes to Alastair and repeated, “I’m sorry, Sir.”

  Had he ever met anyone more lovable? Alastair bent to kiss her trembling lips. “You’re forgiven, Uzuri.” As he removed the chains from her wrists, Max released her legs.

  When she was freed, Max grinned at him. “Want to do the honors?”

  Pull out the chain. “Lazy Yank. If I must.” Alastair heaved a loud sigh. “You did the work of putting it in; I should do my part.”

  “Smartass.” As Max moved up, he was laughing.

  They both knew that the removal was the best part.

  Max turned Uzuri over and positioned her on her hands and knees. As the chain inside moved, she stiffened and moaned with another orgasm. To keep her from going limp, he put one hand under her belly.

  At the foot of the bar, Alastair moved her knees widely apart, set a hand on her ass, and closed his other hand around the chain. The bright silver links were stunning against her glossy dark pussy lips. He looked at his cousin.

  “Last time with the wand, baby.” Max picked up the Hitachi and thumbed it on.

  UZURI DIDN’T HAVE a working muscle left in her body. Unable to even lift her head, she rested her forehead on her hands. With her every movement, the heavy chain inside her shifted, stretching her center and shooting zings of pleasure through every nerve until she wasn’t sure if she was still coming or not.

  Her arms trembled so hard she’d have slid flat, except for Max’s palm under her belly, holding her up.

  He’d said something to her, and now a buzz sounded. What was that? Then she realized—and squeaked in protest.

  Max set the Hitachi against her clit, pressing it firmly enough that the vibrations set the chain to humming too, and within mere seconds—seconds!—her core gathered, clamped down, and another shuddering climax rippled through her.

  Before her orgasm even had a chance to stop…everything inside her started moving.

  And the waves of pleasure started anew… “Nooooo.”

  Alastair’s deep chuckle sounded as he continued to draw the chain out, slow and steady. Every…single…hard…link bumped right over her G-spot. Every pull moved the heavy mass of chain inside her. Every shift in the weight shuddered through her.

  “Oh, God.” Her center contracted into such intense spasms of pleasure that she was dying. Dying as the devastating pleasure swamped everything around her. She couldn’t breathe.

  The climax continued and continued even after the chain was gone, and she jerked with each contraction. “Oh, oh, ooooooh.”

  “Easy, princess.” With gentle hands, Max laid her on her side. One hand anchored her in place as his other rubbed her slick, sweaty back.

  As she gasped for breath, the buzzing wasn’t the Hitachi this time, but the ringing in her ears.

  He crouched and smiled into her eyes. “Sweet little mischief. Breathe, Zuri.”

  Alastair appeared beside him, tucked a blanket around her, and took her hand. “Easy, sweetheart.” His gaze was filled with tenderness.

  As they touched her, stroked her, watched over her, she felt…cared for. Exhausted, sated, sweaty—and safe. Cherished.

  Oh, she loved them so much. Her heart swelled with the emotion until it filled her chest, aching with longing. She looked at Alastair helplessly, and as if he could hear her, he leaned down to kiss her gently.

  When he straightened, her eyes filled with tears.

  Max made an unhappy noise, and he cupped her cheek. “Baby, what?”

  I love you. No words came out.

  After a second, he shook his head and gave her a slow, sweet kiss. “Let’s get our little mischief home, cuz.”

  * * * * *

  AFTER A SHOWER, Max walked through the quiet house to snag a beer in the kitchen.

  When he and Alastair had tucked Uzuri into her bed, she’d barely roused enough to kiss them. They’d both sat beside her until she fell into a deep sleep.

  He could have watched her all night. How could simply being with her fill him with such contentment?

  Some women were like rushing rivers, always on the move. Some—like Sally—were more like bubbling brooks. Uzuri though…

  He had a favorite lake, high in the mountains, where the water was so deep it appeared a midnight blue. During the day, sunlight would sparkle and dance on the surface. At night, he’d count the stars reflected so clearly in the dark, still water…and breathe in the peace.

  Yeah, that was their Uzuri.

  Carrying his beer, he stepped outside onto the patio.

  The tiny solar lights around the garden pond showed Alastair, a glass of whisky in hand. He glanced up. “I see we’re in the same mood tonight.”

  “Seems so.” As Max took a chair, Hunter padded over to greet him and settle at his feet. The heat of the day had passed, and the air was damp and cool. The palm trees lining the back fence rustled in the light breeze off Hillsborough Bay.

  Eventually, Max broke the silence. “What are we going to do about Zuri?”

  “Her two to three weeks of living here is coming to an end, isn’t it?”

  “Jesus, I forgot we’d put a time frame on that.” Max stared at the pond, a sense of urgency growing inside him. They needed to talk this out before it was too late. Hell. He opened his mouth. Closed it.

  Saying this shit out loud was fucking difficult. At least he could practice on his cousin before laying everything out for Zuri. “I…care. A lot.”

  “You sound like you’re strangling.” Alastair chuckled. “You mean you love her.”

  The air emptied from Max’s lungs. “Yeah. Yeah, that’s right.” Man up, Drago. “I love her.” He sucked back more of the beer. “Fuck, that’s hard to say.”

  “So it appears.” Alastair’s irritating grin widened.

  Max eyed his cousin’s chair. Wouldn’t take much work to tip it—and Alastair—over. Nah. That wouldn’t help the discussion, no matter how satisfying. “What about you?”

  “Oh, I’m on the same page. I love her.” Alastair’s smile disappeared as he studied Max carefully. “Can I assume that we want to continue sharing her, or have you found an unexpected possessiveness along with love?”

  Max straightened, feeling as if he’d been punched. “What the fuck? You getting second thoughts about a triad?”

  “I—no. I love you both
.” Alastair moved his shoulders. “But those are my feelings. Yours might be different, and possessiveness happens. Most of our polyamorous friends have been burned that way at least once.”

  Max slowly relaxed, and with a long exhalation, sat back in the chair. “Yeah, possessiveness might be a problem for others, but we grew up together. Shared everything—including women. To say you can’t have something of mine would be like my right hand getting envious of my left. We share, cuz. That’s what I want.”

  Exactly that. The three of them—a stable ménage. Each giving and receiving. Two Doms to keep Uzuri happy. Fuck knew, she had more than enough love to give back, even if she hadn’t admitted it to them yet. In her eyes, he’d seen what she felt.

  Alastair nodded. “That’s what I want, too.”

  “Good enough. We share.” Max frowned as he examined his feelings. “Huh. Turns out I am possessive after all.”

  Alastair frowned. “What—”

  “If any bastard but you lays a hand on her, he’ll draw back a bleeding stub.”

  Alastair’s grin flashed. “Agreed.” He clinked his glass against Max’s bottle, and the deal was sealed.

  Chapter Twenty-Six

  EARLY MONDAY MORNING, Uzuri parked in the Brendall’s employee lot and headed toward the building. A tiny frisson of nerves made her shiver. The parking lot had never felt safe since she’d been hit by that car.

  And there was that weird feeling again, the sense that someone was watching her. The hair raised on the back of her neck.

  Hands clenched, she turned in a circle, examining the nearby cars. Two rows down were a couple of other female employees. The manager of the shoe department was hurrying to the door, tie flapping back over his shoulder. Aside from the seagulls perched on the light poles, nothing else moved.

  A flicker of light came from the edge of the lot, and she squinted. A man stood behind a car, leaning on it. The flash came again like sunlight reflected off…binoculars? Was someone watching the parking lot with binoculars?

  She shivered and, unable to help herself, headed for the store, not…quite…running. Surely he was only some random guy watching birds.

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